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  1. I will. But the Red Box where I work doesn't have it. Might have to use my sister's NetFlix account to watch it.
  2. Wasn't he in that elephant movie??? I haven't seen that in full.
  3. Jet Li is my main favorite martial artist because of how he moves in his films like "Fist Of Legend" & "The One". Jackie Chan's a close second. I definitely think Donnie Yen's portrayal of Ip Man was also great. I want to see the sequel to it. I also like a guy called Richard "Yin Yang Man" Brandon. He was on WMAC Masters with the then future Blue Lightspeed Ranger, Mike Chat.
  4. My bad. Who's your favorite martial artist??? Actor or otherwise.
  5. Thought I'd create a thread to share the desktops I make. If anyone has a request, just ask me. Give me the measurements, what images you want on it, supply me with them in case I don't have them, and what you want it to say if anything. Likewise how you want the background to look. This is my first one. I call it Otakon 2011. A friend of mine took a picture of the skybridge & the Baltimore Convention Center and I used that as the background. Then I put in Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu & Tepig, May and her Glaceon & Muchlax, Quilava, the Black Mastodon Morphin' Ranger, Princess Tsubasa, and Kamen Rider OOO Tatoba Form & his Taka, Tora, Batta & Kamakiri Core Medals.
  6. What was the fighting style of Ip Man??? He was Bruce Lee's master.
  7. The fact that martial arts can sharpen not just one's reflexes, but their minds is a deal maker for some.
  8. Ultron is also Ant-Man's son. Ant-Man created him.
  9. And if Ultron appears, so must his son The Vision.
  10. I want to learn martial arts. Unsure as to which style, though. Leaning on Wushu like Jet Li.
  11. What other Cap villains do you see appearing??? I'm thinking Crossbones & Baron Zemo.
  12. And if they brought in one of the Autobots' combiner teams, that would rock!!! Their first team was the Aerialbots. I can see Superion looking like a knight.
  13. I saw it with my dad and he actually enjoyed it. He was skeptical about it at first. And we were BOILING in our skins in the theater because the A/C was busted.
  14. Am about to see it in half an hour. Will give my thoughts in a video blog.
  15. Was referring to a possible FUTURE movie.
  16. That version is on right now. I remember an episode of "X-Men: Evolution" showed Wolverine teaming up with Captain America and saving the young man who would later become Magneto.
  17. The reason to put him in an Avengers movie. Not for the hell of it, but because he was one.
  18. Lemme put it this way, Ryuki -- there's a reason Cap's called both a Living Legend and a Super-Soldier Don't forget "The Star Spangled Avenger".
  19. The Syfy Channel's showing three Captain America movies tonight. The first two were supposed to be a launching pad for a possible series like Spider-Man & The Incredible Hulk. The other had the Red Skull looking ridiculous at the end. My dad & I are gonna see the movie on Sunday since I'm off from work. Plus, my sister is throwing a baby shower for a friend of hers.
  20. Spider-Man was an Avenger at one point. Namely after he, Captain America & some other heroes worked together to stop a prison break.
  21. That looked SWEEEEEEET!!!!! The costume makes me think of the 1970's Spider-Man. The American series. Not the Tokusatsu one. This is the second Comic Book movie Martin Sheen has been in. The first was "Spawn".
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