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  1. Infinity Gauntlet. Its a classic and one of the better crossovers.
  2. That was the very scene that made me a Cap fan for life. Its made even more dramatic by the fact that Thanos had just killed or incapacitated everyone else (save for Surfer and Warlock waiting in the wings). One man standing up to a god, knowing he stood no chance but also knowing that the stand had to be made.
  3. Yeah there was alot of confusion over the whole Vibranium-Adamantium alloy thing. Amazing the confusion a few printed errors can make. Did he weald the Adamantium one when the original was lost at the bottom of the sea, or infected by some sort of substance that weakened its composition. I can never remember. I think it was wished back by Thor or something wacky like that. Anyway I wonder if they will explain what the Sheild seen in Ironman 1 and 2 is. A replica? a prototype? It cant be the original as its in bits.
  4. Its more how far they will take it that worries me. Curving sheild shots and bouncing it off multiple people will be difficult to pull off without it looking weird. Usualy the throw never seems to loose momentum. I supose they can play up the Vibranium strange propetys making it bounce on the edge but absorb impact on the flat.
  5. Steel


    Well last nights dream wasn't exactly the deep meaningful type. Once again it was apocolypse o'clock, this time though... It was Dinosaur armagedon! Most of it took place in a huge museum and I was trying to control the survivors and baracade the place before the Jarassic Park style raptors could get us. There was alot of running around and people getting eaten, but some how it was pretty awesome. I'm also well aware of the irony of the last humans holding up in a museum whilst dinosaurs surounded us.
  6. Hugo Weaving was in Underworld? I'm worrying myself now. I'm starting to get psyched over this movie dispite trying not to get my hopes up. I'm really suprised at how they've pulled off Pre Super-Serum Steve looks. Although I always thought he was about the same height, just skinny and frail. Would like to see some more sheild tossing. Looks good but so far.
  7. This seems to give a list of plenty names and structure. Cant say how accurate any of it is, but its all fiction so dosn't really matter that much. http://www.angel-guide.com/hierarchy-angels.html Its all mass speculation at this point. There's even an argument about whether Lucifer was a Cherub or Seraphim. Newer scripts list him as Seraph but older ones as a Cherub. I tend to side with the thought that they are the same being just diffrent rank. Therefor Lucifer rose from Cherub to Seraphim as he gained gods favor. Archangels however are a diffrent creature. More millitant and powerful. Oh and that alteration to the line seems just right too me. Stick with that.
  8. Steel

    Steel's blog

    In all honisty I think he is suffering from a massive inferiority complex. So he masks it with a superiority complex. Its perhaps that I dont try and flatter his ego that he feels he has an axe to grind with me. I think he is tricking himself into thinking he's winning without adressing why he feels the need to do so. He wan't too feel like the top dog but isn't sure why he dosn't feel like it. Thing is that he's going about it wrong. Yes he is more educated than me. Do doubting that. I couldn't be a doctor if I tried. I am however always calm and collected even when irritated. I dont need to gather people to me socialy, but they still come. His problem is that socialy I'm more of the alpha male than he is but his ego cant understand that because professionaly I'm below him. I think he's misjudged things by going too over board in trying to get people to see him as being great. I dont think he has reached a place where he can be happy with who he is. We all need improvment, but I feel more secure in my character than he does. Unfortunatly while I'd like to get to know him better... I dont know how I would take him irritating me. He dosn't react well when I question him, and that running to tell on me thing was just ridiculus. Hopefuly he'll just mellow on his own. I just hope I can resist the opertunity to humiliate him.
  9. If you alter it to Children of God I think that would liken them to man a bit too much. Lucifer may feel superior to the other angels but he also feels them vastly superior to man. I dont feel that brethren makes it sound like they are his equil just his fellow beings. Listing the Angel's names and tasks is really up to you. Any reserch I've done on them has been very subjective and vague. Diffrent names for diffrent versions of the texts and branches of religeon. Lucifer, Michael and Gabriel are about the only main stays the names of the others can vary, while there are many names thoughout sometimes they conflict. Remiel and Uriel are sometimes the same angel for example. Its really up to you. Personaly I like it. I dont think the pacing of Chapter 1 is at fault. You cant really draw it out much more unless it was to give more discriptions of things, and thats not relly nessisary. While it feels short it acts sort of like a second opener. I couldn't say what part it was I was stuck on I'd honistly blame myself rather than your wording. I do the same with all books. I take it in better read to me than reading myself. Not refering to them by their actual name is a little odd. Although I figured it out almost right away and didn't really have much trouble with it. Perhaps its a bit odd without justification as to why Lucifer would ever take another name. I'm guessing its irony or spite? Tobias basicly means "God is Good" pretty odd choice.
  10. Just finished reading them. I find them quiet enjoyable and well writen. I shall do my best to force you to continue! I like the sort of official feel to the launguage you used in the prolog. Its felt very much like a reading from the bible or religious text. It was only one word I felt that read somewhat out of place... Siblings. I feel it would read better as Brothers (or Brothers and Sisters) although I cant explain exactly why I feel that way. I think it sounds a bit modern although I couldn't tell you if siblings is written in the bible or not. As for Chapter 1, I found myself having to read a few paragraphs over once or twice but I feel this is my Dyslexia rather than your sentance structure. I tend to read things and find that they dont go into my head right. So I always find difficulty in offering any advice or critisizm on gramar and structure. Story wise I definatly liked it. I do find the concept of Lucifer being stranded on earth in a sort of purgatory to be intreaging and I like the idea of of the branding and light. I can't see a way that it could be improved I think you pulled it off exelently. The only thing I'm unsure of is the time period. Is this the present? because I'm picturing him in a contry house... maybe late 1800s to early 1900s but I dont know why as there is no mention of anything that spesific or anything that would sugest when this takes place.
  11. Steel

    Steel's blog

    Beware of Ranting about to commence! I don’t know how I do it but no matter where I go I always seem to butt heads with someone. I do my best to stick to myself and be peaceful but usually there is always someone who irritates me and I find it hard to vent that frustration. There is a Doctor at work who is around the same age as me and try as I might I just cant keep him from getting under my skin. I find him highly pedantic. He has some weird need to try and show that he considers himself an intellectual in every conversation. It doesn’t matter if that is something as simple as ordering his lunch. He appears to love to flaunt his vocabulary. I understand perfectly what he is saying but it feels so needless. Like verbal posing. He also tries to glorify his past accomplishments and brags constantly. The thing is people seem to lap it up. However I cant help but spot inconsistencies in the things he claims. Mainly my pet hate of over exaggerated martial skill. Now yes, many trainee doctors travel abroad to further their studies for a year. I don’t dispute that, but he is claiming that he trained in Beijing. Unbeknownst to him it’s the same time I was there, and I was friends with two of the medical students out there, who in turn knew virtually every other student. Now I’m not saying he wasn’t there, my friends never knew him, but its still possible for that to happen. Its that he claims that while he was out there he was taught Dim Mak. Dim Freakin Mak. The Touch of Death. Something that is entirely based in myth. Of course he cant show anyone this. Not because its lethal. After all Chi flow manipulation can supposedly heal as well. No its because it’s a non certified technique. Those darn hospital laws are restraining him from healing people with a simple touch! (that is sarcasm btw) I swear this technique haunts me. This guy is about the firth person I’ve known that (fake) knows it. I heard him rambling on about this in an attempt to impress some girls on the Christmas night out. I could easily have called him on it, and backed up my accusation, but I held my tongue thinking that surly people could see though his crap. They didn’t. For this I will forever hate him… but that is not the end. I cannot seem to stop myself from butting heads with this guy. I know it’s a thing that doctors develop god complexes and so on, but nearly everyone I’ve met or worked with has been down to earth and professional. This guy on the other hand completely disrespects me all the time. He actually ran to the head of staff when I snapped back at something he provoked. Then I was pulled up for unprofessional conduct. Jerkface was pulled up too but while I apologised he didn’t and I was told to just be the bigger man and suck it up by the head. I did but it still irritates me. When I work the ambulance and bring someone in we always explain what is wrong with the patient. However if he is on he will interrupt what I am saying to ask me a question… which answer is the very thing he stopped me from telling him. He tries to talk over me ALL the time. I get on great with virtually everyone but this one guy. At no point do I call him out on his lies or try to steal the limelight away from him. I’m pretty much a mystery to everyone at work and I like it that way. I just seriously don’t get what his problem is. I do feel slightly better after that... but I will probubly still want to punch his face in every time I see him.
  12. Yeah thats pretty much what i'm going for. Sounds better your way. I find it hard to fully descrive the look he's pulling. It's a mix of not really liking where this is going with some desperation and a dash of confusion. Its sort of more like scrunching your face but only slightly. I'm not really going for tutting. More Huffing i think I'm finding it hard to describe Xan's voice. I've not covered this yes at it'll come up in the next chapter but he dosn't use his normal voice. He masks it with a sort of batman impresion, because like most things its hypnotic. So he's overly gruff and sharp to avoid that effect. Yes growl would fit better here. Yes that convays it better. Ah yes. In that picture those are the swords I was given by my Dad. He bought them in Spain yeeeeeeeeeeears ago. I am slightly ashamed that they are on the stand upside down... but like most poeple I didn't really know that much about them back then. Its only in the last few years that I've really gained knowlage of them. I dont own a katana made in japan but I have a hand forged one and one factory forged. Trust me modern techniques are actualy far superior than any old authentic blade. My Modern made one is a beast of a weapon and I'm currently learning how to customize it using traditional methods. Xan however has my training to the Nth degree so would actualy know what he was doing. Although he is suposed to come of like a poser. He can play guitar, knows martial arts, can paint, rides a bike. Now I can do all those things too (albe it my painting and playing is a bit arse) but I know they come of as poser like.
  13. Finished the first part. Been a bit busy, was going to add more but it looks like this will be a three parter again. http://www.mediafire.com/?de5v5eb8sxl5v6y The point of view swings back to Kyle. I think I'll swap it between him and Jason for the remaning parts. Its funnier to have the tour from Kyle's perspective anyway. Next up, THE MANDATE! I blame all this Ho yay on you EX.
  14. I dont drink Tea or Coffee. Just like Takumi Inui from Faiz I suspect I'm a nekojita. Cant drink anything too hot... and I cant be bothered to wait till things cool down. I only like cold drinks, even in winter. Another thing to the list of common stuff I dont do along with Drinking alchohol or having butter on anything at all.
  15. Thank you. This a bit closer to my general style. Takes a bit longer to write but I was hitting blocks doing it from Kyles limited perspective. It's not as easy to get the effect with just writing if it were a comic or TV show I'd think that Kyle episode would be more muted and dull, everything thats not infront of his face would be blurred slightly. Switching to the team perspective I've warmed myself up already and have things more solid idea of what I'm doing. Shadowfall is like the pilot this is the real show. I look forward to writing Kyle and Xan's wacky night out. I know the locations that they are visiting but I dont know fully how they will interact just yet. They will write themselves when the time comes. Jason is slowly forming. I am working on his background in my head and that is helping. The more I write him the more I can form him in my head. I actualy like that he is the regular detective guy to give counterballance for the other characters. He'll grow into his own soon enough. I dont want to reveal too much as I do have a plan. bwahahahaha!
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