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Photoshop work from yours truly, Larz.

Larz Zahn

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well i been posting these in the 1000 post race thread.. but ryuki mentioned that i should go ahead an move it to the imagery section.

right now i just got a few gifs made, but im plannin on doing nearly all the guyver and zoalords, with maybe a few zoanoids. definetely important characters..

and eventually i'll wanna try my hand on a guyver to gigantic gif.. my blood is boiling to try that. but i wanna improve first.

later i'll try a kiva one too.

but enough about that, now enjoy the show.

please, any ideas or suggestions are very welcomed!

first up! guyver 1!


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do ya wanna know or do ya wanna wait? i already got the idea in my head. an its easier than guyver 0. but i think i'll finish off the guyvers (guyver 2 for now. cause no idea on guyver 4) then i'll do aptom. gigantic maybe next or i might do the known zoalords. i have one heck of a finally planned out.. i just hope its not gonna be too big memory wise.

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well.. i used the avatar of bobby to make the guyver one, mainly to get the porportions and an idea on how to do it. then id take remove all but one frame of the person. then i'd redraw the person into a representation of the character i want, then i draw the armor around him, or the zoaform (murikami) and use a flat basic color. blue for the armor and purple for the skin parts. then i go back and.. darken an brighten the armor an do the fine detail. once thats all done i start the glowly effects and that is the most fun for me. the guyvers gooey thingy on both guyver 0 and guyver 2 was last minute inspiration. when i get that buzz, i actually do stuff that surprises me.

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ok, so im takin a slight break from my gif project, mostly because im waiting to see how i can do her bio booster phrase an make it sound cool, hopefully takaya will reveil her actual phrase, if not, then i'll do something similar to the latest chapter..

ok this one is my first photoshop picture i did. i scanned the dude, then i colored it. im still not happy with the edges.. its still too rough, too.... the outer lines arent smooth... im not content but its the best taht i can do right now. so im gonna post this one and ponder on how to improve. as always, critques are most welcome. heh. even sayin "you suck" will be appreciated.. i'll still borrow bk's killer robot monkey ninjas to hunt you down, but i'll still appreciate it.


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