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  1. The latest Ultra Series that just premiered! Premise The two main characters, Katsumi and Isami Minato, are brothers who live with their younger sister and father who run a specialty store. Until then, they suddenly encountered an unknown gigantic organism; a monster had appeared on the street. Using the R/B Gyro, along with the power of the R/B Crystals, they transform themselves into Ultramen! The battle of Ultraman Rosso and Ultraman Blu starts here! Ultraman Rosso: Ultraman Blu:
  2. It's all about animal martial arts. It's a partial tribute to Gekiranger.
  3. For over a year now, I've been working on my fifth original Kamen Rider. But it wasn't until this year that the ideas began coming to me. I was inspired by a Jackie Chan/Jet Li movie to do this. Add a show on AMC I'm a huge fan of and the season finale of a certain reality competition show that three of my Facebook friends were on, and the ideas have been flowing like a river! With some occasional obstruction. I could use some help in designing the THREE Riders & the monsters.
  4. I saw the movie in 3D last month and I thought it rocked!
  5. New Rider Kamen Rider Fu - An Animal Kung-Fu Rider
  6. Sunny's trying to leave. And from what I can tell, M.K.'s from a place that wields chi based attacks.
  7. Still. In this place, firearms are forbidden.
  8. They've been banned! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Into_the_Badlands_(TV_series)
  9. Firearms are banned in this series! That's why! They also fight with fists & feet.
  10. This new show on AMC is AMAZING!
  11. I should mention that I came up with two of them back in 2012. I need some help with figuring stuff out for them. Kamen Rider Athletix - No clue what kind of foes he should fight, other than the fact that they have animal forms, or what they're agenda is. Kamen Rider Spectros - Fights ghost monsters based on fears. Kamen Rider Crypto - Uses the power of cryptids to fight evil aliens.
  12. Last month, I was going to sleep when I looked at a comic book near my desk. It was my signed copy of this: . It gave me an idea for a brand new Kamen Rider called Crypto! But I'm not sure what Cryptids he should use the power of and how. Anyone got any ideas???
  13. I'm the oldest of three. My sisters treat me like crap. Even in front of company. My eldest sister treats people like us like we're a disease that should be obliterated. Despite the fact that I get along with her boyfriend, dog & cat, she acts like being nice to me is a mortal sin that's punished by instaneous death & eternal torment in Hell. My kid sister has proven on multiple occasions that she wants me to dedicate my very existence to watching & taking care of the dogs 24/7 and have ZERO physical contact with the outside world. Namely insisting I do literally everything from home and claiming I should do it to "save money".
  14. I've been contemplating incorporating a racism episode into one of my Power Rangers stories since kids are often scrutinized for being a certain race before they're teenagers. There was an episode of "The Parent 'Hood" where a coach at Robert Townsend's youngest son's school proved he was a racist by denying the boy a spot on the roller hockey team despite being awesome and the boy's best friend, who was white, made the team despite the fact that he sucked.
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