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Music Video Thread


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This is strange, I'm sure I made a thread about the tribute to Michael Jackson, and now I can't seem to find it. Well, anyway, the real intention of that thread is to share music videos that you find interesting, but due to the circumstances during that time, (the passing of the King of Pop), I've decided to change it to a tribute thread instead. Well, anyway, since I can't find that thread anymore, might as well make a new thread. As the topic implies, post music videos.Here's the first videos I'd like to share from a Korean Girl Group Wonder girls, with their song "Nobody". It's a catchy tune with a great dance moves, with some funny comedy at the side.

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that was really interesting :D

I always fascinated with korean as to me it sounds phonetically, like a mix between japanese and chinese.

it's not my kind of music though, but i look forward to see some more :)

I decided to post one in return. this song that makes me feel very emotional.

I don't know how popular these guys are worldwide.

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Another one of my favorites. Not sure how you guys overseas like her, but even though she only has one album out, it's a rarity that I like most of her songs in that one single album. I like this song over her breakout song Poker Face. Paparazzi:


Even though this second version of the video is somewhat disturbing, I still like the song.

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how about some trivia?

I am particularly interested in any trivia about the safety dance.

I have never heard it before it was posted on here, however, I had heard it being sung.

it was sung by turk on 'scrubs'. I never knew what he was singing and now i do, so my thoughts are on wether or not this song has some social significance in the USA?

another song that seems to have some social significance is


which i first heard sung by earl and randy in 'my name is earl'.

and then i heard it more recently in the simpsons.

it seems there is a different version

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this is my favourite performance by the proclaimers.

I love this because they are at their prime and you can really feel the energy.

the proclaimers are real good cultural thing, the music is very british, the style is very strong link to folk music. this music is very strong in our culture here.

it is not pop music by any means, it is not seen as 'cool' or 'trendy' but everyone feels the vibe through their spirit.

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