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  1. Here it is!!!!! I agree on the use of Japanese Words. Especially since we know what a lot of them mean by now.
  2. Same here. Though I want to watch them on YouTube instead of downloading them since a lot of downloaded videos & video programs won't work with my computer.
  3. Yeah. TV-Nihon is more accurate with Subtitles.
  4. I so can't wait for this form because it's got two things I like. Dinosaurs & my favorite color!!!!
  5. The Boxing Gloves/Centipede Memory monster now has a name. PUNCHBUG!!!!! Bethany, who the Pink Ranger is named after, suggested it.
  6. I've been reading Doctor Who books, which are really hard to find, that feature the Tenth Doctor and the Percy Jackson & The Olympians books. I'm in the middle of Book #3.
  7. Perhaps. When Scarlet Witch altered reality so that she could have the children she was to have with her android husband, fellow Avenger the Vision, Spidey ended up married to Gwen Stacy.
  8. You guys know the main reason why I like this new form. His weapon reminds me of a weapon I thought up for Power Rangers Dino Thunder back in 2004.
  9. That's wicked!!! I would have gone with a Kamen Rider Desktop, but I decided to save it for either June or August. Could you e-mail me the image so I can add it to my collection please???
  10. April 2011: Chose this because I'm going to the Cherry Blossom Parade in D.C. next Saturday and Kamen Rider's 40th Anniversary is this weekend. And to show my concerns for Japan right now.
  11. http://www.jefusion.com/2011/03/ooo-putotyra-combo-update.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Jefusion-TokusatsuAnimeJdramaAndHenshinHottiesUnites+%28JEFusion+|+Japanese+Entertainment+Blog%29&utm_content=FaceBook
  12. The Syfy Channel should have a week long Godzilla marathon to show all of the movies. With the original being shown at night.
  13. Sweet!!!! Mr. Fantastic would like that guy.
  14. Thanos is the Marvel equivalent of Darkseid. He has immense strength. So Adamantium could could be damaged.
  15. Still having difficulty finding the Birth Symbol. Likewise the 199 Sentai Keys.
  16. That's a possibility. And it's also composed of Adamantium. The very metal that's on Wolverine's bones.
  17. Yeah. The Shield Tossing is one of a few things a lot of people remember about Captain America. It proved how a shield isn't just for defense.
  18. It's interesting that Hugo Weaving is playing villains that are older than our parents. Megatron, that head vampire in "Underworld", and now the Yang to Captain America's Yin, the Red Skull.
  19. The Samurai general's name is still escaping me. Three of the other Sport monsters now have names. Wildrush - Football Equipment/Boar Memory. Istick - Hockey Equipment/Glacier Memory. Dribbleclaw - Basketball Gear/Crab Memory. Baseball is left. Likewise the Gold Brick/Lava Memory, Garbage Truck/Belch Memory, Speaker/Banshee Memory, Boxing Gloves/Centipede Memory, and Rock/Grapple Memory.
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