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  1. Hey Sully, glad to see you're still here. I enjoyed both GWOTG and WG-Fic and would love to see both continue. Hope that new tablet of yours helps you pump out art that will blow our minds and wow as you and other artists of the site always have. Good luck with the updates and I'll be eagerly awaiting your posting of the new update that will explain the silence.
  2. Cyber Guyver's redesign looks interesting. The arms remind me of the WG2 CPMs That's the whole fusion cannon thing, right? Listed in CG's datafile?
  3. Congrats, Matt. Happy anniversary. Love the pic. It's a new oldie, but a goodie.
  4. Unbelievable work, my man. I never thought I'd see this again. What a blast from the past this has been. Great choice.
  5. I look forward to sitting back and reading the whole thing when it's posted. Stellar Warrior Guyver, eh? Ya'll keep up the good work, eh?
  6. Simular to as they are now, they are not meant for persanal reading like a jurnal or a dairy but for general use to warn those who might hae to fight along side or against these foes. I wouldn't put the above list as a "these guys really would be writing this" list. It was just an example of who "could" be writing them. The data files appear in the story from time to time for example Kron loves reading them. Reminds me of All Things Change part 1. He was sitting in front of that computer reading them, wasn't he?
  7. Interesting thought, McAvoy. It's really too bad that if we ask for answers, we'll a No comment. But it'll be worth it, won't it?
  8. While the power punch theory makes sense and could be the most likely to happen. Don't Gigantic Guyvers have power amps that up their mega smasher power to earth shattering levels? Or am I getting that confused? Could those crystal be mega smashers themselves like I believe WG4 has?
  9. He didn't draw it, as he said he took a picture from the latest book and coloured it, very well I might add. Nicely done, want a something a little more challenging to colour McAvoy? Whoa, McAvoy! That sounds like an invite to the WG team as a colorist to me! Take the offer and see where it goes!
  10. In checking out the new hotness for Sean and Sho's new units (Lovely work, btw), a thought hit me. Since Warrior Mk 2 units were originally Warrior Type 2 units, how come they have a standard looking gravity orb, while Sean and Stephen's type of unit have a pyramid shaped orb? Is it because of the Mk 2 tech mutating the units? Does the shape effect how powerful it is or the abilities it has?
  11. Yeah and if you ask them to assuage the torture, you'll get one of these "No Comment" They love to torture us, but when the goodies are revealed, it was all worth it.
  12. Sure he has the BED, but as for having usable CPMs, I don't think so. Especially if his unit is anything like Faye's. -Physical Strength: Subject's abilties varies due to this unit's unique technology. The Unit's CPM's have been integrated into the unit's HSL power system and allows subject to raise power level from 6 times a standard Guyver, to 10 times, at will. Consequently, this eliminates the use of the CPM's as a weapon, but grants subject the strength of 600 to 1,000 men. This can be temporarily boosted to 20 times a normal Guyver with the use of the Bio-Energy doubler. Though equiped
  13. An intriguing question. And similar to one I had as well. How much influence does a host of a Mark 2 unit have over the abilities it develops after the bonding completes? In Sho's case, he looks like he's gonna be a mega shield type.
  14. And thats why we love Sho, because he's overall good guy and a defender first and foremost, mess with his friends and he will put the hurt on ya! The Praetorian units were the units developed by Warrior Guyver II's Universe's Krullnar and Diblis from the W'kar universe right? Sho and Faye sure are lucky for getting their hands on such unique units, probably won't be seeing anymore of their ilk again, born of the finest Gen tech from TWO separate universes! Warrior Guyver Thancrus and Warrior Guyver Vamore have Praetorian units too right? Or are they just normal Warrior units, if a warrio
  15. Not really what I was asking, but it's an interesting explanation. And it's funny. From your explanation, I got a flash of Sho jumping in front of the group and projecting a huge shield bubble to stop an attack. Wonder if that'll be something that actually makes it into the new DF. "Shield Bubble Generator"?
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