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Photoshop work from yours truly, Larz.

Larz Zahn

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okydokey then. after a long pause... (me working on older projects) that took longer than i would of liked, i finally finished the ashy thingy...

so here is the first two.

trial 1 is the new ash look, the title, and a bright orange haze to try to atleast represent a fiery enviroment.post-1193-129332288244_thumb.jpg

trial 2 is the same with a lesser orange look.


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this one is pretty big.

i guess i started to work on it with a wallpaper in mind, but after i looked at it finished, im not convinced it would make a good wallpaper after all. plus the color looks a little bland. i think making the glow look more... radiant would do better.

just to forwarn everyone who wants to open it up. its about 1000 pixel tall about 900+ across.

i needed a small refreshing break from a gif project im workin so i started and finished this in an hour. which surprised me, im kinda slow when it comes to photoshop.


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i love it, very nice work but i have to say, your inbetween frames are so much better than your final frame. also, they don't line up to the final frame properly.

I wish i had a program to cycle through it slowly, I resorted to using mediaplayer classic but it didn't work very well.

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thanks guys

hehe, i was sorta half asleep when i made the last frame... i also made the in betweens last. so.. are you saying that the last form is, not lined up properly, or the last of the transformation shot doesnt match the final aptom porportionally?

personally i think its the last. like i said, i wasnt fully awake and it was the first picture of aptom i done. i think when i went back to do the transforming parts, i had a better grasp of what i was doing and what i wanted. still, i thought i fixed it.

ryuki, would you want me to send you the individual frame shots?

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uh sure dude. i dont mind.

excuse me for asking a (in my mind) a stupid question.

an efficient way? i just use photoshop.... of course you could be talking about method. (hence the stupid question part.

i am curious, how or what would you call an adaption of a gif? or is this one of those wait and see things?

anyways, i posted the individual frames, i didnt bother with all the layers, cause its just duplicates of these. and i didnt worry about the words cause i figured you'd just want to look at the art.

i cant post the psd file cause its 1.80+ megabytes. but if you wish i can email you it, that way you can disect the actual process i use, and even offer helpful advice on improving my existing technique and also if im doing something, well... inefficiently. like timing for example.

im stealing your word ryuki. (efficient!)

heres the last pic.








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oh ok :)

I will write what i was thinking.

I ws thinking about, if i can look at your images and find a nice easy way of working to quickly do a vector image of what you have done.

I can use these vectors to do accurate in-betweens and do a smooth, detailed version of what you have done.

but i need to load teh images into photoshop to explore them first. to see if i can do it effieicntly, by which i mean "it won't take me a long time". I don't want to do a project that will take me 4 hours. i hate working so long on these things.

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dude! it always takes me over 4 hours. if you know a faster way, pleaaassseeeeee tell it to me!!!

thats why it takes me so long to finish one. i keep going back and forth cause i get so bored and fed up with it.

i knew that the way i do things people see it as overly complicated and time comsuming. but its easier for me to focus like that. if someone tries to.. "mold me" in their way of doing things, i get so lost after a few minutes.

but once i do it my way, it takes nearly half the time the first attempt did.

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