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Bio-Boost Armor Guyver
強殖装甲ガイバー Kyoshoko Soko Gaibaa
Guyver logo.jpg
Guyver Manga Logo
Genre SF Manga
Author Yoshiki Takaya
Status Currently Serialized
Publisher Monthly Shonen Captain
Monthly Ace Next
Monthly Shonen Ace
Volumes Tokuma Version 15 volumes
Kadokawa Version 27 volumes
TV Anime
Director Akiyama Katsuhito
Series Composition Takegami Junki
Character Design Umakoshi Yoshihiko
Animation Production OLM
Production [Bioboost Armor Guyver] Production Committee (Kadokawa Movie, Nippon Herald, WOWOW)
Network WOWOW
Episodes 26 episodes
Copyright ©Takaya Yoshiyuki - Kadokawa Shoten / [Bioboost Armor Guyver] Production Committee

Life, an infinite energy beyond scientific understanding. Now this energy has been transformed into a new weapon.- Guyver OVA Introduction

The Guyver Unit is an armour system that is actually a living organism. The system becomes accidentally bonded to that of a high school student named Sho Fukamachi, turning his life upside down. The unit upon bonding to a host, the unit can be un-equiped but never completely separated without the help of a specific device. The unit's rarity drives the Cronos Corporation, who lost it, to try anything in it's power to regain control over it. Chronos plots range from the manipulation of Sho, to outright murdering him and anyone else who would resist.

Bio-Booster Armor Guyver (Japanese- 強殖装甲ガイバー) is a Manga started in 1985 by Yoshiki Takaya and is still on-going today, this makes it one of the longest running Manga's to date. Chapters are released monthly in the Japanese magazine Monthly Shonen Ace. The manga spans over 160 chapters spread across 26 Tankoubon (Equivalent to European Graphic Novel's) which are published by Kadokawa Shoten. The Guyver has been adapted into an OVA movie, "Out of Control", a 12-episode OVA, 2 live action films and a 2005 TV series anime to celebrate the manga's 20th anniversary.

Guyver is being scanlated into English by Guyver Advocacy and has been partially released by the Singaporean company Chuang Yi Publishing and VIZ publications.


See main article: History of Guyver

Publication History

In 1985, Tokukan Shoten's Monthly Shonen Captain started serialization of Guyver. Publication ceased in the February issue of 1997. Later it was adopted in 1999 by Kadokawa Shoten's Monthly Ace, renweing serialization, before ceasing publication again in it's May 2002 issue. It is currently being serialized in Monthly Shonen Ace. The comics, as of December 2009, currently consist of 26 published Tankoubons (comprising the Tokukan Shoten version, Kadokawa shoten version and refurbished version), with a breakthrough of 5 million copies of the Tankoubon printed.

The story starts out as that of an unwilling hero's tale, but gradually the main protagonist finds himself compelled to fight the brutality of the forces against him, for the sake of all humanity. The plot, original for it's time, has fostered many hardcore fans, in part thanks to the charm of its grand world outlook relating to the creation of man, as well as the very human reactions characters display. To the shock of fans, the villains eventually suceeded in conquering the world, also leaving a mystery to the survival of the protagonists until publishing continued anew with a new chapter in the saga. The plot is also notable for it's depiction of a tall building in Washinton DC being destroyed 2 years prior to the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks in the United States of America.

The series has spawned one theatrical OVA presentation, two series of Original Video Anime OVA's, and two Hollywood films (Marking the first time that Hollywood has used a Japanese Manga, despite no Japanese funding). Also, in 2005, WOWOW broadcasted a new 26 episode TV anime version.

As other media, short stories (Novelizations of the manga) and an Image album by Hayami Yuuji were produced. While the 26 episode OVA Soundtrack was composed by famous videogame composer Hayato Matsuo. While the two classic OVA mini series were composed by acclaimed movie composer Reijirou Koroku, a man who also composed some Godzilla movies.

Details from the start of publication

Oozuka Eiji, who was then the editor of Monthly Shonen Captain, commissioned Takaya Yoshiki to "this time, draw a 'Kamen Rider' like manga for Tokukan Shoten that will come out with a youth magazine." Originally, it was to be a short serialization with a bi-monthly schedule lasting for 6 chapters, and Takaya was expected to draw a love comedy next, but it became popular and the serialization continued. Takaya Yoshiki, at first, used the Metal Hero's motiff that was popular at that time and drew a work called 'Mega Diver', but he was requested to draw something with a 'Grotesque mood', eventually leading to a fusion of organic elements instantly recontructing the body, the complete opposite. Incidentally the name 'Guyver' came from the previous idea 'Mega Diver'.

Background of the continuous serialization

It was not an easy task to have serialization continue for more than 20 years. The suspension of a magazine (Monthly Shonen Captain) meant there were many prints without the appearance of Guyver. Oozuka Eiji even told Takaya that a "Manga Artist is a rare talent, but 'drawing a manuscript slowly' is also rare".


The Guyver is about a Japanese teenager named Sho Fukamachi, who lives with his father, Fumio Fukamachi. One day, while out with his friend Tetsuro, Sho comes across a Guyver unit, this unit activates itself and Sho becomes Guyver I. From then on, he is mercilessly hounded by a secret organization posing as a company bent on world domination, they're called: Cronos. While Fighting Cronos, Sho gains friends and foes alike, like the much loved or reviled Aptom.

See main article on book synopsis: Full synopsis of each guyver book


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Fukamachi Sho
The main protagonist of the series. A high school student who accidentally bonds with a Unit-G becoming a Guyver.
Segawa Tetsuro
Sho's friend and confidant.
Segawa Mizuki
Tetsuro's younger sister as well as Sho's love interest.
Taga Natsuki
Sho and Tetsuro's friend who helped shelter them after X-day.
Murakami Masaki
A prototype zoalord who helped Sho and the others.
Odagiri Yoshio
A research member of Cronos Relic Base. Helped the Guyvers and Murakami.
Hayami Toshiaki
One of the remaining scientists who opposed Cronos who became a Lost Number to fight togheter with Sho.
A lost number who was reprocessed to become an ultimate battle creature. Initially an antagonist, but through a series of events became a supporter of Sho and his company.
Asou Keisuke
A journalist who tries to uncover the truth about Cronos
Tokiwadaira Tamotsu
A photographer who is the assistant of Aso.


See Main Article: Cronos

The Secret Organization Cronos (or Chronos in some spellings) is at first presented as a Powerful Company with a paramilitary style, with secret sinister schemes revolving around genetic manipulation and human processing tubes to develop Biological Weapons called "Zoanoids". They are seemingly at first led by a mixed hierarchy of Military, Scientific, and Business-like Personal at first, but this proves to be only a first layer in it's Public Front. While Sho continues his defiance against them, over time it becomes more apparent that Cronos is more then just a company, but a secret organization led be beings of incredible power called Zoalords. Their immediate goal is infiltrating the world governments, and eventually conquering the world conjunction with it's secret Bio Weapons. However, aside from having a goal of world domination, they have the ultimate goal of amassing an army of Zoanoid to challenge the Advents (Uranus), the beings responsible for the backstory.

After the leader of the Zoalords, Archanfel, confronted rogue Zoalord Guyot in Mount Minakami, they announced themselves to the world and successfully took it over in a single day.

Oswald A Lisker
An inspector of Cronos that Bioboosts into Guyver II. Although still human, was promised to be processed into a Hyper Zoanoid, but instead inadvertently bonds with a Guyver Unit himself. He proves to be a formidable foe, but his unit was damaged prior, leading to his eventual downfall.
Makishima Genzou
The head of Max Pharmaceutical which is a dummy corporation of Cronos, was responsible for the failure in retrieving the Unit Guvyvers, and was processed into an Anti-Guyver Zoanoid Enzyme. Managed to pull out the Control Metal of Guyver I, and in order to contain the out of control bioboost creature, was ordered by Guyot to self destruct.

Hyper Zoanoid Team 5

The elites that Doctor Barcas selected from the ranks of Cronos to become special soldiers. Aside from the Zoalords, are some of the strongest among those processed in Cronos.

Leader of the Team 5 and prides himself as being the most powerful of his team, though also a strong bond with them. These two factors become a major driving force in his later appearances.
A Hyper Zoanoid that has an appearance of an electric Eel, and capable of several abilities involving electricity.
A Hyper Zoanoid with a hard carapce, and physically the strongest out of his unit.
Able to create living missiles,he can also shoot explosive chemicals.
High Speed battle type, equipped with High Frequency blades on both arms that can slide through virtually anything.

12 Holy Commander

The highest management of Cronos. Having the highest position of processing known to Cronos, called Zoalords. A Zoalord's fighting ability surpasses that of any Zoanoid type and even a Guyver. They have powerful telepathy that gives them absolute control over all Zoanoids down to the last gene with only a few select exemptions.

A Hyper Zoalord who is the supreme leader of Cronos, and the only "Original Zoalord" created by the Advents.
Hamilcar Barcas
The top authority on Zoaforming. The first of the 12 people picked to become Zoalords by Archanfel some 400 years ago.
Shin Rubeo Amniculus
One of the oldest Zoalords, who met Barcas 370 years ago. Was put in charge of North America.
Freidrich Von Purgstall
Met Barcas 215 years ago and is old friends with Shin and one of the few people who new about Archanfel's [Sleeping Curse]
Luggnagg de Kurumegnik
One of the Zoalords that went rogue against Archanfel. His appearance is that of a bald man with mixed Indian and indigenous African features.
Cablarl Khan
Called "Old Man" or by the others, he wears a old manchurian style clothes and is the shortest of the Zoloard's.
Jabir Ibn Hayyan
Opposes Archanfel together with Kurumegnik. Was put in charge of Australia.
The only non-human zoalord, nor was he processed among the 12 holy commanders. His appearance is more then meets the eye and can use his "hairs" as weapons.
Li Yentsui
A Zoalord who can cross space by cutting holes and using them to cross the distance instantly. He holds Barcus in high esteem.
Edward Carleon
One of the 12 Holy Commanders. Tasked to guard the Zoacrystals aboard the Ark, he can manipulate subspace to combat his enemies.
Tuatha de Galenos
The most reclusive and least known Zoalord. Has notable features of having a stone like appearance and is the tallest of the Zoalords.
Richard Guyot
One of the last of the 12 Holy Commanders to be processed.
Imakarum Mirabilis
Replaced Guyot as a member of the 12 Holy commanders, was formally Murakami before being revived. He retains all his previous memories and has a constant, strong telepathic link to Archanfel.

Zeus thunderbolt

See Main Article: Zeus' Thunderbolt

Makishima Agito
Guyver III as well as the Leader of the resistance Zeus' Thunderbolt that opposes Cronos.
Onuma Shizu
Devoted to Agito, allowed herself to be turned into the Zoalord Griselda.
Alfred Hekkering
Cronos Scientist who helped Agito in producing the Libertus and Griselda.


Mysterious being to collects Zoacrystals.
Female Guyver II F.
Yamamura Shinichirou
Murakami's old professor.
Fukamachi Fumio
Fukamachi Sho's father.



For in-depth information see Main Article - Guyver Systems

The Advent Database - How the Guyver works and more. ##proposed to have this link and the page itself be removed##

Thought to mean 'Out-Of-Control', the Guyver was a foolish mistake of curiosity. The bond between the bio booster armour, a biological armament that the Advent’s used for everyday activities, and their human weapons that they had created caused the awakening of an immensely powerful, highly efficient killer. The bio-boosted human increased in strength perhaps a hundred fold and became a weapon so formidable it could not be defeated. This new weapon was not only unimaginably powerful but also retained the host’s consciousness and therefore the Advent gods could no longer control their creation. Terrified by what they had unknowingly created the Advents abandoned their experiments and left earth. Three Guyver units are currently known of on earth, two of which have fallen into the hands of and activated by common civilians. They were Sho Fukumachi and Agito Makashima, and have decided to take it upon them selves to disrupt Chronos plans in any way possible. The other was activated by the Chronos operative Oswald A Risker. Oswald has since been destroyed along with the unit by the subject known as Guyver 1 (Sho Fukumachi).



See Main Article: Zoanoid

A regular mass-produced zoanoid is like a basic sketch on a piece of paper, in other words a template for other models. many are easy to mass produce because of the time it takes and the simplicity of the design. You just pretty much trace how things are done before, and bam, presto, you have your run of the mill Zoanoid. You can do anything you want with this sketch (lasers, strength, flight, Guyver eating acid, subpar rapping skills) but it'll never be that complex because it's just a doodle.
The natural evolution of man. The Zoanoids where the Advents angels, humans that were given the ability to transform into highly efficient fighters for their creator’s army. When the Advents left our earth zoanoids intermingled with their human predecessors and dominated the bloodline. It has been theorized that this dominance within the species is what has caused tales of animalistic creatures such as werewolves to continue. The worldwide organisation known as Chronos has since made it their personal goal to take over the Advents’ work, processing humans into these hideously mutated forms. One day they will use them to advance towards the ‘gates of heaven’ and face their original creators. There have been various classifications of these mass produced Zoanoids, including Power, Bio-blaster and Scout types, all of which are specifically designed to excel in their particular class. These mass produced models are the lowest form of the Zoa hierarchy and are commonly used throughout the world as loyal foot soldiers.
Zoanoids have had many standard types developed. these are like a template that can be applied to a wide range of subjects.
many models have been developed to work in different battle stages. zoanoids exist to cater for air, land and water. long range and close quarters. reconnaissance. there are also some special models that are made for specific circumstances, such as Guyver Killer types.

Hyper Zoanoid

See Main Article Hyper zoanoid

Hyper Zoanoids are more like a masterpiece work of art. So much time, work, and complexity go INTO making this masterpiece that it can never be fully reproduced: it can be imitated, worked out to sort of look like the real thing, but it took so much time (like a painting which took years) and skill (which took so many steps, you couldn't even try to jot them all down) that one just can't go back and re-do it; it would also look slightly different. You also need the BEST paper for this project, the BEST canvas, the BEST brushes or pencils... picking the ol' run of the mill office depot paper won't do! Because it's so complex, you can throw in a lot of things with this art.
The Hyper zoanoids are an advanced class of zoa produced by Chronos. They have taken great pride in these superior class of zoanoid. Although not being mass producible, due to the strain this transformation puts on the human subject, they have a distinct power advantage over their zoanoid counterparts. As a result of this difficulty in production, those picked to become Hyper class zoanoids must be specially trained beforehand to accept the processing procedure. Also they must be the most genetically 'perfect' of human beings. Created by Dr. Hamilcal Balcus, the “Hyper Zoanoid team Five" were the first completely successful forms of this class and were thought capable of defeating the Guyver threat in Japan. Unfortunately this group of hyper zoanoids where thwarted in their plans thanks to the unexpected intervention of Guyver 3.
Different from normal Zoanoids, they are special Zoanoids that require longer processing and has a number of special abilities. They hold the qualifications of only the elite are processed. They are mostly custom made and not one exists as the same.

Lost Number

See Main Article: Lost Number

Lost Numbers are like when you're drawing something and suddenly the red paint on top doesn't dry properly and leaks all over your canvas. Or you really messed up and knocked over a paint can on it. Suddenly your painting no longer responds to your telepathic requests and can't get it up (can't sexually reproduce).
A Lost Number is essentially a failed Zoanoid. This zoanoid can be of any intended type, but if it is considered failed by Cronos, it will be put into the Lost Number category.
Normal Criteria for failure is wether or not the subject can produce offspring and wether or not they respond to the telepathic wave of a Zoalord.
Special Forces types such as Enzyme 3 Would not likely be considered as failure under this criteria since they only have one purpose.


See Main Article: Zoalord

And for the records sake, a Zoalord would be like Michaelangelo's Sistine Chapel paintings.
The current commanders of Chronos and the elite of the zoa hierarchy. They were Created using the crystals cloned from the original general of the Advents army, the supreme lord of Chronos, Lord Alkanphel. These dramatically enhanced beings have the ability to telepathically control virtually any zoanoid, regardless of class. The council of twelve supreme lords have been strategically placed across the planet to maintain optimum control over the world. Their power far exceeds that of the Guyver weapons that have also been created making them the strongest combatants of the Chronos Corporation. As with every zoa type each Zoalord has an array of varying abilities and physical appearances, however they are all believed to possess a single ‘zoa-crystal’ upon their forehead during battle transformation.
Zoalords are the top commanders. There have been 13 full zoalords. we have seen a prototype zoalord and a female semi-zoalord.


See Main Article" Libertus

Dr. Hekkering, which is only second to Barcas in terms of processing, was demanded by Agito to create a new processing method. The ones subject to the new processing was the members of the resistance "Zeus' Thunderbolt". Bordering outside the natural balance, he managed to pull out their full capabilities being similar to Lost Numbers that lost their ability to reproduce and have a shorter lifespan. They could no longer receive the mental commands of a Zoalord and can easily dispatch Hyper Zoanoids.


Guyver 01 - Gigantic.jpg
  • Guyver: Out of Control
    • The 1986 Theatrical animation of Guyver.
  • Guyver:Novels
    • 3 novels including a short novel that occured in between Chapter 2 of the manga written by Hayami Yuuji
  • Guyver: 12 Part OVA
    • A two 6-episode OVA animating the condensed version of the first five volumes of the Manga.
  • Guyver: Mutronics
    • A 1991 live action Movie that stars Mark Hamill
  • Guyver: Dark Hero
    • A sequel to the first movie directed by Steve Wang. Some of the concepts are more closer to the original manga.
  • Guyver: TV Series
    • A 2005 TV adaptation of the Manga retelling the story of Guyver up to volume 10 of the manga.
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    • Various fanfiction written by different fans
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    • Music related to all the media released


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