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While you're at it, why not pin the "tribute to asian women" thread?  Nobody seems to post anything much there but it sure gets a lot of traffic.

He does 3 more cars if you check out his other videos. HE says he doesn't have a tablet either!!

well you can't do that kind of thing effectively with a tablet.

not enough precision. a tablet is prone to handshake.

he was using lines and bezier curves or whatever you call them.

auto shapes.

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This ones way better

And this one

It's kind of funny because loads of People slag it off in a petulant, jealous child-like way.

Why do People slag off great pieces of creativety just because they're jealous?

The great thing about this drawing is he could have stopped halfway through and it would have still been amazing.

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Oh God, I'm sorry but I turned it off 4 seconds in... :lol:

Haha this is such a funny Anime ending:


bbdude, I friggin' LOVE that ending!

the Animation just gets me every time, it's so beautiful..

It's a real shame the sound is teribly out of sync for that, it ruins the animators timing.

I'd really like to see that version properly.

I have the official version. but that has more of that awesome animation!! I can't get enough of it...

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This is an AWESOME movie, I have recently decided to pick up and play the guitar. This guy is a major inspiration to me.

I just want to point out something I noticed about him and his guitar.

He plays left handed, and his guitar is strung upside down!

here is the vid.

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