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While you're at it, why not pin the "tribute to asian women" thread?  Nobody seems to post anything much there but it sure gets a lot of traffic.


dancing baby...


this was before that stupid ally mcbeal program and the fuss about it when they actually changed the music.

I first saw this in 1998 when the internet just started becoming 'public' in the uk.

at this point nobody I knew had internet at home and only 1 computer in college had access to the net.

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Dark Stalkers Dumbness


Street Fighter cartoon - The original "Yes! Yes!" unedited


Street Fighter Stupidity Exhibition Vol 1


Street Fighter Stupidity Exhibition Vol 2: Headbite Harder!


Gay Street Fighter

Ryu & Ken Ambiguously Gay Duo

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those slideshows were completely lame. that's not video, that's slideshow.

i hate when people do that. put music with a slideshow and call it video. just post the damn pictures.

the angry cat was insane.. omg, did you see the others?

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oh, I forgot the name of that horror movie. It was pretty horrible. Basically the monsters (trolls?) were vegetarian monsters, so they often turned people into vegetables by feeding them something, then in turn would eat the person.

Oh and how Darth Vader tortures his victims.

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