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The Guyver Master Files Handbook


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Hey everyone,

Most of you probably already know that when the 26 part Guyver anime was released by ADV they also released three handbooks with the collection. Well it seems there isn't a digital copy of this and I think it is only fair to be able to have it available to all Guyver fans. However, the problem is that I don't have the resources to scan the booklets and was wondering if someone would be willing to have me ship it to them, scan, and then send it back to me.

The booklets don't just include some insight on the anime and the series itself, but it also has Q&A interviews, concept art from both the staff of the series and Yoshiki Takaya, and one even includes summaries of the Murakami files.

If someone is interested and is willing to do the work and spend some money (shipping), please let me know.

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If I can hook up my laptop to my roommate's printer/scanner, I can scan my copies of the Master Files. I just need to find the USB hookup, but I'll try to find it tomorrow morning cause I going to bed soon.

That works too, I think we just need a digital copy of the Master Files for everyone to see and enjoy. LordSpleach if you don't mind the work and can get everything working, by all means have at it.

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just to be clear, I have NEVER seen the handbooks from the ADV guyver DVD's so I would have to say, they have never gone through this forum or the guyver advocacy project.

if somebody has them, I would certainly like to have access to them.

I don't think scans of the ADV books are something that we can claim any control over.

the images and text do not belong to us in any way. they are not our intellectual property so I don't think it makes sense to keep them private.

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That's awesome!! thanks Lost Unit!

here, I'll embed the viewer into this post.


ooh, there is a surprise! murakami is aptom's sempai!

OMG... I can't believe the spoilers they put in the third booklet.

why do they think it's ok to spoil the manga like that!?


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So, does this finally resolve the Yentsui spelling issue? Also, Kablarl is spelled Cabraal. I still feel that the name Kablarl sounds like a sound effect similar to "glug glug" or "Barf". :lol:

As to the spoilers, I think that it is either ADV has plans to publish the manga in english or they are unitentionally pushing the fans to us. It's like them giving the forbiden fruit of spoilers to capture the interest of the viewers only to leave them wanting. So where else would the story hungry fans get the fix of guyver but the Advocacy?

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I do think ADV did to help push people to wanting more (aka probably a second season) since the helped fund the project in the first place. Though they lost a lot of licenses a couple of years back including Guyver which is why Funimation has it. Problem is that sales were more than likely not big enough to push for another season or manga publication. I wish I knew the figures so I see how Guyver compared to other series at the time. Funny thing is I think Volume 3 of ADV's release advertised it or the series being the top series of the month, or Volume 2, I forget. I'm thinking Volume 3 only because that was the hardest one for me to get. I had to order it from a local comic book shop, and the rest I managed to by at FYE(a franchise American Music and Movie store) included Volume 2 with box set included. Maybe in the anime was as violent as the manga, it might have done better, just because they kept advertising it as "The new face of ultra-violence".

IMO, it would have been cool if they did hand-drawn cell animation just to make it pop out of the crowd. Hell, even 'new' Dragonball animation got HD computerized.

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Guyot has gray hair in the manga!? 

Well I'll be damned.


durendal, I always felt the same about "Kablarl", I really liked the sickly sound it had, haha. And while Yentsui's name has been resolved, they have conflicting spellings for Jabir, calling him both Hayyan and Hiyern! Oh dear.


also page 27 of booklet 2 appears to be corrupt.


anyway, thanks for the scans lost unit!

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