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  1. 'Eryth Sea' hehe, that's a nice tribute Saying that Xenoblade Chronicles is its own game is nice - I think this is where SE is failing with their new titles; rather than creating new things, they're too busy emulating the previous titles or emulating things from other games and repackaging as something new. I thought Operation Rainfall was only interested in games being released in America? After all, I heard what triggered its creation was the displeasure at Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story getting EU localisation only since those games were announced for EU release before Operation Rainfall began? Incidentally, I also heard that even though Xenoblade Chronicles has been given the go ahead for NA localisation in response to Operation Rainfall...there haven't been many people placing pre-orders or showing interest in it, but that may have changed. I'm really excited for The Last Story and I can't believe Hironobu Sakaguchi is coming to the Midlands MCM Expo to promote it...I really have to go - the man has been such an inspiration for me.
  2. Thanks for the review! I have yet to play this since my brother likes to watch my gameplay, but he's at Uni. I could have played this over Christmas, but he chose instead for me to play Skyward Sword and that was a fulfilling and great game in itself. I do have some concern over your choice in phrasing it as the 'FF7 of it's generation,' simply because it will open it up to all kinds of negative criticism (like with The Legend of Dragoon - people branded it an FF7 rip-off when it had zero similarity to it, apart from being an epic game), but I understand what you mean in that what FF7 meant to most gamers, Xenoblade Chronicles means the same to you...or rekindled that feeling. I look forward to playing this even more now!
  3. Yeah...I remember my first year...it was so easy and most of the subjects were recaps for me. It's good that it's like that because, to expand on what you said, you get students from different backgrounds taking different routes to get on the same course Thanks for explaining Art History to me - that's actually pretty interesting - I may take it up! Hopefully it'll be similar to what you described Will there be any focus on artists themselves, like Da Vinci; Picasso; Van Gogh; Monet or is that completely different territory?
  4. Oh my! I meant to reply ages ago! I am so very sorry...! How is reading Shannara going? I've only read the first three books (Sword; Elfstones and Wishsong) and I really enjoyed them. I've been meaning to pick up the rest, but haven't yet. The sounds interesting and perhaps a little similar in setting to the Assassin's Apprentice, only that one's about the illegitimate son of the King. I've been meaning to look into Asimov - had no idea Bicentennial Man was based on one of his books. When I found that a few movies I liked were based on books by Philip K Dick, they were immediately put on my reading list...but unfortunately, I haven't got around to them yet. My list just keeps growing, but I barely make it through my books... I've only just made it halfway through Temeraire and I'm not sure about whether I'd pick up the rest. It's not that I don't enjoy it - there are some golden moments between the characters...but it's just the way it's written. I have no issue with it being set during the Napoleonic Wars, but hmm...something about it reminds me of how let's say...Twilight's written and I didn't like how that was written. The way the words flow, just doesn't sit with me...I am interested in knowing what happens next, but I'm not willing to put myself through reading the way this woman writes...so I am in a dilemma - suffer through the writing for the sake of the story, or forget about it completely? Perhaps I'll know when I get to the end...
  5. Yeah...unfortunately the topic was locked before I became aware of it (I only visit it rarely) so I couldn't throw my two cents in. It could be assumed that the word 'Otaku' had a negative connotation already (I mean, who wants to be labelled a shut-in?) but the murders (where the killer was wrongly profiled as an Otaku) only made the matter worse. It's only recently (I guess?) that some people are trying to change that perception, but meh, just thought it may have been of interest. Both sides made some valid points and both sides were just as stubborn I think, with the admin wielding divine judgement. Ooh Algebra...I loved Algebra! Did you say what course you were doing? If so, I apologise if I missed it or forgot (both are likely...) I ask because you appear to have a varied range of subjects there. I never understood what Art History was about...I'm looking to take some adult learning courses in my local area, but the description for Art History wasn't all that enlightening...
  6. Ahh it looks like you're having heaps of fun! So glad you've settled in How's your assignment going? It's frustrating where there are some lecturers who lack teaching skills, while possessing the knowledge. Just a rewind, not sure if this would be of interest, but I came across this thread on another forum I troll (am I allowed to admit to that?) and thought of you: http://forums.kametsu.com/showthread.php?t=14616 It's a debate on the 'Otaku' term - while I know it's been covered and Ryuki's given us the correct definition, I wondered what opinions you may have had on this?
  7. since both are the same kanji, it's no problem to me. but perhaps it could be confusing to others. either way, gold can be considered to be currency anyway, ã­? Aah...that makes sense! Thank you for explaining that - I didn't know they were the same character yep. I think the Oxford dictionary has improved a LOT lately. my original dictionary was quite bad and had the japanese words arranged in english alphabet order ... well the latest edition has it in proper japanese order. I have the Oxford Japanese Mini Dictionary (2009) and find it to be quite useful. but it's not the ideal for learning reading. for reading, I use Gakken å°å­¦æ¼¢å­—1ï¼ï¼ï¼– that is available from ebay as far as I know, that's where i purchased it. I think I can get the Oxford one quite easily, but I did a search for the Gakken one but couldn't find it...I did however manage to find an app that covers the basics on Hiragana; Katakana and Kanji. It seems to be okay so far... Thank you again for the recommendation Just a quick question - the word for Welshman > Uueruzu-jin; is it written with the 'U' character because there is no 'We' character? So writing it like that gives it a similar sound to what it's supposed to sound like? (Weeruzu-jin)
  8. I apologise for interrupting the lesson, but may I ask a question regarding the following? Japanese days of the week are named after the Eastern elements (Fire/Earth/Water/Wood/Metal and two celestial beings (Sun and Moon) As I remember, 'Kane' is the word for 'Money' and 'Kin' is the word for 'Gold' (a precious metal...) I guess you could still consider 'Pay Day' to make it easier to remember, but wouldn't that be confusing the words 'Kin' and 'Kane'? I really should learn to read Japanese text...Romaji can only get me so far...Would you happen to be in a position to recommend a good dictionary? I've got maybe two phrasebooks which have a little mention of the characters, but it's done wonders for my pronounciation.
  9. I dunno...after watching the latest episode, I feel like the overall series is going to be pretty 'meh'...the pacing is just horribly off. I realise that they're probably commissioned to do a particular number of episodes, but I feel they could have spread a few stories out a bit. The characterisations are a bit off too - A question...what do you reckon happens to their tails? Kit and Kat have theirs and Panthro used to...what happened to them? :/ I do like the 'bigger picture' and the story they're trying to tell, but I wish it was paced better with clearer characterisations...
  10. Last night was a weird one. I was working for my old job in one of the new shops opened for the new terminal. I was working the late shift with one other person and it was probably a half hour or so until closing, so the terminal was pretty deserted - I can see all this as all the department stores in the terminal are made out of reinforced glass. As I become aware of my surroundings and what I was doing, a girl dressed in a long jacket and black clothes breaks in (the doors were closed) and is grinning maniacally (she resembles me) Suddenly, I remember everything - I don't know which iteration this is, but the girl breaks in and kills me and my colleague in various ways; she's tortured us, bludgeoned us with frozen meat (the place I worked at doesn't sell frozen foods so that was odd and I felt that in the dream) and many other ways you can think of. Each time we die, we're brought back to life to this very moment and for some reason only I know what's going to happen while my colleague forgets everything each time. I'm terrified but I manage to subdue her during a struggle in which my colleague is killed and escape through the open doors. I run into the nearly deserted terminal and look for someone to help me - all the people I ask don't believe me; the girl is nowhere in sight and so I run to the other shop the company I work for owns, hoping my other colleagues will be able to help, but like everyone else, they don't believe me. I stop and turn to the door - there's the girl and she locks the doors form the outside. She then disappears and the lights start to flicker, freaking my colleagues out and I dash to the doors, forcing them open. She appears at the doors (she's on the other side) and I jump back, scared and startled, but I push the doors open anyway, forcing the lock to break. It's the girls turn to be surprised and she flicks open a pocket knife and we get into a struggle. Eventually, I get lucky and kick the knife into her throat - blood gushes out and she says something, but her voice is mangled and I don't catch it...I feel like the words were meant to be important but she dies and the police arrive and I wake up.
  11. No worries I found more info on the 'Otaku' definition on Wiki if that helps... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Otaku I was also going to make the point about it being offensive in Japan (especially after the Otaku Murders) but I think the profile is lifting a little, such as when a Japanese politician described himself as an Otaku about Politics.
  12. Wow...your orientation (we called it Fresher's Week at my uni) sounds so cool! I've always regretted not standing my ground and living on campus...would have made things a lot easier, especially when taking part in the events I wanted to take part in. I hope you have a wonderful experience As for 'Otaku'...from my experience, it has a meaning similar to 'Geek' or 'Nerd' and can be applied to all hobbies/interests, but more often with computers. I think Metal Gear Solid gave a definition when you meet Otacon (which stands for Otaku Convention) I've never heard it translated as 'Your House' or being used as a formal form of 'You'...must do research
  13. I haven't been online in a ages (over 3 months) because of crappy internet and my ISP being stupid) It's hopefully been fixed now, so I can get back online in a few weeks and get back into the long list of online-heavy games I have... Sorry it's taken so long to address this Odin - would be happy to play a few rounds of MvC3 WKC is a pretty good game; I've finished the story twice (to get everything) and I only have Questing left to do before moving onto WKC2.
  14. Just watched this last night and I liked it very much - I'm going to treat this as an AU as it sort of meshes everything together... Regarding characters... As for the episodes...
  15. Glad you like it so far - for a moment, I felt like a raving fangirl *shudders* I do like it because of its concept and the characters - I feel it's pretty well thought out, and has a certain amount of 'realism' to it regarding attitudes and development. Regarding your Blue Dragon question...perhaps, I could help? I don't know what your stance on dubs are, but I managed to find it here: http://english-dub.kametsu.com/blue-dragon The first 24 episodes are dual audio, but the rest are only English... Have you tried searching http://www.baka-updates.com - they have a pretty good database of stuff that's been released, but they're not too good at housekeeping because some of the torrents could be dead. They do, however, sometimes have the groups website or IRC address (if they have one) so you can take a look through those, but again, they're not too good at listing whether a group is still active or not.
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