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  1. Saw this on Daz 3D, thought I would share. http://www.daz3d.com/bio-squad-toxic?ut ... +Means+War
  2. I myself posted a non guyver datafile ages ago. I wouldn't mind posting some of the story here to be read. I would also enjoy reading something new on this forum whether it be guyver related or not. I tend to browse the site once a week or so to see if anything is posted. Not sure why I missed this thread.
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    Guyver 3D image

    Saw this while browsing through 3dtotal. About a year old. Not my work. http://www.3dtotal.com/index_gallery_de ... M-39S441c4
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    Diablo III

    I bought Diablo III for the pc shortly before Reaper of Souls expansion came out. I enjoyed the game. The story was great. The cinematics were incredible. But the replayability I thought was meh. Even with another character it was only fun for so long. Reaching level cap and gaining paragon points I at first thought was great. Something to achieve. Then I got them and no matter how strong I was the mobs difficulty (settings pending) stayed relatively the same. I really dislike games where mobs level with you. A friend from another online game jumped in to my party and I saw he was paragon level 421. One of the higher ranked players on the american servers. When he joined my game he one hit everything on the screen with his wizard. When I joined his game I was seeing him still having a hard time. After seeing that I said heck with it and stopped playing. One of the paragon stats increases gold gain. The auction house was removed and pretty much everything you need is dropped. Minus the purchasing of the crafters skills and having them craft your rares. But again you get strong, mobs get strong. Path of Exile is a very similar game for pc though different setting and story. Gameplay is basically a close with a different skill system. And its free to play. But it got boring as well.
  5. Here is my take on that. Others feel free to correct me. The Unit-G is for the most part an organic device. While it does have inorganic parts it boosts and runs on bio energy. Not really "electronic" like we know it. Even if the inorganic parts do use some kind of electricity the device, when not in use, is stored in the boost dimension/hyper space. The amount of energy it is exposed to there far surpasses any what pulse will issue. (Practically anything exposed to the boost dimension rift outside of the armor is obliterated within the few seconds it is exposed. Also keep in mind the control medal has enough juice running through it to A) run the suit to B) keep the human alive C) when needed, materialize matter and procedurally place it where needed to rebuild any damage done to the host body and armor D) keep a complete copy of the hosts memory and upload it in seconds E)charge and release the smasher cells. Not to mention it can open a portal to another dimension while shielding its host. I have seen it mentioned many times the amount of energy needed to just create a warp hole is more than the total energy in our known universe. Though that might just be scientists saying "Its not gonna happen". If anything I would think the EMP would be absorbed and lost within the suits energy matrix. Or simply pass through it.
  6. Saw this while surfing the web. No direct link to the image so its in a forum. Drawings of Extremis IronMan merged with Guyver unit. http://www.japan-legend.com/forum/index.php/topic/6973-what-if-guyver-fused-with-was-activated-by/page__st__20 Dayum!
  7. The videos do show it in action but again no stats on its abilities. The wiki stated the suit can move faster than radar can detect (Which anyone can update) but the second video clearly shows the Koreans having time to try sidestepping as he runs towards and past the first two. The first video shows the suit attempting to replace lost/broken parts as I stated above. Symbiotic?
  8. Thanks for that Zeo. I think a better interpretation of the armors abilities would be made if a comic was produced (which one will be to bridge the games) so we could see it in action. "Seeing" an armor perform in first person is not really a good way to see it. Not to mention much needs to be done/altered for gameplay. "Spiderman like strength" I think was lifting ten tons at one time though on marvels scale he currently has 4 full blocks under strength. Some of the vehicles kicked in the game are a fraction of that weight and should have been able to be picked up and thrown in that case. As for what the suit does the the male and could do for a female, its basically a bionic armor without the armor plating. Think of wearing muscles similar to the shadow robot muscle system http://www.shadowrobot.com/hand/pictures.shtml over the entirety of your body tracing your own muscles. Your going to look bulky. I would imagine the same would happen for a woman. This is one thing the guyver armor does not incorporate in the space the armor should take up. ie look at the thickness of a gigantics arms and legs compared to its height. Then again, japanese anime/cartoons have always had lenky characters. (Look at voltron) This is also a problem with creating a similar device in real life. How do you get full range of motion in a bionic suit for the arms and legs when the plates between upper arm and chest/lats would rub as well as the plates between the thighs. Only so much space. I suppose the guyver armor could just be replacing the skin to save on space.
  9. The first impression I got from the N2 suit was that it was a low tech version of the guyver unit. The problem is Crytech did a horrible job of creating their story and left the suits design out of it almost completely. I have only read the synopses from the first games but have played through Crysis 2 so please fill in any voids or mistakes I make. Material: Guyver armor = organic Nano suit = semi organic Core systems: Guyver armor core systems records the data of the host to be reinstalled in the hosts brain upon regeneration so long as the control medal is not destroyed. Nano suit core systems have the ability to record the hosts conscious however we do not know if it overwrote the Alcatraz's consciousness with Prophets or if Prophets conscious is now the suits AI. Power: Guyver systems syphon energy from the boost dimension. User seems to have unlimited energy so long as the armor is on and high powered functions are not used. Nano suit gains power from an unidentified source. (It shows the nano suit doing something on the cellular level to generate energy, however those cells need to come from somewhere.) Armor seems to have unlimited energy however the use of any ability drains energy rapidly Slowest of them all seems to be cloaking. Regeneration: Guyver unit can regenerate the host from as little as the host data stored in the control medal so long as the control medal in undamaged. Even damaged units depending on the severity are able to regenerate, to what degree I am not sure. Nano suit seems to have some degree of regeneration. For gameplay purposes it healed the host/wearer rapidly but in Crysis 2 it was revealed the suit was digging deeper into Alcatraz's body to repair bone damage. Bonding: Guyver units bond on a cellular level across multiple dimensions and alters the body to achieve its maximum potential. Only known method of removing the unit is through a unit remover. Nano suit bonds on a cellular level and remains on the body. Method of removal is done by hand though Prophet had claimed to have needed to sever his bond with the suit and took his own life. Perhaps with more time the bond becomes stronger/deeper and more beneficial? We do get to see the vision side of the suits sensory abilities is fed directly into the host/wearers eyes. Strength: Guyver units strength on a human host is stated to be 100 X unaided human. Nano suit strength is not determined however Alcatraz was able to kick a car across the street (Rapidly depleting his energy) with a power kick/punch and was also able to lift and throw a large Ceph wearing an exoskeleton with one hand. Defense: Guyver units def I am not that familiar with. In the second movie small arms guns were ineffective as well as blows from zoanoids. Nano suits defense seemed to be inconsistant. In the cutscene we see it in armored mode taking a .50 caliber round to the shoulder blunting the bullet and the shoulder recoiling. In the game even in armored mode you take damage but greatly reduced. Speed: Guyver unit..again not sure on a top moving speed. Nano suit, while sprinting you only appear to be running as fast as a unhindered human would. Weaponry: Guyver unit - head laser, high frequency blades, sonic emitters, gravity ball generators, mega smashers Nano suit - none. Flight: Guyver unit achieved through the gravity controller orb Nano suit - not applicable though in the first game they did use a jet pack to move around in zero gravity environments Notes: The Guyver unit determines if the host is compatable then takes approximately a half hour to upgrade the host to achieve is maximum potential while recording its original form upon bonding so the host can return to its normal form after retracting the armor. The Nano suit is claimed to be partially human technology however in the first game the koreans have nano suit technology as well as Hardgreaves men. The time it takes the suit to bond is not revealed. The alien technology that generated the nano suit is not explained. (We see the Ceph and they are not humanoid other than the exoskeletons they use while the nano suit is. Perhaps some kind of host/wearer recognition system to define the parameters of the suit? To answer galionlegions question I would say a more better energy storage system as well as either a better description of or a more readily available power supply would greatly enhance the nanosuit. In doing that the nano suits power punch/kick strength levels could become the normal operating strength, regeneration achieved faster, armored mode lasting longer, replenishing damaged material faster (being semi organic it already it a regeneratable suit) and making cloaking nearly unlimited.
  10. I am not that familiar with gundam but if I am reading it correctly they are similar to the floating laser pods in the Armored Core series. Something like that could be similar to a shoulder pod telekinetically controlled. Have a central smasher lense and say 3 "head lasers" around it for attacks needing lesser power. Have them grown inside of and released from the shoulder pods of a gigantic unit this way if one is destroyed a new one can be regrown. Great for extra power, attacking an enemy from multiple angles and decoys.
  11. Family is precious no doubt. I have a son who was born in July of 2010 and has been in ICU since. This has tought me much about just how precious people are. I find it amazing with the number of methods for communicating I get the occasional chance to hang out with old friends and realise it has been 6+ years since we last had the chance. Time goes by too fast to take things for granted. Just look at how long each of us has been browsing these forums. Approaching 32 here and while I may not be catching up to ya I am not far behind. Happy birthday. And remember, some don't get to make it to the new year to begin resolutions. There is no better time than the present to get things done.
  12. I saw this article and figured I would share. Interesting thinking even if its years away. http://www.gizmag.com/mercedes-benz-bio ... ept/17096/
  13. I've a site I am working on which will be targeted towards folks with projects. Basically a social networking site. As I am in need of members who can test out its functions a group could be created on that with it for this with its own forums. I won't spam the site unless there is interest. (I have my own rpg which I am working on I am using to start the site off as well as a blog)
  14. Flickr has a bunch of photos. Mostly of either people in costume or resin figurines. Many different poses for refferencing too. http://www.flickr.com/
  15. Nice setup. I'm working on a non guyver related game myself. Given the number of units, races and zoanoid forms used within the two main fanfics on this site and variations of that setup a decent fan based game could be made.
  16. I am using an idea like this in another story I am working on. I think I posted the data file here. http://warriorguyver.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=4325 The character created a new form of mitochondria which open vortexes into the ether creating a stream of pure enery which they tap into and draw from. Much like a water wheel taps into a river to draw energy in the form of motion. This allows him to not only have a virtually unlimited amount of energy but a virtually unlimited amount of energy everywhere in his body ready for use with little travel. The cells were designed in two forms, first with a one way portal drawing energy from the ether. Upon using them he had no means to turn them off forcing them to draw raw energy until they burned out nearly killing him. The second opens two portals similar to north and south fields on a magnet directing energy out of one and into the other creating the energy stream. For a guyver unit to manipulate a system like you are suggesting I would question what is the power limit on a control medal. In the fan fics we see multiple forms of the CM with new style units. In the anime we see the original CM get an add on when equipping the gigantic. The CM basically has what I described above in a more controlled fashion and is able to draw enough energy to regenerate the host body and armor from raw energy in a short period of time. Thats a lot of energy requirement. One could say the CM speeds up the body's cellular devision capabilities but the matter needs to come from somewhere. And to generate matter from energy. Well, we can't do that yet. So my guess would be you would have a unit that could run full power constantly so long as the CM could monitor and distribute the energy properly. But I would think something like losing an arm (where some of these cells would be hanging around) would cause a temporary handicap. Though the other cells may be able to pull in more energy keeping the CM supplied at with full power at all times. Much like a multi server system (blade series). One processor goes down the others speed up to make up the difference.
  17. I would say it depends on the method and degree of terraforming. Judging from the scene when Greg used it to rebuild his getaway on the small island (I forget which story at the moment), it was able to rebuild the scene in a relatively short period of time. Considering the variety of molecules required, the fact the atoms were made virtually from energy, and the matrix was operating with interference from the W'kar element resting in hyperspace this is quite the achievement. The matrix could make some devices capable of doing the terraforming rather than itself. I am thinking the floating sphere in the movie White Dwarf. Which of course I can not find an image of. Seeing as how Mars does not have an atmosphere or life that we know of which needs to be destroyed this is a good chunk of the work already done. Have the devices begin setting up the proper gasses while the matrix begins forming the necessary magnetic fields to hold them in and breathable air could be achieved relatively quickly depending on the number of gas emitting devices. Water being two gasses could be created with the devices. Plant life might take some time but breathable air would be the primary goal. Sustaining it a long term goal.
  18. I'm not gonna bother with a follow up post. Your right, he failed to address anything. And he put words into my mouth. I never said the guy was fat, only he had similar measurements. While I myself am not a die hard fan of anime (And a lot of what I know of the guyver came from this site and a few others as before the movies I never knew of the anime) I do feel if one is to review something, at least get the facts straight. And picking on what Tetsuro would look like in the armor. They make what if comics for that.
  19. Looks a little bit like they are trying to copy G4. Badly done though. Seems as though little research went into the review.
  20. Here is a good example of what Zeo is saying. Thought not on a bone based test but muscle. I watched a show explaining how the utilisation of multiple muscle groups allows him to do this. http://www.automotto.org/entry/what-sup ... n-seconds/ Granted teh lambo creates a layer of liquid rubber beneath its drive tires but impressive nonetheless.
  21. ...Didn't skynet start out this way? IBM unveiled a breakthrough research project that holds the potential to infuse business and societal systems with unprecedented levels of intelligence: a new computing system, code-named Watson, that will compete with people at the game of Jeopardy! Human vs. machine Produced by Sony Pictures Television and distributed by CBS Television Distribution, Jeopardy! is a game demanding knowledge and quick recall, covering a broad range of topics, such as history, literature, politics, film, pop culture, and science. It poses a grand challenge for a computing system due to the variety of subject matter, the speed at which contestants must provide accurate responses, and because the clues given to contestants involve analyzing subtle meaning, irony, riddles, and other complexities at which humans excel and computers traditionally do not. Watson will incorporate massively parallel analytical capabilities and, just like human competitors, Watson will not be connected to the Internet or have any other outside assistance. The essence of making decisions is recognizing patterns in vast amounts of data, sorting through choices and options, and responding quickly and accurately. Watson is a compelling example of how the planet — companies, industries, cities — is becoming smarter. With advanced computing power and deep analytics, we can infuse business and societal systems with intelligence. This project is the latest example of IBM's longstanding commitment to fundamental research and to overcoming grand challenges in science and technology. Sam Palmisano, IBM Chairman and CEO "The challenge is to build a system that, like none before it, can rival the mind's ability to determine precise answers to natural language questions and to compute accurate confidences in the answers," said Dr. David Ferrucci, leader of the IBM Watson project team. "This confidence processing ability is key to winning at Jeopardy!. It greatly distinguishes the IBM approach from conventional search, and is critical to implementing useful business applications of question answering." David's team has been working on a highly advanced question answering (QA) system for nearly two years. More than a game - a game-changer "Progress on the underlying QA technologies enabling Watson will be important in the quest to understand and build intelligent computing systems capable of cooperating with humans in language-related tasks previously out of reach for computers," added David. The research underlying Watson is expected to elevate computer intelligence and human-to-computer communication to unprecedented levels. In the future, IBM intends to apply the unique technological capabilities being developed for Watson to help clients across a wide variety of industries answer business questions quickly and accurately. For example, a doctor could ask questions to identify potential causes of a malady and the proper, personalized treatment based on a patient's medical history, with answers drawn from an information base of millions of similar cases. A retailer can use this system to ask questions about what current outfits or combination of clothes could be put together for individual shoppers based on previous purchases and preferences, and make targeted offers and promotions to those shoppers that have a high likelihood of being attractive and accepted by their shoppers. IBM's effort to create Watson is aimed at exploring the future of business intelligence, analytics and information management. This exploration is necessary so that we can continue to provide our clients with the most cutting-edge capabilities for finding the information they need from the mountains of data they produce. One confident computer system Watson will be designed to deftly handle semantics – the meanings behind words – which will enable it to answer questions that require the identification of relevant and irrelevant content, the interpretation of ambiguous expression and puns, the decomposition of questions into sub-questions, and the logical synthesis of final answers. In addition, Watson will compute a statistical confidence in the responses it provides. Watson will be designed to do all of this in a matter of seconds, which will enable it to compete against people, who have the ability to know what they know in less than a second. If you had Watson for a day, what would you do? If you had Watson for a day, how would you use it? How could you apply this technology to your area of work? For you, for your clients? To help build a smarter planet?
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    95157 part 3

    Therus exits the small wormhole deep within the inner sphere. Densely populated with both planets and manufactured satellites. He directs his ship towards the Coltimar colony. Developers and watchers of the battery prison. "You have entered a restricted area. Halt and Identify yourself." A stern voice trespasses on his communication equipment. "I am Commander Therus. Replacement for Commander Tairom of the Turturon science fleet. One of our rogue scientist sent a female here. The order should not have been given. I have come in person to retrieve her and reinstate her to her duties if she still lives." Eight autonomous vehicles come forth surrounding his ship in a cube form. "We will verify your Identity. If your orders are verified we will find her. If they are not you will reside beside her." Therus could not help but hope Alteras knew what he was doing. One mishap would prove fatal for him. Or had that been his plan? All he can do now is wait. Nearly half a light year in front of him is the prison. A T.1756.AE-53 bio shell the size of most life giving planets. From he understands inside are millions of layers of liquid spheres far enough apart to hold the wrists and ankles of their race. What they are made of he does not know but that the Coltimar are able to move about on it where none of the other races can. Once they secure you on it a stream penetrates your controller organ and if you have one your control medal. Once done your controller organ is slowly numbed to the point you can not move your body and your control medal is disabled. From there the stream extends throughout your body and drains you of your bio plasma. He had heard rumors this could take up to a galactic revolution to complete and finally kill you. A very slow death. One which he hopes not to endure. "Identification verified. Submission from Tairom Sebalang Captain Commander of Turturon science fleet... Ladeline VaOdrene' essence has been established as recoverable. Disconnection successful, teleportation commencing." The navigation sphere's ring glows alerting him. He stands and turns to see a female form materialize beneath it. She appears nearly half the size she was before she left. Her bio plasma is faint but noticeable. She collapses under her own weight. At least she won't be any trouble on the way back. "Teleportation successful. Transaction complete. Vacate the quarantined area immediately." They didn't need to tell him twice. He reconnects with the navigational sphere and commanded it to return. Alteras finds himself outside for first time in nearly one planetary revolution. He has before him two armored Pharan's. Both are equipped with armor only. No weaponry. One's armor blue the other green. He gives the command for them to fight. Both run for each other. Blue jumps bringing his right fist back. Green halts reaching up and grabs Blue's chest and forthcoming arm at the biceps. He turns throwing Blue to the ground. Blue turns to his stomach and spins sweeping at Green's feet toppling him. Blue follows through summersaulting bringing his left heel down on Green's chest. Green heaves yelling beneath the armor. Blue back handsprings to his feet. Seeing his enemy disabled his lunges bringing both knees to his chest. As he comes down he pushes his feet down. Green rolls over as Blue's feet penetrate the ground ankle deep. Green rolls back backhanding Blue in the groin following through with the other fist into Blue's head. Blue falls back. Green gets to his feet. Blue removes his hand, his eye crystal cracked. Green lunges this time doing the same as Blue. Blue rolls back. As green lands Blue throws his legs forward forcing himself into the air and twists. He lands sitting on Green's shoulders and follows through forcing his weight back. He puts his hands on the ground and pulls bringing Green over him head first into the ground. Green goes limp bouncing over onto his stomach. Blue stands. The eye crystal nearly healed. Green rolls over staring at the sky. Blue jumps bringing his fist back. "Enough." Alteras commands. Blue lands his fist stopping just before hitting Green's control medal. Blue stands. A moment later Green gets to his feet. Both walk to Alteras. "Remove the armor." Both disengage. Green drops to the ground. Dead. His neck limp now bending unnaturally. The left side of Blue's face is bruised over. His eye bleeding. The skull within now deformed. "Well done." "Thank you my God." "You have earned your days rest. Do as you wish the rest of the day so long as the armor is not summoned." "Yes my God." Alteras is calculating the data from their control medals in his head. The results are quite impressive. This new feature of guiding the Arkenea tendrils for more precise bonding yielded nearly a fifty percent increase. This has brought the strength of the Pharan's when bonded to thirty times their normal strength. He did notice a slight decrease in their performance towards the end of the fight. Their bodies are using the energy supplied to them by the control medal but perhaps he could better manipulate that process. He commands the control medal of the Pharan corpse to emerge. The dimensional portal tears a hole in the ground recovering its dead host. Alteras commands it to walk inside and be removed from host. As he begins following the autonomous corpse he is already thinking of ways to restructure the Pharan's digestive and respiratory systems by having the Arkenea introducing new ones. He stops suddenly hearing a thud behind him. He turns to look. The other Pharan is now lying on the ground. A quick scan tells him the Pharan is alive. Unconscious. The pull of energy the armor needs appears to be quite the strain on non bio plasma producing life forms. Especially after combat. Perhaps the altered organs will help with that. On the other side of the globe Thrtak's group is ready to test their units. The field has four units ready. One with gravity bullet launchers in the palms of the hands. One with them on shoulder mounted pods. With with them within the chest even though Alteras said that design would not be used for some reason. And the last with them mounted on the backside of the forearms. The command is given. The one with shoulder mounts lets loose two massive gravity bullets towards the chest mounted one. The chest mounted one jumps out of the way opening its chest plates and returning fire as cross fire from the other two fly beneath him. His bullets hit tearing the legs off the shoulder mounted one. It screams but remains diligent. Its shoulder pods charging. The arm mounted unit fires at both the chest and shoulder units. It hits tearing a hole in the shoulder units left shoulder pod. The palm unit takes the opportunity and fires at the forearm unit hitting its stomach. A large hole rips apart spewing blood and guts everywhere. The unit remains standing. The chest unit is dodging bullets as its weapons charge. Shoulder and chest units both fire at one another. The two blasts hitting one another in the fields center creating a crater. Forearm unit jumps over the blast and fires at the two of them hitting them both in the head. It points its arms forward firing at palm unit. Palm unit jumps back. As forearm unit lands palm unit rushes forward grabbing its head in his hands and generates the bullet. Forearm units head explodes.
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    95157 part 3

    Alteras stands in the former commanders quarters. The same room used as the central tower for the temporary cities. He can feel the four other commanders waiting for his command. He would have done this ages ago but Tairom was strong enough with will power alone to be considered lesser Dri'Kai. Whatever that thing was did him a favor. He is creating a video of made up events. Another space faring race with mechanical technology rivalling their own. A battle between the two races showing heavy damage to their ships and many losses of lives. In the end a short retreat and their ships ability to repair itself turned the tides granting them victory. Origins of the race are currently unknown. A threat of this magnitude will surely be persuasive in strengthening their forces and prove pivotal in his desire to control all life within the known space. 'Alteras. I have not felt your presence in the sh'dan for some time. Many of us thought you to be dead.' 'I am not so easy to kill S'van. As Haldn should now be aware of.' His voice full of accusation. 'We could use you again. The republic is not what it used to be.' 'The republic has been soft for too long S'van. I feel it is time we Dri'Kai take back what was once ours.' 'And how do you suppose we do that? We are criminals of evolution. Deemed as destroy on site through any means necessary. We would need an army of tremendous power to do that.' 'And an army I plan to make.' 'I'm listening.' 'As are others. My location for now will remain unknown. When I feel it is safe I will notify you of my current arrangements. I will enter the sh'dan again later.' 95157 emerges from the boost. The landscape is gone. In the distance a sinuous blob of matter floats. Debris floating in the surrounding space. It scans for any signs of life. None. The entities have left. It begins mapping the surrounding stars and matches its location among the known star systems. Unexplored space. To its left the grid matches the outer 38576-98672-98245-87614-65413-56142 sector. It stares straight ahead. Within the boost a ripple forms adjoining another in the distance through a slim tube. The direction points towards the planet 512938 which is home to the race 19678261457398472789 which call themselves Pharan. A slim fragile race with tight grey blue skin. Two yellow eyes encompassing the majority of their face. Two toed feet and four fingered hands. Intelligence is among the primitive status. 'I's ability to travel within the vacuum is non existent. Known methods for travel, gravity manipulation through siphoning of the boost. Mapping every 33rd processor for adaptation to travel. Done. Time for integration 3 revolutions.' 95157 floats in the void. Vacuum outside planet 512938: The fleet emerges from the wormhole. It quickly collapses behind them. Alteras stares at the planet. The race below may not be the perfect army but they are sufficient for him to build on. "Criminals of evolution.." He mocks to no one. While maintaining control of the commanders he has been forcing subliminal programming to them both psionically and through their control medals. Each has been ordered into cocoon status to reform themselves into Tairoms design. All others have been given orders to don the new armor systems. Those who did not have control medals soon will. The subliminal messaging will soon resonate through the entire fleet. They will all pledge allegiance to him. With that task implemented he turns to the next. Multiple upgrades for the armor. A screen lowers showing him the designs he is mentally sending it. It produces a holographic image. He has 5 designs. Each with its own weaponry. Sonic, gravitational, Tairoms boosters, multiple vibrational blades, laser. Carefully he plans the integration as he waits for the crew to finish their transformations. Alteras has watched for two of this planets revolutions mapping the sentient life forms living habits while working on his designs. He has planned landing zones for the five ships. He feels the first commander wake. "Dri'Kai Alteras. Commander Thrtak awaiting orders sir." "Good. Are your systems fully operational." "Yes sir." "Even better. Keep watch over your crew. Notify me when all are fully awake and functioning." "Yes Dri'Kai." The name is something he had not heard people call him openly with respect for nearly 30% of the galactic revolution. Eons ago. Patiently he waits while the others wake. One by one the commanders wake, then in turn they notify him when their crew is ready. He reaches out contacting each control medal "I have mapped out locations for each ship to land and begin building their facilities. The Pharan's shall be gathered and we will begin testing on the individual designs as soon as possible. Any and all upgrade designs will be brought to me for review before implementation." A universal "Yes sir." hummed across the control medal. He retained a link to each of them as well as the five ships. Any and all information passing between them will pass through him as well. Near the 5 most populated areas the ships land. Each digging their way into the ground spreading tendrils that will form new compartments and grow their ship into a full scale research and design facility. Within one revolution the Phoran's begin discovering and curiously looking over the ships. 95157 finished the upgrades. It stretches its itself feeling the greater surge of energy running through it. Every 33rd processor dedication to its own set of small scale gravity controller orbs. All of them forming a grid around each of its three inner layers. Skeletal, primary muscle, and secondary muscle. 'Potential of speed through the vacuum...3.25798312 times the speed of light. Speed in a non vacuum...unknown..variables pending.' It sets a course for itself to the planet the entities ventured towards. Unnecessary systems routed to exploring the vast amount of information within in search of possible upgrades and to teach ones self. The Pharan's were curious as to what it was that came from the sky. Never before had they seen anything like it. Giant egg shaped rocks which floated down and planted themselves into the ground. Others similar to them began to grow around them. For nine days they watched more and more grow. Finally an opening slightly taller than they melted open. From inside beings slightly shorter than they emerged. large pink eyes with a single horn above their head. Spikes on their arms. Some on their legs. Something unfamiliar on their backs. A shiny orb in the center of their foreheads. They were covered in a flexible shell similar to the Harrabilla. One of them held out something in its hands. It had a shiny orb in its center similar to the ones on their foreheads. nodding the entity motioned the device towards the nearest Pharan. Hesitantly the Pharan reached for it. A white ring at the base of the orb glows as the unit hovers above the Phara. Other watch in awe. The unit open, thousands of tendrils reaching and wrapping around the Pharan. It screams in fear and pain. The others run. It tries to wriggle away but is restrained. The entities watch with patience as the armor merges with its host. "Can you understand me Pharan?" Thrtak asks. "Yes. What is this? What did you do to me?" "We will explain in due time. This is the only way for us to communicate. Let your people know they do not need to be afraid. We are those who make life in the universe. Life here is frail. We shall remake it stronger." "We are not frail. Why do we need to be stronger?" "The fallen tree over there. Gab it and lift it." A simple task but a means to test the strength enhancing effects on these people. Monitoring the control medal they watch as the Pharan grabs the log and lifts what would normally take ten or more of them. "How?" The Pharan asks. "We will show you. And we will offer more." Thrtak's crew was charged with the task of upgrading the gravity manipulation system within the armor. Having established communication with one he hoped to do so with others. He showed the Pharan how to remove the armor. Two new organs at the base of Pharan's controller organ granting it a telepathic link to its new armor and telepathic communication with others using a control medal. The Pharan was given certain information about a clan of its race on another side of the continent with similar powers that is planning on ravaging the land. In order to survive their people would need to use the armor. The power of fear passed through the primitive people and soon Thrtak had them willingly walking to his labs. Nearly three of this planets rotations Alteras has watched and aided. He reorganized the ships DNA to raise his labs to the Captains center. This way he could work on his own projects and watch over everything without needing to move far. Time and time again he tried to recreate the creature. Every time he failed. He even tried linking up to four control medals to power the thing but the drain was too much. He had gotten to the point of sustaining it if it did not move but the mass was too heavy for the skeletal systems he designed. He finally designed a skeletal system out of the carapace material of the armor. This proved strong enough to support the thing but again movement proved fatal. He had to have the answer. He had to have something like this under his control. Or better yet, if he could augment his DNA to make himself into it. There was only one person with the knowledge. Hopeful the drain had not killed her yet "Therus come to my lab." The door opens as Therus walks close. Inside there are dozens of screens about each showing different things. "I need you to take a scout ship and bring that wretch Ladeline back here. If she is drained then I want her remains." "Yes Dri'Kai Alteras." As Therus walks away Alteras receives a message there is a battle about to commence. A glance at the nearest viewing screen and it switches to show him the battle field. The field is in front of crew C. The crew designated to develop the vibrational blades. All debris has been cleared. Within the field are twelve armored Pharan's. Four designs have only arm blades, two facing forward, two facing backwards. Two have only leg blades. Two have blades protruding all over. Two more have them on their backs with one emitting from the chest. The last two have blades protruding from the fingertips. The battle commences. All twelve rush towards one another. The two with the blades on their backs are the first to go. Nearly no frontal defenses. One of those with blades on the legs is next to go. The blades hum as they hit against one another. The other legged one falls. Moments later the two with the blades all over are the ones left standing sparring with one another. "Stop the fight. Bring those two to me." "Yes Dri'Kai." The two retract their armor. Both collapse, drained. Their bodies are battered. Another message appears asking Alteras to review the designs of the sonic emitting units. There are 5 designs ready to be implemented for testing. One uses the top of the head. The next uses the palm of the hands. The third uses shoulder pods. The fourth uses the chest area similar to Tairoms smashers. And the fifth uses small orbs placed on the front of the face. "Proceed." The chest area he will not utilize. That is being reserved for the smasher cells as Tairom had done. A very well thought out design. He returns to his private project.
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