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For fans of Super Sentai, if you havn't seen the rolling bomber special by pop group SMAP, then here it is


Also, here's something I just recently discovered that's sorta funny.


I could only find the first 9 eps subbed. Someone else had 10-12(Final) subbed but I guess it got taken down. Anyways, I've seen it all and it wasn't that funny after 9, so you're not missing much.

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Guest DekaRed

ahhh u found the later one, for some reason i prefer the original, even over the version he did with Ru-Paul

edit: that should be the truly awful version he did wit ru-paul...

i jus reviewed it, an, well... it looked like they had fun makin the video... thats all that can be said really...

try not to laff or be ill or wateva, lol

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that was incredible.

it's just the sort of thing kids need as well!

i would have loved this when I was a little weasel.

kids like to be scared so this is perfect.

that was just... it was so incredibly powerful.. that was pure genius.

I'm glad it's actually getting noticed. it deserves recognition. I want to shake the Creators hand.

in fact... I could swear that i've seen that... or something VERY similar. the style of it seems so familiar.

edit: it's not banned... or at least.. I don't know why People would say it is... i think wikipedia would say if it was. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Adventure...%281985_film%29

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