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  1. That's a really good vs. match idea! I'm really tired and going to sleep and I'd like to elaborate more tomorrow but really quick if they're fighting on Earth(which I assume should be the best place as Sho hasn't fought in space yet), if Exceed can last 3 minutes he's won lol.
  2. I do enjoy Cosmos for that exact reason, and yes he's the only one who's first thought isn't "kill the kaiju" and it's definitely a trait to be admired. I also like that his main form is blue as opposed to most that is red.
  3. I'm at a loss for words that the Ultra series doesn't have it's own thread so I'll start it off Let's discuss all things Ultra! I'll start off by listing my favorite series, and why I liked them Ultraman Leo - Talk about brutal! You have, among other highlights, a crippled Ultraseven stuck in human form, people crushed, stabbed, shot, sliced in half, team members dying in combat, the whole team is later killed except for the two main characters, graphic kaiju combat and even the graphic dismemberment of a key character. Ultraman Nexus - Amazing series. Deeper stories and slightly more com
  4. This is my first time typing any blog of some sort. I don't have any social networks as I prefer to actually go out and live life. My first attempt at blogging starts now I can't believe what the forum has become. First off with buying the books to get the scans. Guyver is an extremely underground manga and we should be stoked that anybody is reading it. This is seriously the smallest forum in existence. And we shouldn't be charging $22 for a book that cost $7 in Japan. Also, I feel like I'm the only one who's pissed off that fact that almost every post is a back and forth between largest pla
  5. If it's Murukami/Imakurum, then he has a weird way of looking at things. It's been stated a bunch of times that they need all twelve Zoalords. It would make sense if he went after the Rogues, but he hasn't. He just collected Khan's crystal and not the others. Purgstall, Li Yentsui, and Waferdanos were all loyal to Alky, so it makes sense to retrieve their Zoacrystals (as if to find new hosts), but why take out Caerleon? He was extremely loyal. If he was Imakurum or working for Alky, why couldn't he just explain to Caerleon that he needed them for some reason? I find it extremely hard to believ
  6. Not true. Sho didn't notice Gastal until Aptom started to absorb him. Sho wasn't able to see Evil Aptom either. And Val didn't notice Aptom while she was fighting the Enzyme III's. I think you should read over the manga again before going on about how "full-proof" Guyver's senses are.
  7. I know he got the high frequency lance from a hyper zoanoid(I forget which one) during the time Khan was controlling his body.And with his fight against the Libertus, he has now shown the ability to change the function of absorbed weapons. Yes he got the high frequency lance while under Khan's but it's left ambiguous who he got it from, along with his spiked ball arm, since those Hyper Zoanoids didn't get data files. The only reason Zangallo and Billfinger are confirmed is because we saw them and the molecular accelerator is from Zangallo, and his right arm is clearly Billfinger's. And yes a
  8. The Tales series in general but Tales of Vesperia is easily my favorite in the franchise. Also love the Kingdom Hearts series with Dream Drop Distance being my favorite. I actually prefer the handhelds over the actual console games in that series. My favorite Final Fantasy game is IX. Love Dissidia as well because I get to play as Kuja. Any game by SNK with Garou: Mark of the Wolves being my my favorite. Xenogears is one of the greatest video games of all time and I believe Xenosaga is a disgrace to the Xeno name. Love Mega Man X, but only X1-X5, perfect stopping point for Mega Man Zero to tak
  9. My mother's a librarian at a high school so I'm well versed when it comes to teen fiction. I'll go along with your gross over-exaggeration of a twi-pires strength and compare them to a Libertus. So they are at the same strength and fighting ability as a Libertus. The Libertus can always switch to Mode B and fire their bio-lasers, all over-exaggeration aside, no character in the Twilight franchise can stand up to any form of laser/beam weapon/particle cannon. Also you need to keep in mind that this Camel character is completely made up by you and not created by the creator of the franchise Step
  10. The Thancrus was just his shape shifting ability, don't forget he was also Imakurum during that "fight". Also masqueraded as Guyver III when first attacking Sho and Mizuki.
  11. The only ones I'm positive about are Enzyme II, Gregole, Vamore, Elegen, Ramotith, Gaster, Derzerb, ZX-tole, Rocies, Gastal, Bilfinger, Zangallo, Vikarr and Bio-Freezer. Still trying to figure out where he got the high frequency lancer.
  12. I know he doesn't actually forget them. That's why I put forget in quotes. I'm making a joke about how whenever he gets a new form, he completely disregards the abilities from the prior form. When's the last time you saw him use Gaster's Bio-Missles, or Elegen's discharge, or ZX-Tole's flight or beam weaponry?
  13. I think it's really good. People tend to forget that Sentai is a kids program, that airs on a Sunday morning kids block, for kids. I mainly started watching because I really like Right's fashion sense, also even with the massive height of the shoulders, I love that the Giant Robo is symmetrical. And the theme song is hella catchy. Everyone needs to remember what Sentai's actual direct demographic is. ps: I do agree that the ranger forms look terrible, but the monsters look excellent
  14. I never looked at the Gigantic's color scheme as yellow but as an aged white or ivory. While the Gigantic Dark is Black. I think of it like the Mrk. II from Zeta Gundam. The Heroic A.E.U.G. version is white while the villanous Titans version is Black. Not saying Agito is flat out evil but you get the gist. There's a reason Exceed is red, google search "Law of Chromatic Superiority". The same could be said about Aptom while he was decidingly monstrous in appearance while he was a villain of the villains, when he got absorbed ZX-Tole's leg he gained the insectoid face (mark of his new found hero
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