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  1. I dont know, Murakami's gun looks around the size of a Smith & Wessen 500 Magnum and thats a BIG handgun. There are plenty of humans that can use that gun
  2. I got through about 20minutes before I couldnt take any more ear rape. This is by far one of the most un-professional reviews of anything I've ever seen. They're review is like something you see off of a cheap youtube channel. The jokes are poor in taste and the fact that they skip scenes and dont pay attention to what they're reviewing just makes them look like dumbasses. I just couldnt stand it and wont ever watch any of their anime reviews. Not because they wrongfully butchered Guyver, but because they are dull, unprofessional, and worst of all not funny
  3. Is there a way I can download this? I've been keeping each volume on my computer and would love to finally add this to my collection I love it, thanks guys
  4. Its cool to see some loose ends tied up; I mean we now know Natsuki was rescued by Aptom. Its refreshing to see the reporters have taken Sho into their residence, I suppose this is the new Guyver Base for now. I agree with Ryuki, although my initial reaction was "OMG!!!! IS THAT SILHA?!!!!!" But the architecture doesnt feel the same as Archenphel's temple. Perhaps this is another temple...Apollon's secret temple?
  5. Had to be done though and he went out like a boss
  6. I could've sworn it was 7, my bad
  7. Much thanks BBD, it'll be a nice addition to my collection
  8. I saw the movie opening night and loved all three battles. I have to give hawkeye props for making a good foe to shield for half the movie. Nearly taking down shield's mobile headquarters was boss. But nothing was more EPIC than the manhattan battle. I loved the scene where all 7 avengers were in the circle ready to face WAR I think it was the best superhero movie of the last 20yrs.
  9. I am now a college graduate O.O

    1. odin


      congrats :D

  10. Well a lot of my colleagues just use their name and I find that too bland. Its professional but I think an artist should show their artistic-ness in all aspects of themselves, even their web address
  11. Well a friend of mine said he would host a domain for me for dirt cheap if not free. I was thinking of www.zwainkeyframe.com as the web address. It has a nice ring to it and correlates with animation. I can easily modify it to square edges. You should've seen my old card design, this new one is 1000% different Thank you, I've been very pleased with how its turned out
  12. Well the good news is, in about 2 weeks i'll be a college graduate. I've been looking forward to this day for over a decade and now its finally gonna happen. I'm currently working on getting myself a domain for my professional work. I've been thinking of using a domain through Squaresoft and having a Tumblr blog to post my work. I've developed a businesscard when I could post on here. My animation reel is almost ready and in a week I'll post a link to it on youtube.
  13. Here's an idea, perhaps Apollon is an Avatar for Archenphel and the suit is a high powered armor used as a disguise. Archenphel doesn't know Aptom, and even if Archenphel did know about Aptom, he would never be able to recognize him in his battle form. Archenphel saw Aptom in his human form. It makes some sense to me since Archenphel is too physically weak to roam around the world and solve Chronos's problems, but has the power to defeat any of the zoalords. The motive could be, in light of Guyot's rebellion, Archenphel may have accepted that then humans gifted with the zoacrystals were no longer trustworthy and were able to rebel against archenphel's orders. Not wanting to take the chances of having other zoalords follow in Guyot's footsteps, Archenphel used Imakarum, whom Barcus had admitted to giving special processing for Archenphel, to take back the zoacrystals for whatever means Archenphel wants them for. (Perhaps to power the Ark?) Knowing Imakarum may not have the power to take back all of the crystals, Archenphel uses Imakarum's body as his own and handles this affair himself; just not literally himself. Confirmed, Plausible, or Busted?
  14. This makes me wonder one thing...will Sho, Agito, and Aptom have to team up to face Apollon now? I'm starting to think he is Imakarum as well, that spiral attack kinda screams Imakarum. I'm guessing he's a powered up Imakarum, made to be comperable in power to Archenphel since Archenphel is weakening. Sho and Agito are fighting outside of Cloud Gate in their Gigantic forms. Agito, if I remember correctly, was going to use the Gigasmasher on Sho
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