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  1. What does that have to do with X-Men???
  2. They revealed Sinister's origin on Fox's X-Men cartoon. He experimented on early mutants and became one as a result. Cable does have a twin brother. A clone named Strife. Cable is proof of how the Mutant Gene is hereditary in the Summers family. Though Grandpa Corsair, who's a space pirate, is completely human.
  3. It's not Gambit. It's This Guy.
  4. Cyclops is my favorite X-Man as well. His brother Havoc is in this. Though they have another brother.
  5. Yep. And that makes Rogue his sister since Mystique adopted her. But they have a half brother too. His name is Grayden Creed. He's a normal human. His dad is Sabertooth. Nightcrawler also has a daughter from an alternate future named Nocturn. Azazel is a demon mutant. He passed on his teleportation powers to his children. Nightcrawler has two half brothers named Kiwi Black & Abyss who also have teleportation abilities too.
  6. My dad's not happy about the suit's appearance.
  7. I haven't seen any episode after the one with Irian Of The Queen Bee.
  8. I can't wait to see this movie. Especially because it comes out on my birthday. Azazel is Nightcrawler's dad.
  9. I noticed that too. Remember how the Dragon Megazord ran the Dragon Staff right through the monsters??? We even saw the holes in the monsters. The only time it was seen while Disney was in control was when Drill Driver was used on Operation Overdrive. Though they didn't use the Nesting Doll Copycat monster.
  10. Often one's offspring refers to the parent's best friend as Uncle or Aunt though not related. We don't know if Skull had a sister that Bulk might have married. So it's safe to go with the fact that Spike sees Bulk as an uncle since Bulk is Skull's best friend. I really enjoyed the episode. I hope they air the true first one soon. I want to know what that Okamuro monster's American name is.
  11. One of the cities was New York. Someone mentioned not recognizing the city.
  12. I saw the Super Bowl ad for it and briefly saw Red Skull. For some reason, I think they used CGI to make Chris Evans look like a scrawny guy. Like when they made Patrick Stuart & Ian McKellan look younger in the third X-Men movie.
  13. The only new thing I've come up with in the last few months is the name of Medulla's dad.
  14. I'm currently a bit busy dealing with Powers United As One stuff, Yu-Gi-Oh TCG things, and trying to figure out how to begin Medulla Episode #02 while I also try to figure out a great name for the Samurai/Crop Circle Machine General for Power Rangers Cyber Strike.
  15. That's true. Can you guys imagine a Velociraptor or Stegosaurus Yummy???
  16. The Core medals in the Movie Core film were the black Scorpion, Shrimp & Crab. Birth uses the Scorpion Cell Medal to transform. Tajador appeared but without the Taja Spinner.
  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_emLxq6qJUs&feature=email
  18. We know Skull was left behind by accident.
  19. I know that. HOW did he get back by then is the question.
  20. Still got to find the Birth Symbol & the Mezool/Gamel Giant Greeed to complete several banners.
  21. It wasn't there. And the Astro Megaship Mark One was destroyed.
  22. What I want to know is how did Bulk get back to Earth from Mirinoi.
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