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    Part One of 13 Part Seven of 13 Version 2 If you guys want to see the rest, let me know and I'll add them.
  2. I need some artwork done for two sets of stories I'm working on. The first is a series logo for my Kyoryuger Adaptation called Power Rangers Fossil Surge. I want to put it on the first page of every script-like story. It's gotta look prehistoric and morphenomenal! The second, and the most important, is a Nightlok I thought up for Samurai. His name is Wrapper and he's based on the Jatai, which are possessed cloths draped from folding screens. See attached photo. I need this one ASAP so I can give it to my friends who are gonna receive a copy of my story this summer. My character describes his appearance as "a Nighlok that looked like he had a foldable screen from Japan embedded in his chest". He uses two cloth-like tentacles shoot out from behind his shoulders that can be used as weapons & to drain life force called the Life Draining Cloth. He's also equipped with a sword. So if someone could please draw it for me, I'd be very grateful. Will even send you a copy of the story. Hope you guys can help me.
  3. Here are some Kyoryuger Pics I have.
  4. Great news!!! I'm keeping the Snake Zord!!! I realized that if you split a snake horizontally in two & up to the back of the head, it looks like a Bow & Arrow. I figured an energy string will connect the two ends & an energy arrow will appear in the Snake's mouth. Like the finisher of the Mach Megazord on RPM. Now I need to replace the Squid Zord because it feels more like Power Rangers Samurai.
  5. Been a while since I last looked at this. Well, I've been trying to work on this series some more. I got something planned for the hero. Some Cosmoids have real names now. Scorpio has the last name of a Spider-Man villain and the first name of an actress who played a scorpion-like character on TV. Libra is named after two Marvel Comics villains. Leo has the first name of one of Spider-Man's enemies. Aquarius is named after two water based villains from both Marvel & DC Comics. Taurus' real name comes from a Marvel Comics villain and a villain from an Adam Sandler movie. And Sagittarius' last name comes from a Marvel Comics villain. Musca's name is composed of the two main character's in both the original & 1980s "The Fly" movies. Perseus' name comes from a famous painter & a certain character from a book series who is named after the Legendary Hero. Will reveal more soon.
  6. <p>Still no replacement for the Snake Zord. But I repaced the Bat Zord with a Peacock that becomes a War Fan. It belongs to Pink. The Starfish Zord is going to Green. White's zords are a Lion, Tiger & Rhino. The six Rangers have their own elemental Earth Memories. Red has the Pyro Memory which imbues his attacks with the power of fire. Blue has the Hydro Memory which imbues his attacks with the power of water. Green has the Terra Memory which imbues his attacks with the power of earth. Yellow has the Lightning Memory which imbues her attacks with the power of lightning. Pink has the Breeze Memory which imbues her attacks with the power of wind. And White has the Frost Memory which imbues his attacks with the power of ice. These attacks can be punches, kicks, slashes, etc.</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p>The Baseball Monster's Bean Memory is going to be replaced. Don't know with what yet. Came up with a Toxic Memory. Not sure what to combine it with. Likewise what Earth Memory would be good to create a monster out of a pair of scissors with. Thought up a Car/Rage Memory combo last year after a guy backed into me while I was pushing carts at work and he blamed <strong>ME</strong> for what <strong>HE</strong> did. I am also currently thinking up names for monsters that are tributes to 21st Century Kamen Riders. Excluding Double, Fourze & Wizard. So far, I have names for the Kuuga, 555, Blade, Kabuto & Den-O Tributes. But no names for the Agito, Ryuki, Hibiki, Kiva, Decade, who's a shapeshifter, and OOO Tributes. Am open to ideas & suggestions. The Tributes are as follows.</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p>Stagginator = Stag Beetle/Arsenal Memory = Kuuga Tribute</p> <p>Spotlight/Mind Memory = Agito Tribute</p> <p>Mirror/Dragon Memory = Ryuki Tribute</p> <p>Dialburst = Cell Phone/Blast Memory = 555 Tribute</p> <p>Decklash = Deck Of Cards/Sword Memory = Blade Tribute</p> <p>Flamethrower/Beat (As In Music) Memory = Hibiki Tribute</p> <p>Motorswarm = Motorcycle/Beetle Memory = Kabuto Tribute...Some dude suggested naming it "Clock" because of Kabuto's Clock Up Ability. But I shot it down due to some Power Rangers fans not knowing that. Plus, it'd be like naming a Monster Couch or TV.</p> <p>Chronoloco = Locomotive Train/Time Memory = Den-O Tribute</p> <p>Bat/Chain Memory = Kiva Tribute</p> <p>Camera/Mask Memory = Decade Tribute...It's gonna be a shapeshifter.</p> <p>Trio Of Medals/Triple Memory = OOO Tribute</p> <p> </p> <p>Also trying to think up a name for a monster that's a tribute to Jason David Frank/Tommy Oliver. It's a Brachiosaurus Skeleton/Flute Memory. I got something morphenomenal planned for the episode that that monster will appear in.</p>
  7. I'm currently looking for the Spell Seal Symbol of the White Wizard from Kamen Rider Wizard. I have the symbols of Wizard & Beast and have colorized them to match their forms. Red for the Flame Styles & Buffa Mantle. Yellow for the Land Styles & Beast's main form. Blue for the Water Styles. Green for the Hurricane Styles & Chameleo Mantle. Orange for the Falco Mantle. And Purple for the Dolphi Mantle.
  8. And Absorbing Man was an enemy Thor. He debuted in an issue. I got the Marvel Trading Card to prove it. Thanks, Ryuki. I just got Thor from my friend Bethany this weekend. It was for the 4th Anniversary of when we first met. She also gave me two Yu-Gi-Oh Monster Cards. I gave her six customized music CDs. Two of them had Super Sentai music.
  9. I liked Ang Lee's Hulk. I just didn't like the fact that the Absorbing Man was the villain. And the environment I was in when I saw it was the worst. I just got Thor added to my DVD collection. I just need Iron Man 2 & Avengers and I'll have all of them. I got Incredible Hulk last month at Target.
  10. Of course. He used my friend Bethany's phone at the beginning of that video. I was the guy who said "That's Me!" when he said my name.
  11. Watch the first ten minutes & prepare to laugh your @$$es off:
  12. My best friend Melanie gave me this image via Facebook. It pertains to something I love to eat.
  13. Namely the part where they all came together as a team, Tony's little chat with Loki at Stark Tower, and Hulk sucker punching Thor.
  14. Here's mine for July. It's because of the convention I'm going to later this week. Not sure what to choose for next month.
  15. I will. A picture of me with Johnny is in my Facebook albums.
  16. Jason David Frank is gonna be in Baltimore, Maryland as a guest at a cosplay convention in three weeks!!! It's the same convention where I met his former Power Rangers castmate Johnny Yong Bosch last year!!! This is a dream come true for any Power Rangers fan!!! http://otakon.com/guests.asp#Frank
  17. Been working on real names for the Zodiac Cosmoids. So far, I have Scorpio, Aquarius & Taurus. Still trying to figure out other Cosmoids. Have a good name chosen for Musca. Will update Astro's info later. Meteor stays Meteor. His real name has been thought up. Currently trying to think up names for Tachibana & Chuta's counterparts.
  18. Here are my two latest ones. The Avengers was my desktop for May. Beet Buster & Beet J. Stag is my desktop for this month.
  19. Yeah. That scene further showed that they had become friends.
  20. I can't wait to see my friend Sarah's reaction to it when we see it on Tuesday.
  21. According to my old Marvel Trading Cards, Thanos debuted in Iron Man #55 in 1973. Who else laughed their asses off when Hulk sucker punched Thor at Grand Central Station???
  22. I hope to see the movie some time next week because I work this weekend.
  23. Been unable to find a useful picture of certain Kamen Riders from the 70s. Namely Ichigo.
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