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  1. I told a customer at work about being into cosplay and she said that she thought it was only for Halloween. Then she said she thought it involved consuming drugs at raves.
  2. I made these desktops. The first four I made & used this year. The last one I made over three years ago. The images in this represent one of the guests who were there. The background's where the convention was held. The two Dinozords represented the men who commanded them. The Ghostbusters logo represented Ernie Hudson & Maurice LaMarche, the voice of Egon. The voices of Static & Ash were there. And the TARDIS because Billie Piper was there. Each picture represents me, one of my friends, and/or a guest who would be there. The Purple Wolf Ranger & Ryugen represented me. May & Elric represented my friend Bethany. Chun-Li represented Heroes Of Cosplay star Yaya Han, who was a vendor in the Dealer's Room. Kamen Rider Double represented my friend Jiro, who I didn't see. The Pink Ninjetti represented my friends Foxx & April, who couldn't make it. Saba represented Tony Oliver who was a guest. Ninjor represented my friend John, who didn't make it. Neji & Deka Yellow represented my friend Midori. Blue-Eyes White Dragon represented the VA who voiced the girl the dragon originally resided in. Stay-Puft represented the VA who did him. The VA who did young T.K. was there. Likewise the original American voice of Sailor Moon. This was because of both Amazing Spider-Man 2 & X-Men Days Of Future Past hitting theaters. Each image represented something happening in October. The premieres of The Flash & Kamen Rider Drive, start of Hockey season, the season finale of Face Off Season 7, what would have been my beagle Max's 19th birthday, and Days Of Future Past & The Fluffy Movie hitting DVD.
  3. I refuse to smoke. My paternal grandparents died from smoking-induced illnesses over fifteen years ago.
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    Part Five of Six Part Six of Six
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    Part Two of Six Part Three of Six Part Four of Six
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    Giving a friend a mega late birthday gift. The two guys at the end are also friends. Part One of Six
  7. I focus on the work they did on their costumes. I recently ran an idea I had for a new cosplay through one of the stars and she loved the idea.
  8. A ton of things have been thought up. I'll start with the monsters. Cute use some suggestions for names & stuff. These are machines. First up is Team Beast-Fist. They're monsters based on Animal Kung-Fu. They're made from everyday things and powered by an Animal Memory. The leader of this group is also a Kamen Rider Tribute monster. Team Beast-Fist Mirror/Dragon Memory...Leader/Ryuki Tribute Wingcutter = Scissors/Crane Memory Polarizard = Magnets/Lizard Memory Concrete/Toad Memory Punchbug = Boxing Gloves/Centipede Memory Other Rider Tributes Stagginator = Stag Beetle/Arsenal Memory = Kuuga Tribute Spotlight/Mind Memory = Agito Tribute Dialburst = Cell Phone/Blast Memory = 555 Tribute Decklash = Deck Of Cards/Sword Memory = Blade Tribute Flamethrower/Beat Memory = Hibiki Tribute Motorswarm = Motorcycle/Beetle Memory = Kabuto Tribute Chronoloco = Locomotive/Time Memory = Den-O Tribute Batlink = Bat/Chain Memory = Kiva Tribute...Also a Team Up Monster Masquerade = Camera/Mask Memory = Decade Tribute Trio Of Medals/Triple Memory = OOO Tribute Seedtrap = Pile Of Fruits/Lock Memory = Gaim Tribute Other Team Up Monsters Brachiosaurus Skeleton/Flute Memory Ferocitus = Tyrannosaurus Skeleton/Savage Memory Spikera = Triceratops Skeleton/Spike Memory Gravidactyl = Pterodactyl Skeleton/Moon Memory Mastodon Skeleton...Needs a Memory Other Monsters Baseball Gear/Smash Memory...Part of the Athletic Force Tribute Monsters. Garbage Truck/Belch Memory Directron = Video Camera/Warp Memory Digmon = Drill/Mole Memory Gold Brick/Lava Memory Bearbank = Teddy Bear/Cash Memory Soul Edge = Axe/Guitar Memory Speaker/Banshee Memory Rock/Grapple Memory Tennis Racket/Prank Memory Tarantula/Marionette Memory En-Rage = Car/Rage Memory Sea Shells/Toxic Memory Jack O'lantern/Dream Memory Helistorm = Helicopter/Storm Memory New General Bulldozer/Viking Memory
  9. Finished writing "A Samurai Love Story". Would you guys like to read it??? It's a PDF.
  10. I arrived two months ago. My dad & I modified the belt so it could fit me and I walked around two cons wearing it.
  11. This is a really cool show on the Syfy Channel. The show finalized my fandom of cosplay and got me hooked on it. This past August, my two best friends & I met one of the stars while attending a convention. I've also been talking to one of the stars through Facebook.
  12. My favorite Ultras are Gaia, Cosmos, Max, Mebius & Tiga. The first Ultra I was ever exposed to was the Australian based Great. I've even been working on my first original Ultra.
  13. I use Photoshop for things like banner & cover making. But I have ZERO drawing abilities. I didn't inherit that part of creativity from my dad.
  14. That was the Beta Capsule. It was his Transformation Device. Most Ultras have one. Ultra Seven, Ultra Seven 21 & Ultraman Zero use special glasses. Ultraman Jack transformed using willpower. Ultraman Ace, Taro's adopted brother who had TWO hosts for some time, & Ultraman Leo, who has a fraternal twin brother named Ultraman Astra, had Rings. Mebius & Hikari used arm mounted braces. Many Ultras had devices similar to the Beta Capsule. Great had a pendant the host wore around his neck. Gaia's host created his transformation device called the Esplender. There's a PLANET full of Light Titans. One of them is Ultraman King. Actually, there were more people in the SSSP (Science Special Search-Party). Almost every main Ultra had a team that supported them. Great had UMA (Universal Multipurpose Agency). Powered, an American Ultra, had WINR (Worldwide Investigation Network Response). Tiga had GUTS (Global Ultimate Task Squad). Dyna had Super GUTS. Gaia had XIG (Expanded Interceptive Guardians). Cosmos had EYES (Elite Young Expert Squad). Max had DASH (Defense Action Squad Heroes). And Mebius & Hikari had GUYS (Guards for Utility Situation). Ginga didn't have an official team. It consisted of his human host's childhood friends, the wielder of Jean-Nine, and Ultraman Taro as a Spark Doll. But now Ginga has a team in the upcoming series. The two pics are of Ultraman Max & his superior Ultraman Xenon.
  15. Well, an Ultra cannot be at their full size for no more than a few minutes on Earth. On the series starring Ultraman Great, it's said that it is because of our polluted atmosphere. There are other explanations. As a result, they either need a human host to merge with or they can assume the form of a human and take on a new identity. Case in point: Ultraman Mebius assumed the form of a human he met on his way to Earth and took on the name Mirai Hibino. The original Ultraman merged with Shin Hayata to bring him back to life after Ultraman accidentally crashed into Hayata and killed him. But Ultras can be at their full size indefinitely in outer space. They are powered by Light. Gaia, who's one of my favorites, draws power from the Light of the Earth while his partner Agul draws power from the Light of the Oceans. They can execute a variety of light based attacks such as an Ultra Beam, which is like a Rider Kick, from their forearms. Mostly the right arm. They come in various colors. Namely Red. But many are also Blue. Only a handful have been evil. Including the original Tiga's ex-girlfriend, who was gold, best friend, who was red, & teammate, who was purple, and Belial. Ultras CAN reproduce. This is evident by Ultraman Taro being the biological son of Mother & Father Of Ultra and Ultraman Zero being the son of Ultra Seven, who was the third Ultra to visit Earth, the second to protect it, & Taro's cousin. Some Ultras can even fuse together to either power up one Ultra or become a completely different one entirely. Not all Ultras destroy monsters. Cosmos, a blue Ultra who used Crane Style Kung-Fu, preferred to either calm, tame or purify monsters. But he'd destroy ones that couldn't be calmed, tamed or purified in his Corona Mode. Some Ultras can Form Change like Kamen Riders. Tiga was the first. Dyna was second. Mebius, Cosmos, and Gaia are others. Tiga is the only known Ultra whose Ultra DNA can be passed down because Daigo was the reincarnation of the original Tiga, who'd started out evil but turned good. Tiga, Max & Cosmos are examples of their hosts getting married after they saved the Earth. Only Tiga & Cosmos' hosts are known to have had children, too. Ginga is the current Ultraman. He'll soon be joined by Ultraman Victory. Here are some of the Ultras.
  16. Can you link her to this thread to see if she can help me out please???
  17. A lot of my favorite Ultras are Heisei Era. In fact, the actress who played the love interest of Ultraman Tiga is the daughter of the man who played Shin Hayata aka the ORIGINAL Ultraman!
  18. I have the first twenty episodes of Ultraman on DVD. My first Ultra was the Australian based Great. But it wasn't until last year when my friend Kaitlyn reignited my Fandom Of Ultra when she talked about Mebius. Now, as a result, I have an Ultraman Forum and I'm working on an original Ultra.
  19. I did find it on Amazon, but I'm worried it won't arrive in time.
  20. Definitely Gaia! There's something about him. What about you??? I did a review on Kyoryuger in my latest video blog. I also got a Kyoryu Red shirt.
  21. Ressha Sentai ToQger, Kamen Rider Gaim, Ultraman Gaia, Ultraman Mebius, Ultraman Cosmos, Ultraman Max, Ultraman Powered & Ultraman Great.
  22. I'm looking for one for a great, low price that will not take two months to arrive. The reason why is because I'm leaving for a convention on August 7th and I need the Driver for a cosplay I'm working on. It's the main piece. I all ready have a particular Lockseed. I am determined to be in the Rider photo shoot at the con this year. If anyone can help me, please comment.
  23. Thanks. I suck at drawing all together. I'd ask my dad, but he's often busy. Plus, he's not a fan of certain things.
  24. I've seen seven episodes of Ginga and I've enjoyed it.
  25. I gave my thoughts on the RoboCop remake in my latest video blog.
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