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  1. Agreed. For the most part. In my opinion, tylenol and advil and whatnot are ok every once in a while, but i dont take any prescription drugs whatsoever. Those kinds of pain killers dont do much for you. Its better for your body to adjust and fix the pain as apposed to masking it for a while. Besides, people do it wrong so often that its too risky. Eventually, you will require those pills. For certain circumstances, its a different story, ive taken them for surgery, but for everyday use, i dont believe in prescriptions.
  2. It serves me to a point. Like you said about not giving up, there are certain things i do strive for, and really work out. My two primary goals are an example of that. No ammount of faliure will stop me from achieving those goals. But the little goals in life are different. This gets into my debate about luck. I wont go too in depth, becuase much if this debate is personal and is somewhat foolhardy, created from many different superstitious beliefes that have stemmed from all the negative experiences in my life. But the overall statement is that i have terrible luck, and anything that can go wrong, will. This, to me, attributes to the success of those little goals. I used to be optomistic as a kid, and something always went wrong that stopped me from succeeding, so, after a while, i stopped trying, and developed pessemistic ideals instead. And they serve me to a point. They keep my protected in a sense because they are in place so i dont get hurt. And its not that i choose to be pessemistic, more so that i choose not to be optomistic. I refuse to look at life in rainbows and sunshine and the alternative to that choice is pessimistic thinking. Perhaps it would appear a bit dark and gloomy to you, but i enjoy looking at things in a negative way. OK, so maybe enjoy isnt the write word, but its a system ive made that keeps me moving through my difficult life. But as i said in my last post, ive done extensive self analysis to know why i do everything i do, and pessimism is just another one of those things that i set in place long ago as a protection from the world. Well religion was the only thing i could rule out as a result of that anxiety towards death. And once i removed it from the equation, it sort of went away. But it wasnt just anxiety about death that turned me away from religion, it was all the little things too. And its more specific than nature/ nurture. that is the headline for the debate, but theres actualy terms that are used to describe the two slates when a baby is born. I look them up. I think it was Jean Piaget's theory, but i dont remember for certain.
  3. I have a martial arts tournament coming up in a week. Doing bracket style sparring and a blocking form. Everyone wish me luck cuz im bringing home the gold. Just wanted to mention that.
  4. I suppose i have my short term goals, but heres the way ive always viewed them. This discludes my long term goals, because those absolutely must happen, but as for short term goals, the more things you set to strive for, the more dissapointment you will have to face. My view on life has always been very pessemistic and this is one of the most powerful examples of that. I dont set goals becuase its easier for me to move through without them than it is to face the dissapointment of not reaching them, especially small ones. Of course i have them, for example in order to be a therapist i have to finish college, thats a goal, and shorten than that would be finishing next year, for example, but i dont "set" them, so to speak, because its easier for me to move through without them. Perhaps that takes a little joy out of living now, but its the way ive grown accustomed too. The thought of death used to give me so much anxiety that i would have minor panic attacks and have to physically do something to rid myself of the thought. Most of the time, the thought would come before sleeping, because to me, death and sleep are sort of like brothers. So i would be lying in bed and be thinking about it and have this sensation of fear and have to get up and walk around to rid myself of it. That was the main reason i posted this question. I used to fear it so much, and i wondered if anyone else did, plus i wanted to gather some insight as to why you were afraid of it if you were. My mind only goes so far, its only programed one way, to think certain things, but your mind is different and goes different ways, and if we combine our paths, we can make many different directions to take. Again, thats why i love these questions. I actually have another one that i want to talk about in a new thread when we're done with this discussion. But thats for later. Eether, i liked how you put that phrase about manifesting it ourselves or a guiding force. This has always been my conflict too like i was trying to describe with religion. Are the things that happen to us a result of some being or of our own will power alone. When i think of will power i look at it like this. I say its the strongest force outhere, but of course within reason. If you wish for someone to come back to life hard enough are they every physically going to come back? No. theyre dead. However, if you wish for it hard enough, with enough will power, you might be able to manifest a certain degree of their spirit to talk to. Now this has two paths. If you are spiritual, then maybe you beleive you can contact a late loved one's spirit to speak to them with enough strength of heart. Or, if your not spiritual, then enough wishing and will power to speak to your loved one can create a sort of imaginary connection that will allow you the solice you were seeking. It may not be as direct as you wanted, but will power can, one way or another, accomplish most anything. But heres an interesting thing to think about if we do go along with the framework of a diety idea. If that were true, and our will power were just working inside someone elses design, then it was his/her/their willpower that set that design into motion, and technically, the same concept is still applying. Our will power is then just another version of theirs. I truly believe in its power. I love looking at how expiriences shape people. I've done extensive analysis of myself to see how everything i do has been a product of my expiriences. Theres two theories in psychology (forgive me, but i forget their name and who created them) but basically, one states we are a blank slate when we are born, and everything is learned from our expiriences, and one says we are pre determined to be a certain way. Neither is proven yet, and there is great speculation. This is a whole other debate, but in short, i believe its a combination of both. I think genetics most certainly says we will more than LIKELY be a certain way, but it think its our expiriences which turn on and off the switches for different things. Any takes?
  5. First off, let me just clarify-- in my last post, i didnt mean to insult anyones faith. If you believe in god and are happy with that then good. When i called religion weakness i was speaking of my own views, but in no way does that mean you should stop believing. Just to be safe. Secondly, when i said life sucks, i meant more in general than specifically. I'm not going to lie, my lifes been very difficult, but do i value my life? of course i do. Inside me runs an interesting contradiction and id like to explain it if youll give me a second, for the sake of the conversation. As i stated, my life has been very difficult, but one thing ive always prided myself on is rising above the adversities that i have been forced to face. When i was younger, as you might guess from the discussion, i viewed hardships as an act of God, that they were something i had to work through in order to get to the better place he wanted me to go. As i got older, i began to look at things as less of a message from God and more of just the universe working against me like it does some people (not saying that the universe is a physical being or anytihng, seing as how were in the diety discussion, more saying the general laws of the world that act upon everyone), and decided that rather than let it define who i was, i was going to be better than everything. It was a sort of arrogance that began to develop, a strive to constantly be better than everything, becuase i wasnt going to let hardship hold me down. And i still dont, and because ive fought so much, i do value my life. The main reason i value my life is my two primary goals. And i feel like sharing them now to you, something i dont do that often. One day, in life, i have two overarching goals that i want to complete. First and foremost, i want to be an author. Not just an author, but i want my books to be remembered. That's step one in making a difference, to be remembered. One day, long after my time, i want people to look at my written words and be able to gleam something from them that might just impact their life, even if its a simple quote. Secondly, i want to become a psychotherapst, to help people. To possibly save lives. I want to help people while i'm here, and be remembered when i'm gone. Becuase those two things remain undone, i cannot leave yet, and for that reason i value my life. If i complete those things say right out of college, then i can die a happy man. However, i do value life for more reasons that that, but i wont list them all now. But this brings up the contradiction. It works with the idea of dying, but with other things as well, such as going to jail, for instance. A friend of mine and i had a very extensive discussion one time about going to jail for life. In which, i explained to him that even if the action i was choosing at the time landed me in jail, i would still go through with it, becuase i am not afraid. He considered that a disregard for happy living, saying i wanted to go to prison becuase i dont value living now, and a change in life, any kind of change, would be welcomed. This is similar with death, as i said, i dont fear death anymore. If it came tomorrow, i would welcome it. Not becuase i want release, but because i dont fight things anymore. I dont resisit, even though i value life, and thats this contradiction thats always played inside me. A very popular concept that works off this is the hero situation. If it were your life of someone elses, would you sacrifice yourself, and even though i value my life, i can say i would. Now, ive never been in that situation, so attitudes might be different when the gun is pointed at me, but based off my ideals now, i would give my life for someone else, becuase i'm not afraid to give it up. I dont want to, but i'm not afraid to. If that made any sense at all. It's alot easier to understand inside my head, and alot more difficult to put into words than i thought it would be, so if it was followable, good. Anyway, ive ranted enough, so i wont say much more for now. But lastly, about faith; i completely agree that believing in something can give you strength, becuase the mind can make anything happen. If you believe something enough, like for example if you can convince yourself wholistically that you are sick, you wont be. thats my opinion. Willpower is the greatest force on earth. So if religious faith gives someone strength, than i'm happy for them. Keep it up. But i will continue to see it as weakness in my own sense becuase all the faith in the world never did anything for me. As powerful as belief is, it never got me anywhere, and i stuck with it for a long time.
  6. Generally, i dont ask any question in search of a difinitive answer. If i wanted answers i could easily find them myself (as long as they existed). I have enough knowledge and resources to find information on any subject i wanted. I ask these questions for a different reason, and Ryuki explain it perfectly. Each person arrives at their own beliefes based on the expiriences of life. I have not expirienced the same things as anyone else (similar but not the same perhaps) and no one has expirienced mine. I ask questions that have no diffinitive answer becuase the explinations people give me can provide a degree of insight that fact based answers cannot. Your opinions may be things i have never considered, and through them, i might be able to gleam new expiriences of my own. Same with my other thread about the big bang, i realize no answers could be given, but the way you approach and explain things provides me with more valuable information than any fact could ever give me. Conjecture and intelligent imagination are things i strive for in other people so that i can learn more from them and expand myself. As for my religious views. I'm currently in a struggle with myself. As i said, i used to be Christian, and now i'm not, but does that mean i'm an Atheist? I'm not sure. When i think about certain topics of science, or even of life, things that cant be explained, my mind reverts to the dieties explination. Ive always understood that is nothing but an excuse, but the fact that my mind wanders to that place first makes me believe that perhaps there is something out there that is pulling the strings, or started the play. However, my expiriences have lead me to believe otherwise. i denounced my faith recently in light of analyzing my life. I wont go into details, but its hard for me to believe in an all loving god whose always looking out for you and has everything happen to you for a reason. I just dont accept it. So perhaps i'm some form of other religion. Like the greeks, who believed in certain gods controlling certain things with their creation myths and whatnot, but i still have trouble accepting the diety notion. and Ryuki - i would agree with what you said about religion and ignorance. Lack of expiriences stops people from formulating their own views on life, so they turn to a set of ideas already laid out for them in a neat little book that gives them a framework for life. Instead of ignorance, however, i might even go so far as to call it a certain degree of weakness. I dont mean to offend anybody, but from my own expiriences (which has become a sort of centerpoint in this conversation) i only believed in religion becuase of a lack of something else to believe in. I saw weakness becuase religion to me is nothing but a cop out. Its a way for people to explain away things that we dont have answers to, and to make them feel better about everday life when, in fact, everyday life sucks. Perhaps that is simply my expiriences talking through me since i denounced my religion, but i heard a quote one time about religion that really irritated me. It was a conversation on a TV show between a religious person and a non religious person. Person A said, "How do you believe in something when theres no proof of it. Proof is called proof for a reason, becuase it proves things are true. What do you do if nothing is there to prove your religion is true?" and person b responded, "You dont need proof, you just believe. Thats why they call it faith." That annoyed me. You believe in something just to believe in it and use a word to pass off your lack of evidence. Everything in our world is based off evidence or the seeking of evidence, and yet religion can be passed away with a word that says you dont need any? Believe just becuase. I couldnt do it. Anyway, thats my rant about religion. Thanks for reading it if you made it this far.
  7. But in turn, is that perhaps a rationalization out of an innate fear of death? That's one of the explinations i hear all the time, that death is just the begining. But to me, that seems more like an excuse than a reality. If, in fact, death were another begining, wouldnt we know about it in some way? Im not sure how to word exactly what i'm trying to say, so ill say this; in my opinion, religion is an excuse to explain away things that we dont have answers to, and the afterlife is one of those things. What happens after we die? No one can truly know, so people created this idea of heaven or hell to give the living hope in the face of something we can never know. So, in turn, is your idea about death being a new begining the same thing? An excuse to help your mind cope with something it can never know for sure. Dont get me wrong, i'm in no way trying to undermine your beliefes here, i'm just posing a question that ive thought about for a long time. I feel its easier to accept that there is SOMETHING afterwards than it just being nothing and thats it. Like i said, i used to be religious, but the idea of heaven and hell always didnt sit right with me, and it made me fear death from the uncertainty of which one i would possibly end up in. But now that i accept that theres nothing, death is easier to cope with. For me that is.
  8. This may be a topic that has been covered before, but ive been thiking alot about the fear of death and how my own expirience with the fear has changed. So i wanted others opinions on it. Basically, i used to be Christian, believed in heaven, hell, but always entertained the possibility that there may be nothing after death. and that uncertainty between the three possibilities made me fear death becuase i couldnt controll what came after it. But i lost my faith recently, entierly, and now my views of death have changed drastically. Now, i dont fear it at all because its not the possibility anymore its a certainty. After death, there is nothing (so say my views, yours may disagree) and nothing is pretty difinative. PLus, if there really is nothing, then you wont feel death. It wont matter to you when it happens. Its not like you will wake up and say "oh dang, i'm dead." YOu wont even know. and that gives me a certain degree of comfort that has really passed over to my life lately. But anyway, for those of you who are religious, does that give you more or less fear of death? And for others who arent religious, how do you percieve the end?
  9. So about evolution, youre saying that it essentially has a mind of its own within our genetics that communicates within itself via some kind of pathway that is similar to neural connections? Perhaps it can be similar to how Mitochondria were once their own living organism before they were symbiotically absorbed to create a more complex organism? Mitochondria dont nescessarily have their own consciousness, but at one time, they were a seperate living organism. That, in turn, may then explain your theory to a point, that its possible parts of our body have their own consciousness. as for time, I agree that it can be percieved as a straight line, with any paths off the main line being a sort of alternate timeline. Thats sort of the concept of time travel, the attempt to move off the space time line. But you said something interesting in saying that the aformentioned line has a begining and an end, which brought about an interesting thought thats somewhat off topic. Will time ever have an end? Now that time has been created, say, during the big bang when time supposidly started, will it ever end? Even if our universe does impode, or any of the numerous possibilities for the end of our universe, will time actually end?
  10. Like i mentioned before, i'm one of those people who welcomes pain. Its a good way to let my body know whats weak, and when its getting stronger. Plus, i'm not to fond of medicines or suppliments for my own personal reasons. I stay as natural as possible.
  11. I wasnt in this to find difinative answers, only get others opinions on the very things we could never answer. The fact that its all speculation only makes it that much better, becuase anything is possible. Even still, think of Steven Hawking, who was the one who created the time starting with the big bang theory i described earlier. At one point, we didnt know that theory, we didnt know there was no time before the big bang, and now hes created that theory to explain things. So just because we have no answers now, doesnt mean there arent answers out there to find. I would agree with Durendal's time loop theory. It would make sense if, for an undescribable amount of what we perceieve as time, things have just been looping over and over again. That, to me, makes a good bit of sense. When one thing ended, another began. When our universe ends, another will begin. And if we think about this for a moment, the big bang might be able to be explained away in that. So again, bear with me. we talked about the big bang being akin to a black hole. So lets look at how a black hole is made through the life of a star. A normal star, like or sun, goes supernova, gets bigger, eventually gets too big after becoming supermassive, and collapses back on itself to reform a smaller object, ie a black hole. Our universe is ever expanding at a pretty decent rate, so perhaps one day it too will recollapse into itself and shrink back down to the big bang sized proton that existed before everything, and then re-explode. This would create a certain loop, although not the specific loop from before. However, Hawking's theory states that small particles like protons can, in fact, jump into and out of existance if they so please. I'm not sure how that works, but he states it was possible for the tiny object that was the big bang to simply have jumped into existance. If our universe collapsed back down into its previous, small form, it could essentially jump into existance elsewhere, into say, a parallel universe, like Durendal was saying. So the proton sized big bang jumped into another universe, and explodes again for another ten billion years, than jumps to another parallel universe, and over the course of maybe 100 billion years (ten jumps, during which, time doesnt exist in our universe because there is nothing in it) it eventually ends back up in ours, explodes again, and then starts the loop over. This, however, returns me to my question from before. What started the loop? At one point, even if you go back 100 billion years, or even further, if you go back trillions of years, what was the first universe that started the loop, and where did it come from? I know we cant ever have an answer, but speculation of difficult concepts keeps our minds fresh. We have the entertain possibilities to foster imagination, lest we become dull and boring. As for evolution; It cant take place without environment. An organism evolves to adapt itself to changes in its situation. If the environment doesnt change, then it wont adapt until it needs too. However, all organisms have the option to do evolution written in their genetic code. Even you and me. Our offspring wont be the next generation, but if we were forced to adapt to an environment before breeding, than the evolutionary chain would have already started within our genes, in which it would be passed to our offsprings, whose genetic adaptation for evolution would be active, and over 100,000 years or so of constant acting upon by the environment, we could adapt into something entierly different than we are now. So yes, a catalyst must be present in order for evolution to take place, but more of what i was trying to get at was, what wrote the ability to do evolution into our DNA. The environment may trigger it, but what gave us the ability to do so in the first place.
  12. Actually, its funny you mention that. I'm working on an idea for one of my books that plays into that very concept. Its almost exactly the same idea, in the sense that I explain away the god of the universe in the book as being a survivor of whatever was before the big bang of our time. I'm taking God, Death, and Fate as two brothers and a sister that survived something (not sure how i was going to do it yet) and eventually make our universe with certain laws in effect so that things couldnt unfold like they did in their universe, and it just so happens that we label them as gods for their powers which, to them, was just second nature. Thats a funny coincidence. Ryuki, I'm like you in that i have a sort of mixed set of views about god and the universe. I'm not one specific religion, but i cant fully, 100% say that i dont believe in god. Do i believe in a Christian God that is all knowing and looking out for everyone? No, becuase my life has proven otherwise. But at the same time, i cant say that i accept that there isnt something. I also adhere to the laws of science, but i cant fully say i dont believe SOMETHING or maybe someone put them into effect. Lets look at evolution for a moment as it relates to God. Evolution is an extremely complicated process (maybe not for us to understand, but for an organism to actually go through over time) that changes the very nature of something into something else in order to survive. How do you explain how evolution started however. Perhaps this next view is just an extension of my lack of understanding, but i believe that something had to put the laws of evolution into effect. Did, one day on Earth, the last universal common ancestor of everything decide it was going to undergoe evolution? Was evolution that organisms choice? Or was this complicated process of change written into the first DNA of the LUCA? And if it was alwyas predetermined, how did that come to be? Just a coincidence? I'm not sure. I cant explain it away, therefore i give it the explination that some kind of something, be that an etheral man, or some other type of god, wrote that into the LUCA's DNA code. Anyway, i digress, as to the universe. Ryuki: You say there is nothing but the begining, but my question from before was, how was it the begining. I know that may not make alot of sense, and i'm having trouble finding the words to describe it, but lets look at this analogy to try and explain. You pick up a book, the cover is technically the begining. Everything starts with you looking at that cover that holds the book together. Then there is the first page. But that wasnt technically the begining, because an Author wrote those words, created that book, thought that cover etc. In my opinion, think of the big bang as that first page, and God (or whatever alternative explination for the begining) that is the author. How can there simply be nothing before everything? What was there? I have trouble accepting that there was simply nothing, but at the same time, there had to be nothing at one point, even if there was a universe before ours, what was before that? This is the fascination with this topic, and im glad were discussing it. Lastly: If, hypothetically, we were to say that god did create everything, including the laws of physics, and we accept the fact that those aformentioned laws dont affect him, then how would he have created them. Do humans create anything without the incentive to do so? no, there is always some kind of acting force that compells us to do something, some kind of inspiration. So if the laws of the universe dont apply to god, and he made us in his image, why do they apply to us? What was his inspiration for making those laws?
  13. Did i take alot of asprin when i did my conditioning on monday Bobby? Is that what youre asking. If so, i took some the morning after, because thats when it really hurt. In class it only hurt for the first ten or so strikes, then i couldnt feel much. The morning after my forearms hurt alot so i took some for the pain. But it really wasnt as terrible as it seems. I know how it sounds, but i actually welcomed the pain becuase its something ive always wanted to do. Was that show maybe Fight Science Odin? I saw an episode of that one time a year or so back where they had a Tiger style kung fu master talking about the breaking of his fingertips. Thats why ive always wanted to do that in a sense. It was fun to do. I look forward to the next session of bone conditioning.
  14. Ok, so before i begin talking, i want to first say, if you are religious, I’m not challenging what you believe as part of your religion. I'm not saying there is no God, and I’m not saying you should believe so either. Now, this is kinda long, but i feel there’s a huge area of discussion here, so please bear with me. So the topic is pretty self-explanatory, how do God and the Big Bang work with one another, or does one disprove the other. Some of you might know that last Sunday Discovery channel had a new show on called Curiosity that talked about this very topic. After watching it, it raised some questions in me that I’ve thought about before, but now have a little more material to wield in the discussion. If you saw the show, great, if not, I’ll summarize the important parts to this debate. Basically, we all know the big bang, the start of our universe used to be an incredibly small area (smaller than a proton) with huge density that exploded out into everything that exists in the universe today. So, What told the big bang to go off, and what existed before it? The explanation that was provided in the show was; nothing. Nothing existed before the big bang, because time didn’t exist before the big bang. And here’s why. Think of a black hole, it’s a star that collapsed on itself and now has such a huge gravitational field that no light can escape. Science poses the thought that such incredibly gravity would have an effect on time. If gravity is that powerful in a condensed area like a black hole, than time cannot flow. Essentially, time stops within a black hole. Not around it, but actually inside the center of the mass of the black hole. So if the properties of a black hole are that a huge area of mass has collapsed on itself, than that is akin to what existed before the big bang. All of our universe, and infinitely huge space, existed in an area that was smaller than a proton. That’s really small, and if so much mass was inside such a small area, than there would be massive gravity (even more so than a black hole, the most powerful gravity field in known existence today) inside that small area that everything existed in, and with such massive gravity, there could be no time. So time didn’t exist before the big bang, and if there was no time (proposes the TV show) than there could be no God acting upon anything, because there was no time to be in. Because there was no time, there could be nothing. This, however, brings me to my discussion in an effort to take things one step further. Why does God need time to exist in? He is supposedly supernatural, why would time have an effect on him. Clearly, he doesn’t age, he doesn’t die, so would our laws of time exist on him? I would say not. But that is possible that without time, there couldn’t be anything at all, because technically everything hasn’t started yet. Also, if there isn’t a God, what told the big bang to explode? The show proposed that, like protons in anything on earth, the proton sized object that was before the big bang simply popped into existence. There was nothing, then there was that small proton like object, then there was the big bang, then there was everything. But what caused that one proton sized object to appear? Can you accept that it simply just showed up out of the blue? Or was it truly a God that time doesn’t affect that said "now this proton will appear and everything will be created from that" (it wasn’t a proton, but for lack of a better word). If you don’t accept that it was God, than what did it? I would like to talk about this because it really does fascinate me. What existed before everything existed?
  15. Its the act of striking ones bones on something hard in order to create tiny fractures in the bones that, when healed, make the bones thicker and stronger. In kung fu, its done with the forearms, shins, knuckles and fingertips. We did it with the forarms the other day, and although fun, it was extremely painful.
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