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  1. Warrior Guyver Seven!? who dis!? Information please, help a brother out!
  2. Hey, all! Yeah, been awhile since I was here, but you all know how life gets in the way. Simple question here: what would u all say to me drafting and writing a wg-based fic for fanfiction ( w\ all the proper credits and nods to all persons who helped create the concepts therein) where a Warrior Kavzar unit or active user finds themselves in either the Marvel or DC unis, and proceeds to leave his mark there? Thoughts, comments, remarks, et cetera, please send them so I can seehow everyone feels about this. Thx, and happy holidays to all!
  3. Said it before, and I'll say it again; take ur time, when it's ready, it will be ready, and we happy faithful will be waiting for it. Best wishes.
  4. Some new guyver and zoalord related artwork!? SWEETNESS!
  5. Thanks for letting me know, pal. Will add u later on tonight.
  6. Been working on collecting and adding other stories and artwork that I've been working on over at DeviantArt.com. There are some truly talented artists over there, like GuyverC and UltimateW'Kar, so I thought I would ask my peeps here if they have accts there that I should be aware of. Drop a line here and let me know if u do, k? Thanks.
  7. To all my friends and even to those who think I'm slightly weird for an old fella.... HAPPY NEW YEAR, AND BEST WISHES FOR A GREAT 2012!
  8. Long time no talk, my friend. Have u made any further progress with these OCs? Would love to see more about them, and possibly even make stories involving them. At ur discretion of course, as I am still working on editing my stories, and w/o a good working computer, it is slow going. Drop me a line and let me know, K? LTR.
  9. (clapping all the while) Excellent work, my friend. Glad I faved them all on DA. By the way, who is ur friend (the blue Guyver) on DA? (if he is on DA, that is) P.S. Glad to have you back on WG.com, too.
  10. Juggernought wrote: Dude, major congrats! Best wishes to the little princess and the wife for doing a wonderful job! No worries about the story; will be ready and waiting when it's done, and besides, got my own to rework in some spots. Good luck, and again, congrats to u and ur new family member!
  11. Sully, old man, I may not have been commenting as much lately, but I can say this: u r outdoing yourself w/ all this great stuff u r giving us. Keep it coming as time permits; we will be here, waiting for the goods.
  12. Okay, deaing w/ family and traveling done, now I can comment! Keep it coming, sully, and we appreciate all your hard work to make this site even better.
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