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  1. zeo

    Are Lost Numbers Sterile

    Yes, Lost Numbers are essentially just random mutations that can't be replicated to produce more of them... The Zoaforming process is geared to be reproducible in order to both ensure a specific Zoaform design can be mass produced and to ensure the key features of Zoafication are consistently established. Namely, this includes the zoaforming of the host brain to ensure that the end Zoanoid is controllable by a Zoalord... Lost Numbers tend to have this part of the processing fail, which results in their brains remaining mostly the same as a normal human and thus as hard to control as a normal human... without this key part of the process then the whole end result is considered a failure. However, becoming a Lost Number is also dangerous because of the random mutations can leave the final product unstable and the host can die or have a very shortened life span, much like a incomplete processed Zoaform like Malmot... This is the reason Bio-Freezer was the only survivor of his group as all the others died trying to become Lost Numbers... This does not mean the Lost Number can no longer be processed but much like a Hyper Zoanoid it would require much more advance processing than a normal Zoanoid goes through but still would not mean they could reproduce the Zoaform and thus still remain a Lost Number... Like Aptom... So these are the primary considerations of a Lost Number, though, a Lost Number can be infertile as well... Random mutations could have that end effect but it's usually more likely they'll just die before they get a chance to worry about it or they simply may not be compatible with normal human DNA anymore and would need someone with a similar mutation to find a compatible mate...
  2. zeo

    New Star Trek Series!!!

    Uh, have to disagree... Present movies are alternate time line... So they're a break from all the previous series and movies that all happened in the same time-line universe...
  3. zeo

    Max Steel (2017)

    That's because it's meant to be... This is a character created by Mattel and has had CG cartoon series, Comics, Toy line, etc. over the years. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Max_Steel http://play.maxsteel.com/en-us/ The Live Action movie is based on the rebooted version from 2013 that is quite a bit different from the original version from back in 2000... but also similar... and of course it's target audience is kids who would then go out and buy the action figures...
  4. zeo

    Racism and Hypocrisy

    Agreed, I put this to three factors of those in power, including the media, that feed off such conflict as it gets them more money and power, along with those who can't let go of old grudges and try their best to pass these grudges to the next generation, and the growing mindset of you're either for me or against me to the point that unless you're 100% for me then you're my enemy! That last factor being the strongest contributor to the present situation as it prevents any real discussion and polarizes people. While the rest just helps indoctrinate people, generation after generation... All the while we keep ignoring the real problems in our society and this keep getting worse as we often blame and focus on the wrong things. Does it matter to most people that most cops in big cities like New York are actually minorities themselves? Does it matter that a African American College Professor did a study that found cops actually shoot more white people? Does it matter that over 99% of African American death is by violence from other African American's? Does it matter that a African American child in places like Chicago is far more likely to be killed by a local gang and literally hundreds get killed every year with practically no media coverage? Did it matter in Milwaukee that the cop that shot the crook was African American himself and he was protecting the locals from getting shot as they had a rash of civilians getting shot that week? Nope, they just used it as a excuse to go after white people... An Asian reporter almost got lynched there just weeks later until someone yelled out stop, "He's Asian", and escorted him out of the danger zone... Was that even reported on most media outlets? Nope... The problem is not enough people know what's really going on and how often the facts get distorted to fit some agenda that we end up too busy fighting each other than facing and solving the real problems in our society... How many people are fighting to deal with the over 2000 deaths in cities like Chicago? How many are actually dealing with the root causes of poverty, the lack of education, the growing number of single parents and broken homes, etc.?... Nowhere near as many as would be if we weren't fighting each other...
  5. Mind, a lost number means something went wrong in the zoanification process... This means, among other things, that the modifications to the brain that allow a Zoanoid to be easily controlled by a Zoalord aren't done properly. Though, how hard can vary but a lost number can have a brain just as hard to control as a normal human... and other factors like a strong will can help this as without the control mechanism it's a matter of overwhelming the individual mind. Mind, this was one of the reasons why the Chronos Rogue scientists tried to make themselves into Lost Numbers to free themselves. While Lost Numbers can be basically considered random mutatations or mutant Zoaforms that are usually very unstable... Neo-Zektole expected to only live one year, for example... Though, it is possible to intentionally create one as both Bio-Freezer and Neo-Zektole shows... That said, Aptom has evolved... He has been redeveloped at least once, and has absorbed armies of zoaforms that in turn allowed him an incredible range of abilities and transformative capacity... but he still considers himself a Lost Number...
  6. zeo

    Batman V Superman

    No, it's not that simple as if that was the case then Superman would already be dead... He would never have survived his first exposure to Kryptonite, no matter what form it was applied. In Superman Returns, Superman still retained enough power to push away that Kryptonite island despite still having a small splinter shard embedded beneath the skin in his side that can be seen being pulled out by the doctors. While the original movie showed him exposed for a few minutes, yet once it was removed he regained his power and fully recovered... So the movies definitely don't support your contention as he would be dead already if that was the case... In other media, like both the comic and Smallville TV series, Superman has even been injected with liquidated form of Kryptonite... While the idea of developing a immunity/high tolerance over time goes back to at least "The Great Kryptonite Mystery", (Superboy (volume 1) #58, July 1957 issue where Superboy developed immunity to small chunks of Kryptonite by repeated exposure... The simple fact Superman has repeatedly survived exposure clearly shows it's not instantly lethal but rather requires a certain amount of exposure before it reaches lethal effect... It's just capable of being lethal if given both enough dosage and long enough exposure. It helps to understand how Kryptonite actually works on a Kryptonian... Kryptonians basically have the ability to process various forms of ambient radiation. The specific radiation from a yellow sun is what empowers them but they still process other forms of radiation and is one of the reasons why they're immune to most other forms of radiation and would never get cancer from exposure to those other forms of radiation like we would. Kryptonite just throws a wrench in the works as it is a form of radiation they can't process but also has the property of replacing the normal solar radiation their body does process... So it's a bit similar to how Cyanide effects humans. Low levels of cyanides are found in nature and in products we commonly eat and use. Examples include foods such as spinach, bamboo shoots, almonds, lima beans, fruit pits and tapioca. The body handles small amounts of cyanide differently than large amounts. In small doses, cyanide in the body can be changed into thiocyanate, which is less harmful and is excreted in urine. In the body, cyanide in small amounts can also combine with another chemical to form vitamin B12, which helps maintain healthy nerve and red blood cells. In large doses, the body’s ability to change cyanide into thiocyanate is overwhelmed. Large doses of cyanide prevent cells from using oxygen and eventually these cells die. The heart, respiratory system and central nervous system are most susceptible to cyanide poisoning. Similarly, low levels of Kryptonite poisoning are survivable, and Kryptonians in the Man Of Steel universe have even a normal level of tolerance because they have to breath trace amounts of it in their home atmosphere, which is a tolerance that thanks to Zod Superman also has. So they likely developed a natural process to deal with the toxin and expel it in at least small amounts like our bodies can deal with Cyanide. The process just can't help against high/concentrated dosages and that's when Kryptonite can be lethal... Kryptonite can also be broken down into other elements and certain forms of energy can counter its effect... Like Superman's heat vision If Superman was exposed to a chunk of Kryptonite the size of a hundred ton boulder then he'd likely die near instantly... But aerosized amounts are close to trace levels and would only be lethal if there was no tolerance at all but that wasn't the case here and unless the whole body is overcome then there are still cells infused with solar energy and thus once the metabolism kicks back in so too does a Kryptonian's powers... This is also why it can take minutes to hours of exposure for smaller amounts of Kryptonite to be lethal as it takes awhile for smaller amounts to fully deplete all the solar charge and completely replace it with the Kryptonite radiation/poisoning... but it basically has to completely deplete his cells to be lethal and is why lethal dosages is accompanied by a Kryptonian developing a greenish complexion... It also helps to understand how limited Kryptonite effects can be, a small amount doesn't emit radiation very far. The scapel only effected the area it cut into... Similarly, examples from the animated movies and comics shows a Kryptonite bullet only effects the area it penetrates, the rest of his body remains invulnerable and makes it hard for a doctor to help him... In the animated movie it required the Martian Manhunter to shapeshift through the wound to pull the bullet out as they didn't have time to get a Kryptonite scapel. The Kryptonite also gets used up, just like a poison... The dead cells that had absorbed it can be rejected by the rest of the body... In Smallville, injected Kryptonite got rejected and expelled from the body before Clark could die... and there are many other examples... In the comics, if the exposure is slight then he regenerate instantly, like a Kryptonite bullet shot through his hand and the hole would heal within a second after it had passed and he was no longer exposed... So don't think of it like how radiation would effect humans...
  7. zeo

    Batman V Superman

    Depending on the toxin and its concentration, it is possible for the body to both deal with it and expel it even if it's breathed in as that's one of the things our bodies are doing all the time... It becomes more easy to understand once you understand where this Kryptonite came from... The World Engine, not because it was a part of the machine but because it was created in order to replicate Kryptonian atmosphere! Put simply, all Kryptonians on Krypton were already exposed to Kryptonite in the air... In this version of Krypton they strip mined the planet to the core, which means many elements from within their planet was then in their atmosphere, just like you'd find such elements around the area of any mining operation on this planet... Like did you know their are trace amounts of lead in the atmosphere? Among other elements we may otherwise consider toxic to life... It also helps to understand that even elements that are technically poisonous can be useful to a organism... Like oxygen is such an example, we evolved from life that not only adapted to oxygen but learned to use it for extra energy production... This is one of the reasons it's dangerous to give oxygen to someone who has stopped breathing for too long as it would cause toxic shock that will kill off too many cells for the body to recovery... So oxygen has to be re-introduced slowly to avoid this... This would also explain certain characters in DC Comics that even make Kryptonite a beneficial part of their metabolism. While, also remember, certain other types of Kryptonite are not lethal to Kryptonians, like Blue Kryptonite, which in some versions can even reverse the effects of other forms of Kryptonite. Though, some versions also still de-power Kryptonians. Anyway, this is why Superman collapsed and even bled when he first breathed the Kryptonian air on Zod's ship, with Zod stating he'd either adapt or die... So he basically adapted and started to develop a tolerance, and like the second movie this exposure was through the air he breathed... But Superman didn't actually fully recover right away... Note, for example the cut on his face from the spear tip didn't heal right away. Just because he recovers most of his power doesn't mean that the Kryptonite poisoning was fully dealt with... So he didn't fully heal until he was exposed to sunlight and his body could fully recover... Btw, there's a uncut version of BvS that adds 30 minutes of footage... Seems the editor left out things like Superman saving lives, lots of details that shows how deep Lex manipulations went, the fact the wheelchair bomb was lined with lead and thus Superman couldn't have known, shows more details about Diana, etc... May not change anyone's minds who didn't like the ending but does address some of the perceived negatives that the theatrical cut gave...
  8. Doesn't matter... To put simply it's neither practical or really physically possible, it doesn't matter how fast the unit makes the host or how advance its agility is enhanced. Unless the Enzyme gets a 1 inch organ vulnerability then it will take a lot more to do any serious harm... The swords are simply not designed to be used in the way you're thinking... They're too close to each other, they're not thick enough, and they're actually designed to complement each other in a striking sweep move and not like traditional straight swords. These are swords that are only inches apart at the base and you're original argument was about decapitation, which requires being able to cut through 6-8 inches just for a human size neck... A Zoaform neck is much thicker and G3's swords are simply not placed far enough apart and somehow cut all the way through without the second sword making contact at all... The closest possible move would be to stab with the sword and then rotate around the target to complete a decapitation that way. The target would just have to remain stationary and not spray any blood through the process, which is frankly not going to happen unless Aptom freezes them first, in which case the Guyver can just use the sonic busters and be 100% sure of the kill instead. But in normal use this would be impossible, there isn't a speed or agility advantage with a Enzyme III, the neck is way too thick vs the sword, the blood spray just needs to reach the base of the swords, which are even closer to each other and pretty much guaranteed to dissolve off both... The stab and rotate move means the Enzyme has more time to counter attack and exposes the sword longer to the Enzyme Acid blood, making it unlikely it could last long enough to complete the move but doesn't mean the blood spray can be avoided. Add, the curved shape of the swords means G3 will basically have to move backwards to give the longer elbow sword the best chance of performing this move... While somehow simultaneously avoiding the Enzyme's counter attack and that of the other Enzymes as they attack in packs... along with somehow avoiding the blood spray as he gets close to completing the move and nears the entry/exit cut point that's probably still spraying blood at that point... Besides, both swords are not the same length... So sacrificing one will most likely leave him with the shorter sword, assuming he pulls off the impossible and somehow manages the move without losing both swords anyway or just gets a bunch of Enzyme acid blood all over his body for trying and then gets easily killed by the remaining Enzymes... Assuming the one he decapitated is even dead and doesn't just regenerate as we don't know if they can survive a decapitation or not... It would make far more sense to try to just cut with the outer edge and then move in closer for a closer follow up strike... Done fast enough it could avoid the Enzyme acid blood spray and just sacrifice the outer length of the swords and then move in with what's left but again, there's no real advantage over a Guyver with a single pair of swords... It's essentially just one sword split but still facing the same way and used in the same way... Sometimes more doesn't mean it's really different or better... Like there's no tactical advantage to G3's body spikes either... This would be different if a Guyver could individually extend the swords one at a time but at most it seems they can only choose which arm they will use... That said, Agito is good at either stealth or overwhelming force attacks... Like FG2, he will go right for a perceived vulnerability. So you're right on that score... Reminds me of the first Zerebubuth battle in the Manga. G1 had managed to force it to retreat after jumping over it and doing a full double kick into its back that penetrated its armor... G3 then snuck up on Zerebubuth, reached into that hole in its back and tore out a vital organ, probably the heart... Basically, Agito doesn't need a advantage, he's simply a very ruthless and deadly character that will create his own advantages... While the head beam is the better weapon for precision targeting anyway...
  9. My condolences, as well, Ultimate W'Kar.
  10. Uh, perhaps it's because I've covered this for well over a decade... Having the benefit of chance chats with martial artists who were also fans of the Guyver, one guy even bothered to try to develop a fighting style that could be applied to using forearm blades, adapting a existing fighting style, but there are multiple reasons why what you suggest simply won't work... 1) Guyver swords still need to be moved to decapitate anything... Not needing momentum to tear through matter doesn't remove the need to still move the sword to perform the action and these swords aren't thick enough to do it in a stabbing motion... 2) The swords are still attached to the Guyver and thus are effected by the limits of how the Guyver can articulate its forearm to maneuver the swords in any way and of course are then effected by the Guyver's momentum, which any movement would involve. 3) The swords are only inches apart and most Zoanoid necks aren't thin enough to use just one sword to completely decapitate them or severe a limb before the other sword also enters the mass. Especially not a Enzyme 3, who's over 11 feet tall!... Never mind adding the need to avoid the blood spray, which any hesitation in movement will usually just end up exposing the swords to even more blood versus a quick and fluid motion strike. 4) Using forearm swords that are essentially mounted on the forearms are not the same as using a regular sword in your hands. The forearm has much less freedom of movement than the hands and wrists. Requiring consciously manipulating most of the body to achieve any significant range of movement and thus it's much less practical to expect a high level of precision and accuracy when using them. 5) Only the Gigantic has ever been able to stop quickly and that's because it's the Gigantic! It has three gravity controllers and not just one, along with 12 power amps that each also can control gravity energy. But the regular Guyver only has one gravity control orb and has never demonstrated the level of control needed for the level of precision and accuracy needed to pull off what you're suggesting. Consider, the Gigantic can create a Pressure Cannon that can obliterate multiple stories of a skyscraper, blasting even a super massive over 400 meter tall skyscraper in half, with a massive gap where it had hit... This compared to the regular Guyver who can barely make a cannon ball size hole through a single Zoanoid... The gravitational power difference is immense... So a Gigantic stopping quickly is no surprise but you can't expect the same from a regular Guyver... 6) The Guyver host is still human and as such their brains do not work like a computer. So there are limits to how precise and accurate even a Guyver can be. Especially, against a moving target that has a mind that the Guyver can't read and that means there's always a level of guessing involved when trying to outmaneuver an opponent that's anywhere near as fast as a Guyver... 7) Guyver 3's swords are not all the same length when extended. The blades closer to the elbow are longer than the pair closer to the middle of the forearm... The arcing shape they form also complements each other. So even near the outer edge of the swords, which is the widest they are apart when extended, the combination of shape and length means it would be counter intuitive to try to cut with only a single blade and adds to how hard it really is to perform the maneuver you're imagining... along with requiring a stabbing motion to avoid the second sword pair from making contact but that means getting even closer to the Enzyme and doesn't mean the attack can actually decapitate the Enzyme as the motion doesn't ensure enough of the target mass will be effected... 8) A Guyver is not Super fast like the Flash, they can't outrun a bullet. A Guyver is super humanly fast, fast enough to outrun a car and seem like little more than a blur of motion to a human but they're not as fast as bullets. So any dodging is done by sensing that they are being targeted and responding before the projectile is actually fired. Really, the Guyver has been hit plenty of times by projectiles a lot slower than bullets. Only the CM is actually capable of responding fast enough to counter something as fast as a bullet. But the Guyver can't physically out move a bullet, just out move the one firing it and trying to target them... So let's not exaggerate its ability to be able to outmaneuver a given target. Especially not a Ezyme 3, because they are specifically designed as Guyver killers and that includes giving them hyper zoanoid level speed, which at the very least rivals the Guyver's, and they can even fly and is one of the reasons why a Guyver has never actually just run away from them... It takes all the Guyver's speed to stand a chance against a Enzyme 3, let alone be super precise and able to control their own body momentum enough to give any practical advantage to using multiple swords versus a single pair that all get used exactly the same way... Maybe if the target was immobilized and was about normal human size then this could possibly work but otherwise I don't see it ever happening...
  11. I disagree, it has never been shown that he could activate them separately and they're still right next to each other on his forearm... So would be effected at the same time as he slashed through the Enzyme and exposed them to the Enzyme acid blood... Only the Gigantic form could possibly grant him that kind of advantage, in addition to adding another pair for a total of six blades... but in the midst of battle it's more likely all the blades would be kept together as it has typically been shown in the Manga...
  12. Nope, just assumed/theorized that it's a manifestation of the unit adapting to the host and possibly their unique personality/aggressiveness... However, despite the number, there's not much tactical advantage to having additional swords as they're still used the same way and equally effective against each other... Though, on the Gigantic this expands to three for GG3 and provides the tactical advantage of a wider arc when extending the blades on whip like tendrils or increasing the chances of hitting a target when fired off like retractable vibrational dagger/spears. However, the tactical improvement is otherwise still minimal and relies on using specific fighting styles to take extra advantage of them... As to how they function... They simply vibrate at extremely high frequency, which generates a focused shock wave that splits apart the molecular bonds of anything in the blade's path. It's essentially as effective as a single atom thick, monomolecular, blade and will cut through any known material that isn't shielded or producing its own sonic blade effect... Think Kinetic energy blade basically... It's the kinetic field the blade generates that does the actual cutting, no tuning required as it simply directly targets molecular bonds and overwhelms them, and so the Guyver shouldn't even feel anything as the blade cuts through objects unless it's actually blocked/countered... Since the physical sword isn't actually contacting anything but the air molecules around it... Though, the weapon would probably be much less effective in the vacuum of space as kinetic energy needs a medium to work through... along with the Sonic Busters... The Sonic Busters are the only weapon that requires any tuning but that's mainly to help focus, amplify, and direct its destructive power... The Gigantic's extra pop out sonic orb emitters help not only increase total output power of the sonic buster but also helps increase their effective range.
  13. zeo

    Can A Guyver beat Archenfal?

    Multiple reasons... 1) Phases of transformation, the Gigantic is a upgrade to the standard unit. So the host has to first transform into the standard form first before they can then call the Gigantic... Though, it can be done in quick succession. 2) Escalation, like someone else mentioned the standard Guyver can still handle about 90% of what Chronos can throw at it and it's tactically smarter to keep the big guns for the big hard to kill targets. 3) Mobility/access, the Gigantic form can't fit everywhere without needing to smash its way through and that's not always the best way to go... Especially, when trying to keep collateral damage to a minimum... 4) Initial Bio-Boost grants the biggest charge. So it's possible for a partially damaged Guyver to de-activate and then re-activate to instantly have damage regenerated and restored to full strength. This also happens when the Guyver transforms into the Gigantic and timing that during a battle can have tactical advantages. 5) Stealth, it's easier to sneak around in a smaller form... 6) The Gigantic form is primarily a energy construct, which is why it can collapse and fall off if too much energy is drained all at once from it and the Giga Smashers, while extremely powerful, can also cause that over draining risk... Versus the less powerful but still very powerful Mega Smashers that will never over drain the standard Guyver form, though it may take awhile after firing before they can be fired again but tactically the less risk of being left in a lurch and having to change tactics in the middle of a battle in the standard Guyver form... Though, I am of the mind that once the Exceed form was unlocked that the Gigantic can now draw all the power it needs, as that is how it transforms into the Exceed, when it needs it and the only risk of a over drain is if the host miscalculates, but that's just my opinion... as otherwise the Gigantic still has limited energy reserves and requires a fair bit of time to recharge after it has fallen off... 7) Simple overkill... While the need is low as the transformations can be quickly done at any time... So depends more on the situation at any one time...
  14. zeo

    Hypothetical Worst Guyver Ending ?

    Book 31, right in the beginning... goes into details on the origins of her relationship with Lisker and how it shaped who she is now...
  15. zeo

    Do you think the Guyver is Imbalanced?

    Okay, that's the problem then because there is no such thing as a outer casing for the CM! The entire thing is the processor/memory store... The Navigation spheres literally merged together to form the Gigantic CM, something they could not just do if there was a casing involved, never mind interfacing with the host CM... What you read was simply a character guessing... Chronos did not know how the CM worked in the early episodes and even now they can only describe it as a form of "super technology" which they still can't fully replicate as indicated by the limited functions of the FG2 CM... You're also just using your own interpretation of how you think the damaged looked but aren't following that if that was true then there should be a pattern to the damage that isn't shown... Again, if the metal was dented then it would have directly damaged the crystal ring layer immediately and caused the unit to fail right away... Just like your hood dent example caused damage below it... It would also have caused the whole CM structure to be distorted... Metal doesn't just dent in a localized way... impact force is spread through the structure and distorts that structure accordingly... but again that is never shown... Retaining the original shape with just localized damage is more the property of a crystalline structure... Along with all the other points that a dent would follow the point of impact and not spread to other areas that are not in reach of that point of impact but the G2 CM is shown being damaged all the way to it its base layer... If anything that would take a impact against a rod shaped object that essentially stabs it as it's causing the dent but that isn't what happened to the G2 CM. So even if you ignore all the other points it's clear that the damage does not follow the pattern of damage you would expect from a dent... The CM is also nothing like you're trying to describe as examples and you really need to get the concept of what it actually is, a super advance alien technology that much like our own computer technology is measured on the atomic scale and isn't a mechanical machine with moving parts! The closest we'll get to something like it would be a quantum computer and even that would be a primitive comparison... Regardless, I already pointed out that there are multiple examples of the CM withstanding far more than what is claimed to have caused the damage to the G2 CM... The other two units have withstood multiple high explosive shock waves, thermal conditions that would vaporize any known metal, can work from anywhere from the high pressure at the bottom of the ocean to the vacuum of space, can be exposed to extremely cold temperatures and not get damaged, has withstood acid attacks, sonic pulses with the power to shatter steel, and a few other examples... So the point is made that the CM is tougher than you're trying to argue. The G2 CM was either defective, previously damaged, or is simply more vulnerable when in a dormant state but as active units the other CM's have shown to be pretty resilient so far and thus should require a substantial and intentional attack directed on them to ensure damage and should not be underestimated by comparing them to normal man made metal objects...