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Lament of the Indigo Moon preview 2


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April 15th, 1973

Atlanta, Georgia

“Unlikely,” said the boy wearing a black leather jacket. He moved another piece across the chess board. “Pawn takes Queen.”

“drenn,” another said muttering under his breath. “Greg, how do you always manage those moves. Freaking pawn took queen”

Greg laughed. “Chess is a game of tact, James. I know. Take your time and think that over.”

James frowned and shook his head. “That’s just rude. What do you mean?”

Greg lifted the black queen, his opponents piece. “A single piece, a single capacity, but many hundreds of uses. Each decision made shapes the board and determines each ones fate.”

James ****ed a brow. “A little poetic for a board game.”

Greg shrugged and sighed. “I just like this game. Why not, better to use your brain for thinking than for bashing.”

James laughed as the game continued. Greg looked around the room a couple of times. James had no eye for tact or thinking ahead, rarely had he ever really put his game in any real danger. It was a shame really.

The Vampire Café, that’s what this place was called. Greg stared back at the board and moved another piece while drinking from the wine glass. This establishment was nice for night owls like him. It wasn’t going to be long before he dropped out of school and places like this kept his nerves cool. Open all night, never during the day. He knew the bartender girl so didn’t have to concern himself with the legal age but Greg never drank too much anyway. Drunken behavior was above him, he merely liked the taste of their mixed drinks. He was certainly not going to walk around stumbling into some bar fight.

“You have a passive game,” James said moving his piece, “Bishop takes Knight.”

Greg looked back down at the board and sipped from the glass. “And your too aggressive.”

“Best defense is a good offense,” he said smugly.

“Ah, I see.” Greg said chuckling and moved his piece. “Rook takes pawn, Checkmate.”

James gasped in shock and looked over the board again and began whispering the pieces positions. “Huh… yeah. Damnit.”

Greg laughed. “Best offense is a good defense, sometimes. If your too aggressive you can’t take the time to overlook what is going on. Knowledge of the field is the best weapon in any strategy. You’d do well to learn that.”

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Very in depth insight as to who he really is if you ask me. A person who thinks like a chess player is one who is very hard to predict, very hard to fight against. They are always thinking 2-3 steps ahead and always see the big picture. Tie this into fighting and life in general, you have one very complex individual with endless possibilities. Sure the guy can be psychotic and highly aggressive in battle as a whole, but there is order, acute awareness and genius to his fighting.

I guess this was one of the few qualities Ira saw in him that would make him the perfect host for the "warrior unit". Added to that he did kill a zoanoid.

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That was very amusing. It showed a very different side to Greg then all your loyal reads are used to. Greg actually sitting back and thinking out Chess and explaining it to him. That's something you'd probably never see from W'Kar today, except maybe where Cassandra is concerned.

Amazing work so far, Allen and I look forward to reading the whole finished product.

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I would say that is very much Greg minus the aggression. In almost every fight we see him in he is always sizing up his enemy. The only time I really see him not thinking is just after the birth of Anubis. Which cost him allowing him to be captured and frozen.

Interesting segment.

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It shows alot of what the W'Kar Unit has done to him. W'Kar is a thinker but no where near what he used to be.

Anubis... on the other hand... well he likes chess...

Hmmmm :twisted:

Ooh! Anubis knows all Greg knew. If that's really true, he could be thinking back to that Chess match! Nice one you got going, Allen! :twisted:

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It is something in literature called....events come full circle....Allen's high school english teacher would be proud.

Yeah, he would be proud...if he wasn't locked and chained in his basement, being subjected to Allen trying out new goodies to put into the story... :twisted:

Ya gotta wonder where Allen gets all that twisted imagery and how his torture devices would work... :shock:

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I personally try not to think were Allen gets his twisted ideas! Although I love the now oh so graphic nature of the W'kar story line, I fear some day we'll find Allen snapped and has been testing these torture devices on unsuspecting people. But seriously I am astonished by how allen's writing style and sophistication has progressed from his earlier works. I do find it rather ironic that Allen based his character Anubis of the one egyptian god that wasn't largly considered evil. Anubis was the god of the udnerworld but his followers were healers and responsible for ensuring people were safley to their eternal rest. Sety however was a very evil SOB. But I can see why Allen would choose Anubis, as his name is much more evil sounding and better known.

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Well it's not just because it's better sounding and more widespread of a name.

Many of the common belief systems involving 'Satan' are based off of Set. I really felt that using Set would not be appropriate because he's not a satanic figure, or an armageddon, more of a 'Eventuality' in my opinion. That is one of the frightening parts I feel. You live a good life and die you go to heaven, never dealing with the devil. Anubis, you deal with him NO MATTER WHAT! I felt it far more compelling to name him such.

Honestly most of the torture ideas are based off of real life methods, just exaggerated or spruced up for the setting. Impalement, nailing, limb removal, and even eating someone while alive have all been employed by many civilizations.

Of course a few of them I made up merely because like anything else, torture has become far more sophisticated in recent years. Electrical, for example, is a recent torture that is immensely popular due to the fact it does not leave scarring and the damage done can usually physically heal in a far shorter time. Not to mention electrical torture is quite portable. American soldiers were known to have made cheap and portable electrical torture devices out of CB radios during Vietnam, and I believe the British military would make them out of everything from refrigerator parts to old car parts during WW2. And most undeveloped countries in South America and Africa utilize them all the time.

So it's only natural that with the advent of technology that the science and art of torture would reach new apexes.

Oh, I do not practice torture on my English teacher. Really fella's, I have respect for teachers........ that paper boy who keeps smacking my car however.... :twisted:

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