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  1. Saw this on Daz 3D, thought I would share. http://www.daz3d.com/bio-squad-toxic?ut ... +Means+War
  2. I myself posted a non guyver datafile ages ago. I wouldn't mind posting some of the story here to be read. I would also enjoy reading something new on this forum whether it be guyver related or not. I tend to browse the site once a week or so to see if anything is posted. Not sure why I missed this thread.
  3. Aranor

    Guyver 3D image

    Saw this while browsing through 3dtotal. About a year old. Not my work. http://www.3dtotal.com/index_gallery_de ... M-39S441c4
  4. I bought Diablo III for the pc shortly before Reaper of Souls expansion came out. I enjoyed the game. The story was great. The cinematics were incredible. But the replayability I thought was meh. Even with another character it was only fun for so long. Reaching level cap and gaining paragon points I at first thought was great. Something to achieve. Then I got them and no matter how strong I was the mobs difficulty (settings pending) stayed relatively the same. I really dislike games where mobs level with you. A friend from another online game jumped in to my party and I saw he
  5. Here is my take on that. Others feel free to correct me. The Unit-G is for the most part an organic device. While it does have inorganic parts it boosts and runs on bio energy. Not really "electronic" like we know it. Even if the inorganic parts do use some kind of electricity the device, when not in use, is stored in the boost dimension/hyper space. The amount of energy it is exposed to there far surpasses any what pulse will issue. (Practically anything exposed to the boost dimension rift outside of the armor is obliterated within the few seconds it is exposed. Also keep in mind the
  6. Saw this while surfing the web. No direct link to the image so its in a forum. Drawings of Extremis IronMan merged with Guyver unit. http://www.japan-legend.com/forum/index.php/topic/6973-what-if-guyver-fused-with-was-activated-by/page__st__20 Dayum!
  7. The videos do show it in action but again no stats on its abilities. The wiki stated the suit can move faster than radar can detect (Which anyone can update) but the second video clearly shows the Koreans having time to try sidestepping as he runs towards and past the first two. The first video shows the suit attempting to replace lost/broken parts as I stated above. Symbiotic?
  8. Thanks for that Zeo. I think a better interpretation of the armors abilities would be made if a comic was produced (which one will be to bridge the games) so we could see it in action. "Seeing" an armor perform in first person is not really a good way to see it. Not to mention much needs to be done/altered for gameplay. "Spiderman like strength" I think was lifting ten tons at one time though on marvels scale he currently has 4 full blocks under strength. Some of the vehicles kicked in the game are a fraction of that weight and should have been able to be picked up and thrown in that case
  9. The first impression I got from the N2 suit was that it was a low tech version of the guyver unit. The problem is Crytech did a horrible job of creating their story and left the suits design out of it almost completely. I have only read the synopses from the first games but have played through Crysis 2 so please fill in any voids or mistakes I make. Material: Guyver armor = organic Nano suit = semi organic Core systems: Guyver armor core systems records the data of the host to be reinstalled in the hosts brain upon regeneration so long as the control medal is not destroyed. Nano
  10. I am not that familiar with gundam but if I am reading it correctly they are similar to the floating laser pods in the Armored Core series. Something like that could be similar to a shoulder pod telekinetically controlled. Have a central smasher lense and say 3 "head lasers" around it for attacks needing lesser power. Have them grown inside of and released from the shoulder pods of a gigantic unit this way if one is destroyed a new one can be regrown. Great for extra power, attacking an enemy from multiple angles and decoys.
  11. Family is precious no doubt. I have a son who was born in July of 2010 and has been in ICU since. This has tought me much about just how precious people are. I find it amazing with the number of methods for communicating I get the occasional chance to hang out with old friends and realise it has been 6+ years since we last had the chance. Time goes by too fast to take things for granted. Just look at how long each of us has been browsing these forums. Approaching 32 here and while I may not be catching up to ya I am not far behind. Happy birthday. And remember, some don't get to make i
  12. I saw this article and figured I would share. Interesting thinking even if its years away. http://www.gizmag.com/mercedes-benz-bio ... ept/17096/
  13. I've a site I am working on which will be targeted towards folks with projects. Basically a social networking site. As I am in need of members who can test out its functions a group could be created on that with it for this with its own forums. I won't spam the site unless there is interest. (I have my own rpg which I am working on I am using to start the site off as well as a blog)
  14. Flickr has a bunch of photos. Mostly of either people in costume or resin figurines. Many different poses for refferencing too. http://www.flickr.com/
  15. Nice setup. I'm working on a non guyver related game myself. Given the number of units, races and zoanoid forms used within the two main fanfics on this site and variations of that setup a decent fan based game could be made.
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