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Music Video Thread


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Guest CompleteDeka

this tune is really cool, and the video is amazing. set in tokyo, it features a guy who is doing the best robot impression ever, imitating the ASIMO i believe

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after hearing this on the radio for teh nth time today.. I got to thinking.

I was thinking about how it is composed and put together.

I realised how masterful this is.

out of all the tracks that are being released at the moment, many of which are quite brilliant, I realised that this one could be considered as separate from them. the way it is made is quite remarkable, the actual presence of any musical instrument is very scarce. it is mostly a tribal beat and the ladies singing.

the video as well includes a dance that is so bizarre and unexpected. the way the ladies move is not what i would expect as 'sexy' or 'womanly', it also seems somewhat tribal.

now I haven't actually listened to hte lyrics. i never do. but i think i would like to listen to the lyrics and see how well written they are.

I have a feeling this is going to stand out in years to come as a classic.


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I like that "I will be here" Video. Is that a local band? Has a nice beat to it. Not to mention nice moves.

Also, that video of Beyonce really made noise. The way she dances is really unique. She doesn't show the "sexy" dance like most of the other artist out there, which is why I think she stood out.

Here's one that I just heard from the radio while driving home. I'm not really a fan of R n' B or any of that stuff. What caught my attention was the rhythm and the lyrics containing "gogo dancer". Not sure if that's the real lyrics or just me mishearing them. I don't know, somehow it's catchy for me.


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Here's another old favorite of mine. Believe it or not, this is the official music video for the song. Nice animation that tells a touching story. Even without dialogues, it's fairly easy to understand. It's a pity that I can't find a better quality without the annoying Spanish subtitles.

edit: I found the better quality.


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Okay, please bear with me as I am going to post successively in the following minutes and I would really appreciate it if nobody post until I finish. I know it's too much to ask, but the following videos will make it worth it. Normally I wouldn't ask this since I usually post when everyone else is still asleep, but under the current time, most of you guys are now awake. Anyway, here goes.

DAFT PUNK - INTERSTELLA 555. If you're an anime fan and has heard of Daft Punk then you'd probably love this, if not for the music, the video itself. This is a series of music videos that tells the whole story of the Interstella 5555.

First Off:

Daft Punk - One More Time


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