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Music Video Thread


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Heres another really good band. Actually this is the Band that got me into the whole Metal Genre and is the backbone of my exploring different types of Rock. I give you Nightwish one of my favorite bands, and if I may so bold as to say, Tarja is very beautiful.


"Sleeping Sun"

"Over the Hills and Far Away"

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Sarah Geronimo seems like an Asian Britney Spears.

not my cup of tea.

thanks for posting.

Mirabilis, I didn't look at the ones you posted.

you posted way too many, I don't have that kind of time I'm afraid. if you post more sparingly, I think you may get some feedback on them.

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Interesting. I liked that piece. I don't know why, but it's probably because it was played on the piano.

I find some piano performances to be really stiff. a lot of concert pianists can do a perfect performance, but i do not like because there is no heart. I prefer to hear a performance with mistakes that ha got heart rather than a perfect performance that is stiff.

I liked the video game pianist until i listened to him playing without the blindfold.

when he wears a blindfold, the performance has energy.

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That is exactly what playing the piano is about. Passion. The more passionate the pianist, the more moving the piece would be. To really feel the music can give out the best of the performance. Simply playing the notes based on the score is not enough. This is what great conductors want from their orchestra, musicians playing by their hearts, not by the notes. This is also the reason why there is a conductor. If the orchestra simply plays by note, what need would there be for a conductor?

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monochrome is certainly a beautiful song.

it is a song that can potentially make me sad, but when i associate it with binbo danshi I remember kazumi's attitude and it makes me feel so warm.

such conflicting and such strong emotions. [emote=onion]loss[/emote]

thanks for posting that durendal.


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Here's one from Yukie Nakama. This song was used as the opening of Rockman X4. Not sure if anyone has heard of this, but I prefer the Original Japanese Opening compared to the lousy metal BGM of the US version.

That MTV was a little bit bland. So here's the Rockman X4 version. A little short, but makes the song look cooler.


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