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  1. This is the discussion topic for the wiki article: Haruhi Suzumiya
  2. This is the discussion topic for the wiki article: Kaleido Star
  3. This is the discussion topic for the wiki article: Naruto
  4. This is the discussion topic for the wiki article: Trigun
  5. The book's I've read are: The Inheritance Books - the first two, anyway and I'm eagerly awaiting the 20th of this month for the next one!. The Vampire Plague books. The Twilight Cycle - I really don't recommend this one. I didn't find it terribly interesting; it was far too predictable, and too full of romance for my tastes. Protector of the Small Quartet, books one through three. Pieces of Moby Dick Some Sherlock Holmes. The Cask of the Amountillado <- I know I didn't spell that correctly^^ The entire Harry Potter book series. Shadowmancer. The Prince of Darkness. A ton of
  6. Oh my god! lolololololol, the post with the Pope was hillarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. OK guys, I have quite a few this time^^ So many, in fact, that I have to split my post lol!
  8. Not that what I'm about to say actually shows how close to a MS Japan could actually be but...They do have asimo! He can walk, run, dance, even go up and down stairs! So, if they were to use him as a base they might be able to make something larger. In this case a MS
  9. Hey guys! I found this on youtube by chance. If it offends anyone, I'll remove it. It has some minor language and some slightly rasict remarks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MugQDD2FcKQ
  10. Who would take that, his most prized posesion? How could anyone have know about it? He was flooded with paranoia: Someone had been watching him. But who? He immediatly discounted Deacon. He was strange, he granted himself that, but he was constantly fighting with his seizures, how could he know? He thought back to when he had kicked that damned rock he hated so much. The rock didn't seem so bad anymore. "Actually", he thought to himself, "I'd rather be bored to death by the stone than feel half-awake from this bash on my head." The police checked to see if he was all there, then asked a few
  11. You'd think they'd learn with all the crappy series they made in the 80s. Last, I love this song! I have two of teh trailers in 720p with subs if you want them =P
  12. Deacon paced back and forth, wondering what he should do next. He had always been thinking about the perfect crime, but he never actually did anything. Now, seeing Ct on the floor unconcious, ideas flooded his brain. "Should I knock his teeth out? Cut off his hands?" he thought to himself. He twitched a little and then snorted. He needed to get rid of that waitress, what if she heard something?
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