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Photoshop work from yours truly, Larz.

Larz Zahn

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Heh... I broke it as I was about to paint it... I picked it up to get a good look aND see what color I should use 1st, sat it down and big clumsy moron(me) back handed it off the table as I was reaching for the paint!! 


You ever look into the mesh mixer program?

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It's alive!!!!


So some luck with my gregole project.


It's back in one piece, but I'm 1000% positive if you even breath on it, it'll snap. I tried to take some real close up photos to show off one leg, it's got a hage gap in it. Trying to fill it, but it will be a major structural weakness for all eternity. And a few touch ups on the guyvers. Haven't decided about the busts base yet. I'm sorta liking the green look.






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