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  1. Excellent news: I FINALLY found the train tracks needed for the Den-O banners for Kamen Rider Rev Up!!!!! My dad suggested I access a site he was on earlier that had images and I found the right kind of railroad tracks. Once I transfer it to my computer and apply it to the MANY banners that need it, I'll have around like 70 or so new KRRU Banners to show my dad for finalization. That's combined with the 36 I currently need to show him. Still got to find the Birth Symbol and either individual pictures of the past Sentai Teams or the very keys themselves for the Gokaiger banners. Minus the five I have posted.
  2. I've become compelled to think up four new Rangers for Power Rangers Samurai. I'll be adding the usual four colors. Purple, Brown, Cyan & Orange. I'm thinking of Metal/Steel for Purple. I'm torn between a Rhino & a Spider for his Foldingzord. His weapon could be a Kanabo since the Legendary Six Samurai - Shinai card depicts him being equipped with two. I can't figure out the other three elements. Once I do, the Brown & Orange Rangers will receive Auxiliary Zords since all of the guys in Samurai have one. Jaden has the Tiger. Kevin has the Swordfish. Mike has/will get the Beetle. And Gold has the Squid.
  3. I thought he was badass in "Spawn". Though I haven't read any Spawn comics. You know that his grandson will flip out like he did when Martin told him he was gonna be in "Spawn".
  4. This is the second comic book movie he's been in. He was one of the villains in "Spawn".
  5. The games in particular. For Samurai, it was because it aired last month.
  6. Thanks. The rest of the rumors I've gotten can be found here: New Medals Subsection I have to watch OOO so I can get ideas for banners for Kamen Rider Rev Up. Namely Battle themed ones.
  7. February 2011: Guess why I chose this. March 2011: Guess why I chose this.
  8. http://www.jefusion.com/2011/03/kamen-rider-vs-shocker-movie.html
  9. http://www.jefusion.com/2011/03/kamen-rider-ooo-rumor-batch.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Jefusion-TokusatsuAnimeJdramaAndHenshinHottiesUnites+%28JEFusion+|+Japanese+Entertainment+Blog%29
  10. Still having no luck in finding the Birth Symbol, the Mezool/Gamel Mega Greeed, Den-O Super Climax Form, and all of the Rangers from Goranger to Fiveman. The Rangers are needed for future Gokaiger Banners I plan on making for Rangers United.
  11. Nickelodeon has a habit of not showing the first episode right off the bat. They did that with "Victorious" & "The Troop".
  12. Sort of. This is the symbol. The version I need has to be more like the other symbols I use while not looking like a screen capture. A friend of mine hooked me up with the Gokaigers Symbol.
  13. Interesting Factoid about the fly girl Angel. She was dared to kiss a male student named Beak, who was like the class nerd & looked like an anthropomorphic bird. They ended up hooking up and had kids that literally hatched.
  14. Just got to find the Gokaigers & Birth Symbols and a great, useful picture of the Giant Greeed that Gamel & Mezool became.
  15. Here's the gist of Wolverine's past & powers. Past: He was a sickly boy in the 1800s until the night the groundskeeper, who's last name was Logan, killed James (Wolverine)'s dad. This caused James to become infuriated and his bone claws came out. James killed the guy and then his mother, who witnessed it, committed suicide. James & a girl named Rose, who was his friend, ran off. Won't go into anymore detail on that. He's not related to Sabretooth like in the movie. Powers: His claws are a natural part of his mutation. His Healing Factor doesn't just heal him from anything physical, but mental as well. It erases painful memories and that causes amnesia. The Healing Factor also makes him immortal. And Wolverine has a son who inherited his powers.
  16. Not all. Teleportation is a LOOOOOOOONG ways away. Likewise manipulation of elements & telekinesis.
  17. Yeah. The previous X-Films should have just been called "Wolverine" because all three were all about him and not any of the characters. No other stories about Cyclops or others.
  18. I read an article a few years ago that showed how certain powers could be applied to the military. Like the web-slinging or becoming invisible.
  19. One has to consider the anatomy of a spider. How did they stick to surfaces??? Tiny hairs on their feet.
  20. I was thinking the exact same thing about Ben Reilly!!!! No. The movie showed that the tiny hairs on his hands & feet are what allows him to cling to walls. Like a regular spider. It was a fly crawling on the wall that led to Stan "The God Of Comics" Lee coming up with what would be the most popular, and most human, super hero of all time.
  21. Sometimes it's hard to tell what goes on in a scriptwriter's mind. Kind of like a friend of mine. Nobody here.
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