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  1. She looks like the star of the show "Unforgettable" on CBS in this video.
  2. I decided that Orange's element will be Lightning. Just need to find the Japanese Kanji for either it or something related to electricity. Once that is found, his Weapon & Foldingzord will be figured out. Likewise Cyan's. Am open to suggestions. I also decided on when Purple & his girlfriend will start dating. So I can now continue working on the story.
  3. The Ghostbusters vs. Classic Ghosts
  4. Batman & The Flash vs. The Joker & The Trickster
  5. Looks like it could be a Duel Monster. Awesome!!!
  6. Chose this because I'm going to a 5 Lap Ride-Along at Old Dominion Speedway this month. This is the car of my favorite Nascar Driver. Jamie McMurray.
  7. Same here. It'll be cool to see them become friends as they battle Loki.
  8. My character's last name is Titus. Just like one of my favorite comedians. I'm currently working on the story about his life before he got summoned. It's basically a "Growing Up Samurai" kind of story. But I realized yesterday that when I get to the part that he learns of his ancestor, I'm gonna have to include the elements of the other Rangers. But I don't have a good element for Orange. I really need a great suggestion for it and the kanji. Likewise the text version for my database & to include in the Summon story. And of the image attached. I still don't have a great symbol for the Cyan Ranger's Snow Element. Am also mega stumped on when something extremely important happens to my character. Some of the Rangers left behind someone important when they got summoned. Kevin had his dad. Emily had her sister. And Mike had his friends. My character leaves behind a girlfriend. I can't decide when they'd hook up. While in college, after college, or after August 2007. Three friends say during college while one says after college and another says after August 2007. Which one do you guys think???
  9. Kamen Rider Core!!! I managed to find some Sentai Symbols I seek. Battle Fever J, Denziman, Sun Vulcan, Goggle V, Bioman, Flashman, Changeman, Turboranger & Liveman. Decided to make 34 Rangers United Banners that feature the Past Sentai Ranger Keys. Some will be completed right off the bat. Others won't be due to me not having their symbols and additional Ranger Keys. The ones that Basco originally had. I got the Christmas Ranger Key. But I don't have the Go-on Wings Key.
  10. Here are my desktops for last month & this month.
  11. Found a great Metal Symbol!!! FINALLY figured out my character's last name and his Foldingzord!!! Titus will be his last name. His Foldingzord's gonna be a Crocodile that's usually in the shape of a parallelogram. Now I got to figure out the Orange Ranger's element. Once I do, I can figure out his weapon & Foldingzord. Still got to find a great symbol for Snow. That will lead to the weapon & Foldingzord.
  12. This is an adaptation of Fourze. So until they show what other constellations they're using, I'll figure out some original ones. I just came up with names for Monoceros, Pyxis & Draco. Pyxis is named after someone I know who is a real a--hole. Here's some basic stuff about Astro. Name: Kamen Rider Astro Motif: Spacecraft Real Name: Neil Sheppard Ethnicity: Caucasian, Italian Descent Appearance: Neil has tanned skin & short black hair. Usually wears blue jeans, a baseball cap, and various t-shirts with a black shirt over it. Arsenal: Astro Belt, Astro Switches, Astro Cycle, Rover, Elek Saber, Fire Blaster, Polarity Phone, Astro Switches: #1-40 (See Below) Other Forms/Motifs: Elek States/Electricity, Fire States/Fire, Magnet States/Magnet Finishers: Rider Rocket Drill Kick, Rider Rocket Drill Space Kick, Rider Rocket Drill Mega Space Kick, Rider Electro Slash, Rider Lightning Drill Kick, Rider Pyro Blast, Rider Tri Fire Blast, Rider Polarity Pulse Bio: Coming Soon
  13. WOWSERS!!! The women in the photos on this page are beautiful!!!
  14. Sounds like it'd go into the Fallen Magicians Section. That's for short anime series.
  15. If the anime series has enough episodes, I could definitely make a section for it at my anime forum. But I don't know what area it would be placed in. Warriors or Magicians.
  16. Definitely very interesting. Got a bit of a Shaman King feel to it.
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