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  1. Great pics. I'm guessing the guy with the green fist is supposed to be Curt Conners/Lizard.
  2. Godzilla & Ultraman were created by the same guy.
  3. I liked the American Godzilla, too. Even the cartoon series based on it. I got the movie's soundtrack.
  4. That version has been airing on FX a lot this week. The guy who did the creature effects for it was one of the three main judges on the reality show "Face Off".
  5. Providing someone watches the movie enough times.
  6. I'm thinking of nixing the Snake Zord. So I got to figure out what other animal can be a zord & a weapon for the Megazord to use.
  7. But what about GOOD mutants??? Cannonball, Strong Guy, Wolfsbane or Meggan would be good.
  8. So what other X-Men do you think ought to appear, Ryuki???
  9. Yeah. Erik's powers are the best defense against their weapons. Even their flamethrowers.
  10. No problem, dude. I also got to find great pics of the Ranger Keys since it'll be even more difficult to find useful pics of most of the previous Sentai teams. I got the six main Gokai Keys.
  11. The song is like "Believe Yourself" & "Cyclone Effect". It gives me the urge to fight.
  12. I don't like PMs due to a friend of mine having a horrible habit of sending up to 30+ a day. I sent Odin the picture.
  13. When I saw the request, it was after 11P.M. and I had work at 10A.M. today.
  14. I agree. And likewise some Autobot combiners like the Aerialbots & Protectobots. I can see Superion looking like a flying knight while Defensor would look like a rescue samurai.
  15. Yeah. Send me an e-mail, BThompson1983@hotmail.com , and I'll send you a bigger version. I'm still searching for the Birth Symbol. It'll allow several banners to be finished. Especially ones where he teams with OOO.
  16. The first one was my desktop for last month. The second one I made and is this month's. It's theme is Otakon 2011.
  17. I think I have a great name for the Samurai Armor/Crop Circle Memory general...CROSHOGUN!!!!!
  18. http://www.jefusion.com/2011/07/kamen-rider-fourze-astro-switches.html
  19. I'm sick of Spongebob, too. I prefer "Victorious". It's got great music.
  20. Here's Javier's Element Symbol. Figured out Orange's first name. Sean. His element is still unknown. The Purple Ranger has an eidetic memory and is the oldest of the Samurai Rangers. Before he was summoned, he was preparing to propose to his hot girlfriend. He'll get closure some time before Antonio arrives. THIS IS MY 2400TH POST!!!!
  21. I saw it in 3D yesterday. I'll give my thoughts on it in the video blog I'm gonna shoot later this month. I will say that the Wreckers gave me a great idea of what to give a good friend of mine for her birthday.
  22. http://www.jefusion.com/2011/06/kamen-rider-fourze-character-profiles.html
  23. Thanks. Though that's how it appears in the article as it was posted at my Kamen Rider Forum & another forum a friend of mine co-runs.
  24. http://www.jefusion.com/2011/06/kamen-ride...y-revealed.html
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