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  1. Syren appeared in the second movie. She was the little girl who unleashed that power scream. I've mentioned Beak before. He's Angel's husband & the father of her children. The chicken characteristics they were hatched with came from him. A tidbit about Thunderbird is that he had a kid brother. The X-Force member Warpath. How about Forge, Dazzler, Cannonball, Magma, Marrow, Husk (one of Cannonball's sisters), Chamber or Skin to appear???
  2. Wolverine's main mutation is his healing factor. It's also the reason why he can't remember anything about his past because it erased his painful memories. It also makes him immortal. The claws, which are really made of bone, are also part of his mutation. The Adamantium made them stronger & deadlier. We've gone off topic now since we're talking about "First Class" and Wolverine only made a cameo. What other X-Men would you guys want to see in the sequel???
  3. Aniki is what I call Trey98607. There's three claws.
  4. That WAS Cyclops. He's the only known mutant who has to wear shades to control his power. The girl with white hair was Storm. Aniki, Wolverine's clone daughter has two claws on each hand and one claw that comes out of both of her feet. Though he does have a son who inherited his powers. The claws, minus the Adamantium, are a natural part of his mutation.
  5. Xavier was known for being in a wheelchair. Even a hoverchair. Shaw's centuries old. In the comics, he was killed by his son, Shinobi, who could alter his density. Aniki, those guys played Professor X & Magneto. McAvoy was Professor X and Fassbender was Magneto.
  6. I meant "Who's the Actor???", aniki.
  7. And to call this guy "Fourze" sounds kind of stupid. Fouze sounds better. I do. Namely through JEFusion's Facebook updates.
  8. Which one??? Which one???
  9. On the upside, he helped keep Darwin alive.
  10. She's hot!!!! The girls of Shinkenger!!!
  11. Here are some other enemies of Captain America some of you don't know. Baron Zemo Crossbones The Slug...He's Level 6 of the Six Levels Of Fatness More as I remember them.
  12. How about Gambit, Cannonball, Wolfsbane, & Psylocke???
  13. That's true on Cyclops & Havok. Scott is Alex's older brother. And they have a kid brother who's also a mutant that grew up in outer space. How about Sunfire??? His powers were the result of his mom being exposed to the radiation from the Atomic Bomb drops on Japan.
  14. What other X-Men do you think will appear in the sequel??? I can see Colossus if they decide to involve the Cold War since he's Russian. And maybe Polaris. She has powers similar to Magneto. She even thought he was her father.
  15. The Sound Cannon would be Javier's Power Weapon that he summons when spinning the Basic Disk on his Spin Sword. Like Kevin summoning his Hydro Bow or Mia summoning her Sky Fan. My character, the Purple Ranger's, Power Weapon will be a Kanabo called the Metal Slammer. The Samurai used Kanabos. As evident by "Deadliest Warrior: Samurai vs. Viking".
  16. Still trying to find a good Metal & Snow symbols and figuring out the Orange Ranger's element. Once those are dealt with, I can figure out their Foldingzords. Decided to scratch Javier's Sound Cannon because of Jayden's Fire Smasher's alternate mode. I'm basing Javier on a co-worker who looks like Egon Spengler from Ghostbusters.
  17. I hope in another one, they introduce Beak. He's Angel's husband and father of her children. He looks like a human chicken.
  18. I all ready created a Fouze Rumor thread at KRRU, which is currently getting a makeover.
  19. Saw the movie yesterday with a friend. It was X-hilarating!!!! Will give my thoughts on it in the next video blog I'm gonna shoot next month. It'll have the most movie reviews I've ever done in one blog.
  20. Yeah. I'm just using the top part because I can see a Wolf Foldingzord transforming from a Trapezoid with that shape on it. Brown's Power Weapon is gonna be a Sound Cannon because the Samurai DID have Cannons. But they were mounted on castles. And considering that the previous Rangers had cannons as either power weapons or a group finishing weapon, you can see why I think it'd be cool for Brown, aka Javier, to have it.
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