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Photoshop work from yours truly, Larz.

Larz Zahn

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I like the highlights on his armor but why'd you make the energy orbs pure white? Are you trying to make them look like intensely bright cause I think if you were doing that, they should emit some more light onto his armor. But still, I love the background and the energy on the fist. Also that highlight on the rim of the gravity ram is sweet :mrgreen:

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thanks for the good feedback. :biggrin:

I left the orbs white because that's how they are presented in the manga. normally takaya sensei shades the orbs in a specific fashion, but in this panel, he renders them white with a darkened area around them. this is what I recreated in my colouring, it is the effect you get when you have a bright object in perfect focus, no glare or lens effects etc.

I think you were right to pick up on the armour.

I would have liked to pick out some areas on the armour but it was getting late and I hate spending too much time on one piece.

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i am so sorry its taking me forever to get back on this stuff!

i should be able to be on for the next week if all goes well. i have vbs starting at my church next week, so i can use their internet.

ryuki i absolutely love your gravity punch aura thingy, that was what i was trying to go for, do you mind sharing how you did that?

i like how you made the armor dark an all.

i was just going to do an overlay at first by i decided i would like it better if i took out the inked shaded areas and replaced them from scratch.

plus bk was right. your background just rocks.

i concede this round to you ryuki, but just wait, i'll be BACK!!!!

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heh heh, well you have some skills which i could use. your patience is certainly something i can't match.

i don't have that kind of patience to replace all the shaded areas like you did.

looks like we have similar tastes in our working ethic doesn't it? I had not specifically studied the techniques you had used but it looks like we did pretty much the same thing. although, I did add some extra details to mimic the original effect.

I used a splattering brush in the white area to cause an uneven shape and then used a rotating blur filter to get the effect on the white. the green is just the result of using the magic wand to select the grey pattern area.

then the green is on a layer that is set to screen or overlay or something like that.

oh and of course, as is usually the case, i went through the layers fiddling with the opacity and whatnot to get the right look.

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ya know looking back at mine... i realized i made the armor way to glossy.

ryuki, all that you just said, makes complete and total common sense.... i wonder why it never occured to me to try the different style brush and blur effects.

thanks dude, you gave me a lot to consider and toy with.

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hmm ok XD

I thought the guyver dark hero cave paintings was obvious, so I was thinking about something else from somewhere else that you had adapted to look like the guyver cave paintings from dark hero.

so actually I was coming at it from the wrong direction.

the guyver cave paintings was the base. and you made it look all cool and special.

original design work for the detailing. very nice work. cool and stylish and whatnot.

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why don't you do that?

I think we have a print shop for japan-legend stuff.

you could do the same for your designs.

it is your original work and is different enough from existing guyver designs to not be restricted by any copyright.

(come to think of it, the japan legend shop is not linked from the site anywhere....)

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  • 8 years later...

NoHi everyone. It's been litwrallybyears since I added to this page. Its because I'm lazy with horrible work ethics. (And... I sorta forgot about it)


So I got a 3d printer and I been buying prints or downloading free prints online to use with my printer. When I finally bought my resin printer, (which I mentioned and posted some pics on riverchaos's page) I always wanted to make 3d models from scratch. So now I got an free editing program called mesh mixer, or was it meshmaker? 


Anyways, I always wanted to do my own thing on there cause most of what i want doesnt exist. So here mybforst try from scrarch. It started out as a sphere.


As always, critiques and insulation are always welcome!



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Adding some more pics. Trying to upload in order. I'm a bit nervous to add in the weight balancers, but i have to say, its coming together so much easier than I thought it would.  I was really worried about the feet and toes but... It came out much much easier than I was thinking. Its no where near as complicated as I been thinking.





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Its auto desk meshmixer. Its a free software you can download. I googled meshmixer download and boom.


And to be completely honest, at 1st I was about to give up because it (for me) was a different mindset. Things didn't function the way I thought they would or how I expected.  But seriously, once i did a lil bit of googling, it was a surprising quick learning curve. And boom, and amateur gregoile.

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