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  1. look for me in bigcat86@live.com
  2. As much as I like dinosaurs, I say SS and PR should at least have more variety on the themes they use for the Rangers. Dinosaurs have appeared for 3 seasons of SS and PR. This was why I had the Power Ranger Mammal Squad fic which is in progress of being revamped.
  3. As much as we grew up on 5 colored heroes in spandex, we have to admit the SS and PR franchise is losing its former popularity. Even if Liongate or Legendary pictures revives MMPR, it's going to be a box office flop.
  4. Tales

    Tales returns

    Oh my career has stablised, these days and now I am working on an original novel. However on the side lines, I hope to complete some of my KR and one Power Ranger Fanfiction. I believe two members namely Purple Ranger aka Bobby and also Hyperguyver or Toku Warrior knew about these projects of mine. Hope they are still around here.
  5. Hi and Welcome. I had been away for 5 years. Nice to know some new faces.
  6. Tales

    Tales returns

    Hi Japan Legend, Its me Tales again. The writer of fanfics like Kamen Rider Kero, Kiva Unleashed and so on. I just had a lot of reality going on in my last 5 years or so. Now I have returned to resurrect my fanfics of Kamen Rider and 1 Power Ranger Team.
  7. In this fic series, Adam was the first Ranger to join the team. Shane and the rest of the Ninja Storm Rangers joined approximately at the same time. He wasn't an arrogant guy being a teacher for special needs kids but he was the first to join the Mammal Squad. Now Xenatos did not escalate the situation at first as he had realistic limitations as a self-proclaimed governer of a illegal country. Later on, he and his brothers found a way to mass produce foot soldiers that were 20 times more faster, deadly and more intelligent than your average Tyrannodrone, Kelzack, Moogers, Lava Lizards.etc. These Lep-rats[named after Leptictidium] are agile and deadly and they have pack mentality of some social mammalian predators like wolves and lions making them very dangerous for a single ranger to handle. As the result is Mr. Darwin got two more morphers to be made in a location which turns out to be Silver Hills. God knows how they access the tech from the Morphing Grid anyway. In the process, Xenatos guessed that the van from silver hills was holding something valuable and attacked nevertheless. So this is how the team began.The next issue now is the coming of the Black Ranger. I have simply no idea how he managed to persuade Mr. Darwin that he is a good person to wield its power.
  8. Basically the first Ranger was given the Red Ranger Morpher and went solo for quite a while before Xenato's newest foot soldiers proved too much of a fight. So Mr. Darwin got 2 more morphers made, the Yellow and the Blue Morphers. Then during a heist by Xenatos's guys, the morphers got lost but found by two other guys, Peter and Emma.
  9. Yes the Black Ranger's morpher was created later. But Mr. Darwin had to find a suitable candidate for the morpher. but Note that in this series, The black Ranger is not the 6th Ranger. This time, the "6th" Ranger is a girl.
  10. Yeah I was aware now. I have named this team the Mammal Squad instead.But anyone got a clue about the Black Ranger in this tale. I am really hard pressed for ideas how he got his morpher.<br><br>As far as we know, the Mammal Squad's morphers, unlike Dino Thunder were not powered by some Dino Gem but just cutting edge technology with Time Force influence.<br>
  11. Charles Leidy - Short-face Bear Charles is the Mammal Squad Black Ranger. ??? This is the ranger which is giving me the headaches. Named after Joseph Leidy Mr. Darwin The CEO of a pest-exterminator company, Mr Darwin, is secretly the founder of the Mammal Squad. Mr. Darwin is curious about the mutant phobic population of Cenoville and seeks to solve the problem by using the Mammal Squad to defeat mutants that cause disorder. To him, the Mammal Squad was just last resorts for mutant creatures that spring up in Cenoville rather than used for handling mutants-related crimes. Prof. Zaskin Previous working at Silver Hills, Prof. Zaskin was tasked by Wes to Mr. Darwin as the technical advisor. He is in charge of creating the Ranger’s weapons, armor and the Zords.
  12. I am having some trouble recently. Now that the Mammal Squad is on track. Now comes the details, For the 4th Ranger who is the Black Ranger of the Team, I am not exactly sure how he got his morpher and his powers. Ideas include making him a mutant or a human with some purpose. Anyone?
  13. Adam Cuvier- Mammoth Adam is the Mammal Squad Red Ranger also known as the Red Mammoth Ranger. He is the Leader of the group being the first Ranger to be appointed by Dr. Darwin against the mutant incursion of Cenoville. Adam works as a special needs teacher at the Cenoville Special School. He is very against about people with special needs being treated as mutants in Cenoville. His name is taken from the Adam Mammoth and George Cuvier Emma Owen-Basilosaurus Emma is the Mammal Squad Blue Ranger and a veterinarian medical student at Cenoville University. Secretly she has the ability to hear sounds beyond the hearing range of humans as well the ability to emit such sounds. By changing the frequency, she can perform acts like shattering glass, simple echolocation and incapacitate her opponents. Unlike Peter, Emma’s abilities were hidden from Cenoville records. Before she became a Ranger, Emma grew up together with Peter having defending each other from mutant phobic people. Emma gets her name from Richard Owens and Emma Darwin Peter Gao- Smilodon Peter is the Mammal Squad Yellow Ranger. Being a mutant, he suffered the full brunt of Cenoville’s mutant phobic subculture and was annotated on the wrist 10 years ago during the Mutant Registry Act. Peter possesses the eyes of a feline and also some of their abilities. A bitter cynic of life, he often rebuts Mr. Darwin or Adam. Being trained by his grandfather in a unique style of kung fu, Peter never leaves even one opponent standing and makes sure that they are immobilized by pain before executing the final strike.
  14. That's difficult to find... But my friend I suggest focusing on the storyline perhaps 0_<
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