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  1. This hit harder than I would think it would. When the Power Rangers first aired, I was in third grade. It was perfectly centered around someone my age. That and my Dad together watched the 'new' Godzilla films that were coming out at the same time. I say that only because I knew somehow there was something Japanese influence about it. So I was in class talking to my own classmates about this new evil Green Ranger. How he stacked to the others. How the Rangers would win etc. Then become happy that he eventually became good. Then how he lost his powers but the Red Ranger had some of it. More discussion about that. Then he became the Green Ranger again but now he has a limited amount of time and power before the Green Ranger ended. Then it happen and that was the end of that. Then we got the White Ranger which if I remember is completely original. But his big reveal was a big deal to my kid mind. I eventually grew out of Power Rangers mainly due to the original actors going away and concepts of what the Power Rangers were, were not interesting. As an adult though. Seeing what the family courts can do men during divorces though. It is brutal.
  2. One of my issues is Gamora. This one doesn't have the history as the one we saw in first two movies. Are we going to see what basically amounts to a rehas of the first two movies?
  3. I am fairly certain if two zoalords reproduced they would do it the old fashioned human style. As in one baby per couple, but with the off chance of having twins or triplets and the even rare quadruplets. Afterall zoanoids and zoalords at their base is human. Assuming they can reproduce of course.
  4. I have strongly suspected that Yoshiki Takaya will come back. That this period of inactivity is for his own health but also to figure how to truly end the series. This is just me, but to create such a series like the Guyver over so many years, decades and just walk away from it doesn't work. He will finish it because artists dont like unfinished products. It will eat at them until they do.
  5. Here is a spoiler. It doesn't involve Care Bears.
  6. Alkanphel like the one in WG is pretty weak without a Guyver unit of some kind since both had the same injury.
  7. 2005 English version of the anime before Lisker merges with the unit calls it an outer metal surface by one of the scientists. My whole argument is based on visual reprentation of the control medal being drawn like it metal. The outer casing being metal whatever underneath isn't what concerns me. Crystalline structures do not jump to material as linear as you think. The force that caused the chip may transfer but it will jump as linear as you think. The force that caused the chip in the first place will expend it's energy significantly by the time the second layer is encountered. The second layer may or may not even chip. If it does chip it will not behave like the first layer. Metal when it dents will dent as is shown on the anime and manga. Again, the forces that a Guyver can do in a punch will do the same to a crystalline structure vs. A metal outer layer. My analogy of my car being damaged remains the same. My car door is damaged. It has a big dent in it that,prevents the window motor from operating. It prevents the car from using that car speaker. It is damaged but it has a giant dent. Or my car's hood is damaged. The hood is dented in, whicheck caused damage underneath the hood. Lines were dislocated, engine slightly off its mountings, etc. Yet I can say my car hood is damaged. Or it has a dent. It means the same. Oh the 2005 anime I mentioned above said the outer metal casing is scratched. Should we take that literally?
  8. Who knows when Archanfel could get his powers back. He has been in and out of his hibernation for centuries and millenia. I am not sure about the time frame but it hasn't been that long since he saved Imakarum.
  9. So in other words you are assuming that the outer surface is crystalline in nature. The same exact argument why it is dented when a full force punch from Guyver 1 did not can be said why the control medal did not chip when he did it. Crystalline structures when chipped much like metal will crack along the easiest route. They will not jump to another layer. The second layer will behave differently than the orb itself. Saying it wasn't dented but damaged is no different than me saying my car is damaged when I say my car door is dented in. Those words are interchangeable. You are being too literal.
  10. I am making no assumptions. The control medal is separated into two parts that we can see. If a the surface of the control medal, the outer covering of the control medal was composed of crystalline material, the chip that came off would have not continued to the second layer! Chips do not behave that way! Chips do not not jump from one layer to the other to form a perfect continuation of the damage. No, it would stop at that layer and maybe just maybe a second chip would be made but would not match the other. It could be smaller, it could be bigger, it,could be jagged or not. You know what behaves like that? Metal. If two objects separate but connected gets hit they can form a dent that is a continuation from one layer to other. Yes dents do behave like that if they are hit in a certain way. Tell me, show me where you got crystalline structure. Then tell me do they describe the control medal or does it specifically state the outer surface, the part we see is that crystalline? What is the wording? Does it?
  11. No. In every single depiction of Guyver 2's control medal it has a dent with it being smooth on the edges. The way it's shadowed shows it being dented. There is absolutely no indication that a piece of the control medal broke off. When crystal chips where it could potentially look like a dent there is always some sort of indication of it being jagged big or small. The control medal on a dormant unit is below the organism however it is still exposed enough for it to hit a jagged rock, trees or whatever. There is nothing special in that.
  12. The control medal despite having a crystalline structure dented. The outer casing was dented. In all forms of media Guyver 2 has been shown, the control medal was not cracked but dented. Whatever is under that metal casing is could have been cracked or shock out of alignment or something. Falling out of a building usually breaks bones and causes severe trauma to organs. However what we have seen from what Guyver can withstand, falling out of a building is pretty minor in comparison. Traditional armor for tanks has always been a hard face with a soft backing. With the hard face supposed to defeat the AP round and the backing being ductile to absorb the impact without cracking. In the anime, Guyver armor shows that it can absorb bullet impacts without ricocheting. Bullets are smaller than fists and obviously behave differently than what energy blasts do. Bullets are meant to pierce. The fact that the bullets in the anime managed to impact within about half an inch into the armor before completely stopping it shows that the armore can be defeated by bullets/rounds should they have enough energy. Like I said, a 20mm round has about 100 the energy of a 9mm. The 20mm sized round may not take out tanks but csn certainly take out anything below a tank. In fact they are primarily used in jet fighters.
  13. Oh and when the three units took the brunt of the explosion and two survived, and the other I believe slammed into a boulder causing it to dent, isn't that impressive. First off, the control medal metal doesn't seem any more durable than real life alloys. Many metals of similar thickness would have similar damage. That explosion was from a high incendiary gernade. I have seen the type of concussion those sort of weapons make, it's not that impressive. The other two survived because they landed on their side instead of slamming the control medal into something.
  14. 20mm is a example. 20mm is the probably the largest practical weapon you can mount on a non tank. It also has the benefit of not needing electrical power to move it on its pedastal. However, 20mm comes with a rate of firepower that can overwhelm targets. Obviously 20mm gatling guns are not practical on vehicles Anti tank weapons rely on getting past armor before exploding or basically just shooting liquid metal inside of it to severely hurt the people inside. The stream of molten metal creates a hole that is very small. A more effective weapon would just be solid AP rounds.
  15. No idea. The unit could automatically activate once the host is near death or the unit doesn't. If the unit doesn't then it will be forever lost as obviously the host would not be able to call upon it. Only situation I can think of that is similar is the fatal blow he took from Aptom. It was Sho who was able to activate the unit even near death.
  16. Like I said the weapons have to hit the Guyver. A 20mm round has nearly 100 times the energy of a 9mm. 20mm can be mounted on back of a Hummer. I think this would be the weapon that could pierce the Guyver's armor.
  17. Same for me. Big Iron Man fan since the early 90's. The reason why I liked it was because my Dad regularly picked up comic books for me and my brother to read while we went on trips for us to read. He picked them up at flea markets and he picked up five Iron Man comic books. They were I believe issues 188 to 193. It was post alcoholic Tony Stark who built the original grey suit am out od spare parts where he had to fight Rhodes who was wearing the state of the art Classic version. I loved it so my Dad ended up finding more and more of them for me to read. At the time, Iron Man was at best a background favorite. He had only monthly single issues where as Spiderman and X Men had weekly issues. Volume 3 I loved until it seemed every few issues he had a new suit. But the original was great. It was because of Iron Man I liked Guyver.
  18. Interesting. Though we did have a evil Goku in Tree of Might. Technically not Goku though.
  19. A 9mm bullet has the energy of 500 joules. A bullet to wound or kill an elephant is ten times that. It's not the bullet itself but the amount of energy behind that bullet. Of course larger bullets will carry more energy.
  20. Yes. XT2 is the same person who took on a certain red being with wings when he first came to be.
  21. Probably not. Zoanoids are entirely different to a human so allergies would disappear. Making a human into a mini Godzilla is a feat of genetic engineering. Being able to overcome allergies would be even easier than child's play.
  22. Anything really that can blow up tanks. AP or DE rounds can do a lot of damage. Direct hits on a Guyver would seriously damage them. In fact the explosion would create shrapnel that could hit the control medal. I term conventional that can be mounted on back of vehicle or dropped or launched from a plane. Daisy cutters/whatever the name of its replacement or battleship guns wouldn't be conventional as they have to installed into specially made platforms. Of course all of these weapons have to hit the Guyver.
  23. He hasn't met Barcus in person, face to face. The closest he has been was when Sho was in the Gigantic cocoon but he was still unconscious. Sho has certainly heard of him though.
  24. In the anime he did. Off hand I do think he was able to hold off Darzero in his human form. But at the time I think he was actively using his telepathy so Darzerb could have not used his full 60 man strength. Murakami was a prototype, he may not have close to the strength of what Guyot demonstrated when he grappled Guyver 3. I am trying to remember if he used that gun on Darzerb too. Zoanoids and Hyper Zoanoids are different than real life animals. However, there are animals who do shrug off small arms fire like Elephants and Rhinos.
  25. Base power I think he is at his limit. He has to absorb a new and more powerful zoanoid to reach a new power. Otherwise now he absorbs zoanoids for new abilities that he doesn't have or an improvement on an existing one.
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