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  1. I think those sites require PCs. Besides, I'm considering leaving OoZ anyway.
  2. I can't wait to get the full versions of those songs except for the first three since I have them. I'll probably have to get Kiva & OOO on DVD so I can write the adaptations of them that I'm working on.
  3. Would the top part of this be good for the Brown Ranger's Samurai Symbol???
  4. Don't forget about Kamen Rider Gills. He was feral when fighting. Especially his soon to be comrades.= Agito & G3.
  5. And there's something in that sphere too. The picture attached is a screen shot I took of the manual he presented after he helped Eiji regain the Stag Beetle & Mantis Medals.
  6. OH YEAH!!!! And Eiji had beaten Kazari a few times by ripping some Core Medals out of him. Like the Orca Whale & Cheetah. And Hina being the only one he won't hurt while in Putotyra Form shows that there's some attraction & feelings that Eiji has for her.
  7. SWEEEEEEEET!!!!! Could you e-mail that to me please???
  8. Maybe on one of the links. But they got to have the same feel as the 18 Core Medals I use in the banners. Didn't see the Birth Symbol amongst the links. Check out the Rider Symbols I've gathered so far: http://s28.photobucket.com/albums/c211/AnimeZodiac/Kamen%20Rider/Rider%20Symbols/
  9. I can use the second Skull Symbol listed. The Birth Symbol wasn't listed. Any idea where I can find the Shrimp, Scorpion & Crab Core Medals & the two Gaia Memories??? I'll be putting them into the banner the same way I put the Core Medals & Gaia Memories in the two attached banners. Tried to make the backgrounds look a lot like the scenes.
  10. Because I got a picture of the Death Dopant, I decided that I want to do a Battle Banner featuring him & Kamen Rider Skull. I just need two things. The Skull Memory & Skull Symbol. And if there are pictures of the black Core Medals & Memory Memory from the last movie, I'd appreciate it. Still can't find the Birth Symbol which will finalize several banners.
  11. And there've been variations as to how Steve Rogers became Captain America. Some involve a serum that he drank. Others include him being strapped into a machine that gave him his abilities.
  12. Now that I have the J Symbol, I still got to find the symbols of V3 - ZX, Shin, ZO & Birth. Am still having a hard time finding the Beetle Fangire, Kamen Rider Amaki, Kiva Emperor Equipped With Dogga Hammer, etc.
  13. I am definitely gonna see it on opening day. That's also my birthday!!!
  14. I had to colorize just this article: http://www.jefusion.com/2011/04/berserking-ooo-putotyra-combo.html
  15. The Rangers now have a home, place to work & base of operations. They'll be living & working at a place called Monsieur Smoothie which is owned & operated by Bethany the Pink Ranger's mom. It'll have secret passageways to help the Rangers get to the Strike Dojo beneath the restaurant and an apartment dwelling for the Rangers to reside when they're not working, training or fighting. In fact, the most popular smoothies will be ones that match the Rangers' colors. The following are the flavors that match the Rangers. Tell me what you think. Wild Cherry Blueberry Lime Pineapple Strawberry/Banana Coconut
  16. I just need the kanji for those three elements to determine their zords & their Emblem Modes. And figure out Orange's element.
  17. I mean no offense. Gomenasai. I'll look for some soon.
  18. I like the bride ones. How about some of the women who appeared on Tokusatsu series like Super Sentai, Kamen Rider & Ryukendo???
  19. I figured out his Auxiliary Zord. A Mantis. Its head will be a helmet while its arms & claws will be a pair of Kamas to be held by the Megazord. The Disk will be embedded in its thorax which will be attached to the back. The formation will be called the Mantis Striker Megazord!!! What do you think??? Cyan's Element is gonna be Snow. Her real name is Liz. Brown's will be Sound. His real name is Javier. His Auxiliary Zord will be a Rhino. It'll form a Rhino Smasher Megazord with its dual kanabos made from the forelegs. The hind legs will attach to the Bear & Dragon. Can't figure out Orange's element. And I still can't find useful Kanji symbols for them to determine their Foldingzords' Emblem Modes, Mega Mades & Formation Destinations.
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