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  1. What anime is that one from??? Here's my desktop for this month.
  2. This is my adaptation of Kamen Rider Fourze. I couldn't help thinking it up. THE PREMISE Cape Canaveral University is your typical college. Students attend class and spend time with people in their own cliques. These “Clique Barriers” are maintained well until the arrival of Sophomore transfer student Neil Sheppard. He seeks to break down the barriers and become friends with everyone. But when constellation based monsters called Cosmoids show up and begin attacking the campus, Neil, with his childhood friend Victoria Janeway & the smart loner Daniel Aldrin supporting him, and using the special device called the Astro Belt, which was developed using NASA technology, Neil takes it upon himself to befriend people while protecting the University & student body as Kamen Rider Astro!!!!
  3. Trey98607 suggested calling the Megazord the Cyber Stealth Megazord because it has a flow to it. Still trying to think up a replacement for the Snake but nothing's coming to me.
  4. I thought up a new Memory for the villains to use. A Prank Memory!!!
  5. I got all twenty Astro Switches of Fourze. Likewise his symbol. But I have yet to find the symbols of his 20th century predecessors. I have Ichigo/Nigo, Black & Black RX. And I haven't found the Ranger Keys that were obtained from Basco. Namely the sixteen that Gai uses to transform. 17 if one counts the Go-on Wings Key. I got the Memory Memory, the Skull Memory, Kamen Rider Crystal Skull & the Bat Dopant. Where I got them didn't have a useful picture of the Spider Dopant.
  6. Here's my desktop for this month. And it was lucky!!!!
  7. I got the Astro Switches of Fourze. Except for the Camera, Scissors & Elek Switches.
  8. Great news. I found the Ranger Keys. It'll be a while before I can work with them. The only ones I'm missing are the ones that Gai uses, including the Magna Defender/Black Knight Key, except for the Gold Anchor Key, and the ones currently in Basco's possession. I also found the Birth Symbol. Will post that soon. Am still looking for the Rider Symbols of the 20th Century Riders that I don't have, V3, Riderman, X, etc., and Fourze's. Likewise the Memory Memory.
  9. Sweeet!!! Where'd you get that??? Here's mine. It's because Football Season starts this month. And he's my favorite player.
  10. I figured out the White Shinobi/Sixth Ranger's zords. A Lion, a Tiger & a Rhino. All of them will be white in color. The Lion is gonna form the body & head while the Tiger splits in two to form the arms and the Rhino also splits in two to form the legs and becomes the Shinobi Strike Megazord!!! The main Megazord will either be called the Stealth Strike Megazord or Cyber Stealth Megazord. Still looking for an animal to replace the Snake.
  11. I really like Fourze. I've always been fascinated by the constellations since I was 11. And for the monsters to be based on them makes this series truly astronomical!!!! Loving the Astro Switches that Gentaro uses. Namely the Chainsaw, Drill, Launcher & Rocket ones because of what they can do.</p>
  12. Good luck. A co-worker of mine does martial arts. I can't remember the name of his discipline. But it's one I hadn't heard of until recently.
  13. Go with the morpher being later created and then obtained. Like the Titanium Morpher.
  14. Yeah. After something like that aspirin is needed.
  15. Found this cool article in my e-mail.
  16. What do you guys think of a Train/Time Memory monster??? It could be a tribute to Kamen Rider Den-O.
  17. My buddy Phil, who co-runs Kamen Rider Rev Up, named his adaptation of Gekiranger Primal Strike.
  18. Did you take a lot of aspirin???
  19. It's possible. Though his main desire is to protect the world. That was the one dream the Unicorn Yummy couldn't destroy. His Greeed form looks like a Power Rangers/Super Sentai monster.
  20. Kind of what Tigress did in the Kung Fu Panda movies.
  21. Midori seemed to have feelings for Hibiki. And you know that Todoroki & Ibuki seemed to have a thing for the boss' daughters. But let's get back to Eiji as he starts to lose his humanity physically.
  22. I think it might be love. I mean, he tried to protect her brother from the Mantis Yummy, becoming OOO in the process, and was concerned for his well being when Ankh chose him as a host.
  23. Do you guys think that Eiji & Hina might have feelings for each other???
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