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Photoshop work from yours truly, Larz.

Larz Zahn

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Ok so again I didn't design these, but I did take two different models and combine them.



I took a large model of the American Guyver from dark hero, shrank it and put it on top of a Guyver unit to make it a base/stand. When I finish my gregole, I'm open to suggestions for something similar, like use the same g unit, or maybe the kronus symbol from the 2005 anime. Anyways, I'm in the middle of painting it now. 


Im... slightly more ahead on Gregole than where I showed you all last, hadn't hit it too hard as I wanted to print out the yodas and some game pieces. One leg is totally finished, and the shin has all the horizontal lines on it. Started on the thigh, bit I stopped because after seeing the detail that was lost on the Guyver statue, I wanted to see how great the result would be first before I went crazy detailed with it. Plus..... TIME CONSUMINGGGGGGGGGG.

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Alrighty then. I finished both legs and an arm. 


I had asked a friend for some advice and it was pointed out that gregoles torso proportion was a bit too big. So I tried to shrink it, bUT I'm not that savy on how, but I decided if i can't make the torso smaller, then why not make limbs bigger??


Yes, I'm a genius.


All jokes aside, I bulked up the arms and legs in hopes that it pulls the model together. 

Also, gregole is difficult.

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And now I started the last arm, and on a whim I tried my hand at those balancer tendril thingys. That's the technical term.


And I could leave him toothless like a really old gregole in a nursing home that uses dentures, but I can try to add some teeth to him.  The feet turned out great but those hands are giving me pangs of grief. I'm going to have to fix them.




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Ok! Finished with gregole. I'm not going to cover the whole model with the stripes, I want to see if they'll even come thru when being printed, no sense doing all that work if it isn't going to show. If the lines on the shin show then I'll finish.


Ok so, all that is left is to print it!




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Here's me cooking him in my totally professionally made UV chamber.


After he's cured i. Going to take a dremel to him and fix a lot of small bits of resin I couldn't reach with my cutters. 

A small bit got removed from his left leg, his left, not my left. Wasnt too bad but it will be noticeable when I paint him. 


Also noticed that those lines I made on his leg didn't show up either. Not surprising seeing how small I made him. I was shooting for the same size as the green Guyver I made.





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Better angle of the stand and then the whole model in a slicer program to get it printed. The whole model is so... comelex, it's bogging down the slicer. Can't use auto supports, have to add them in manually  (the green things.)


I tried shrinking it down 1st before I load it in the slicer, but it still boggs it down no matter what size I save it as.


Dunno. Hope it works. Lol.




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Here it is!


Now bare in mind that this is right off the printer and all I did was remove the supports. I haven't cleaned it up or touched up anything yet.


Just by looking at it here, it's still smaller than I had intended, guess I didn't realize how big that base really was. 


And Im still not able to see those striped lines on his shin. So... no need for the extra work on smaller miniatures. But if I ever intend to cut em up and print by pieces, I'll have to do those lines.




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