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Photoshop work from yours truly, Larz.

Larz Zahn

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  • 10 months later...

ok... wow. i have really neglected this page forever now...

ok, so here are somethings i worked on.

this is the kiva emblem i got from either ryuki or toku.... i forgot who posted it.


this is a rider i made up when i got bored. i think i told toku about it, not sure who else.


this is the line art i made after i scanned it.


and this is the basic color scheme for it.


and this is my horrible attempt to make it fancy. sadly its nothing like i was wanting... i was wanting to make it gleam, like... kabuto's red portions of his armor does.


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and this is something im working on... code for "hey, i forgot i was doing this"


i had colored this with colored pencils, but the file was big. so im not that worried about it.

so instead i'll show the line art. this is the last thing i've completed. im still in the middle of the basic coloring for the pic.


um i just realized... i have no idea how large these files are. i do not believe they are massively huge, but i guess so should warn ya.

i have one guyver vs aliens thats huge. i'll try to resize that one. its not finished, but i do want to post what i've done so far.

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this is one some will be familiar with, i entered it into the art comp. unfortunately, i havent been able to replace the yellow with green... cant figure that one out.


now here is something some should remember from the other topic i have in the imagery section.

this is 4th page of the six page conglomerate i doodled up. i have everything on different layers. i finished the sky part, and it's its own layer. and im in the middle of the mountain layer. havent touched teh building layer the aliens layer and the guyver three layer.

what i posted is the guyver one layer. its still being worked on, there is some parts missing, like the orb details and the green mist im gonna put on the melted hfb on guyvers arm, the blue glowingness of the other arm and the pressure cannon deally. and, enjoy.

aahhhh... i'll go ahead and repost the 4th page.


here is the guyver part of the page, it is missing the design goodies i listed in the last post.



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rememeber that line art i was working on? well i finished it...

i should say, i nearly finished it but i cant decide on what the foreground should look like. (incase i used the wrong word, im referring to the space between the viewer and the object of main focus.

this is trail one. its foreground is clear.


this is trial 2. it contains a orange hazy mist.


and this is trial 3. it has the same hazy mist, with what i hope comes off as ash in the air.


any thoughts on which looks better?

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i added some words to trial 3. for some reason having the words War and Shores is ominous and sends a shiver down my spine, so i thought i'd share.

to me, the words help sell the ash look. thats just me.


o yeah, in case anyone is wondering. this kamenrider doesnt have a name yet, i been tossing around some ideas like Blitz or PointBlank, but none really seems to stick to me. i finished the second Rider. Strafe. i'll post him when i make him all cool looking like i did for the trials.

as for this rider, i just made it up. still working on fine tuning the story but i have hammered out nearly all the details.

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thanks ryuki. um... how would you suggest i go about making realistic ash? chances are i'll take any advice you are willing to give me, and then try to adapt it to my style. i played with the brush tool and its options, but im afraid i havent a good idea as to what falling ash is suppose to look like...

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think about what ash is.

it is any burnt particle light enough to float in the hot rising air.

so basically you want to think about the flow of air and the particles that will be taken along with it.

depending on your depth of field, they may be blurred or in focus. but there will not be many of them.

also, if a bit of ash is not in focus, it will likely not be visible because it is small.

if it is close enough to the viewer then it will not have company because ash is generally not that dense.

so it would probably be in focus if you can see it and then it will be pretty opaque and sharp.

hmmm, thing is, it will be a irregular shape i reckon. but that depends on the objects being burned.

let me do a test image.


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ahhh..... i see... thanks ryuki.

i saved your demo so i can experiment with it later... im gonna do something incredibly stupid. tomorrow morning im gonna dig a pit, throw a lot of leafs and wood in pile, poor on the gas and LIGHT HER UP!!! plus i'll have a water hose handy incase i light myself up... its happened before.

im doing this so i can see the texture. in that picture i only have buildings and a couple of cars, but i'd imagine that in a city, ash could come from a number of sources. trash bins, parks, building offices. i'll probably watch saving private ryan again to see a good war zone city scape to get a better picture of destruction. if all else fails i'll settle with a black and grey camo scheme and see how that turns out, lol.

i have one stupid question. is there a reason the bigger peices of ash are blurred? i only asked cause in your post you said the larger closer peices will be well... larger. an sharper and more opaque.

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i confused myself.

i don't know why i wrote that, I must have written half of what i had in my head.

if your 'camera' is focused on any object like your kamen rider, then if the ash is close enough to the 'camera' to be that large, it will be totally blurred.

but if it is a little further away then that is when it would be sharp if it is at all visible.

i think my medium sized bits are wrong actually.

anyway, I hope you read a lot of information about fires before setting a fire near your home.

I happen to know a little about fires and i know that there are some important things. like you got to use a ton of water even after the fire seems to have gone out. because the ground can retain a large amount of heat.

it would actually be better to build a pyre to put the fire onto to save it heating the ground. also, with a pyre, you can get air underneath the fire to increase oxygen and make it burn better.

anyway be careful.

well i think it wiser to just watch some film instead. like backdraft.

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hahaha! dont worry none about me, ryuki. its something i do alot, just as long as there is not a burn ban. (which usually follows a drought.) where i live most people burn their own trash. so out here, on someone's property you'll likely find a burn pit. i actually have a metal barrel i use if its just paper and other perishables. but mostly i take it down to the end of the driveway so the trash'll get picked up. but for this, i figured diggin a hole and putting wood and leaves will give me a better effect.

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this is one some will be familiar with, i entered it into the art comp. unfortunately, i havent been able to replace the yellow with green... cant figure that one out.


Hmm, did you used layers? If you want, you can try and find the "color" or "color burn" option and just pass over the yellow to color it. If you didn't do it with layer though, it's going to have to be done by hand on screen and you'll have to color each section without coloring over the white. I could do this easily with my old coralpaint program, but that program no longer functions on my PC.

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i did do it in layers, but the huge dummy that i am, i merged the background with the ghostly faded images without thinking. i did think about going in and doing it all manual, but it turned out to be too much for me to handle.

needless to say, i am taking extra precautions from now on on all psd projects. i learned my lesson.

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It's okay, used to happen to me all the time. Actually almost all my artwork I produced was done in one layer and manual with a few automatic effects by the program to ease things up. But I admit it, my method is a stupid painstaking way of doing things, so I too have to start using layers more often.

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a dialogue is a communication between two parties. it's how you communicate to your computer exactly what you want it to do and how, and the computer gives you feedback in the way of previews etc.

it's a box with settings and sliders and numbers.

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