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  1. Yay...its good to know things are still going on....i found a rough story id written about a Space Marine (warhammer 40k) gettin a standard unit....AND Leonidus*sp* ( film 300) with a slightly modded unit....i know i posted a datafile up here years ago so imma try n pick em up....althought no where near the calibur of you guys hopefully it will be good enough to entertain....
  2. Hello guys n gals, i have'nt been on this website in years and it touched my heart to know its still around. I've started re-reading the stories ONCE AGAIN!! for like the 100th time but ma memories rusty and its always a joy to read regardless...soooooo what new. Fill Me In!!!!!
  3. Mike plans on coming back and writing more Chronicles and the Guyver XT story. just he's busy for the next year'ish. Freaking sweet go XT!!!
  4. Wow its been far to long since ive been here...is this still going on im up ffor it!!
  5. Damn you keep the people wanting more!!...considering you call it a rough version so far id easily say that great already!...a few things tho (obviously expecting the notorious "no comment"... if all the new unit where fitted with the limitation devise only i gen would be able to alter that unless it was faulty? I mean they were fully aware of the dangers of a guyver zoalord yet reeve would've been literally unstoppable if not for Warrior Guyver and alot of luck so surely there some foul play here...
  6. i cant wait for gilgamesh and dreddy to duke it out!!...
  7. maybe because i play alot of poker but i like 'Deus!!' plus it goes hand in hand with his GWOFG counter part but instead of a repo W'Kar unit a suped up warrior unit.....obviously though weaker than the repo W-unit...
  8. I would have to say Black Guyver Darzerb simple because of his raw overbearing strength easily throwing W'Kar around who bearing in mind he shoved a spike up Guyver Powered Zerebubuse for fun...Warrior guyver vamour has his enhanced shoulder pod/gravity attacks but in hand to hand combat he just wouldnt be able to match up to BGD...the only one who may stand agood chance against him is Guyver Thancrus seeing as he would be deadly in CQC with vibrational swords on par with a gigantics maybe and increased speed....guyver zoanoid even with the changes in power levels is stil not powerful enough to be major threat to any of the other guyvernoids
  9. Excellent!!....loved the story...i only wish the week had more days in it!!!... Out of the hundreds of manga iv read this is easily in my top 3 favourites even if unofficial...i would gladly had paid to read not only this but alll the stories on the site...very well done!! : :apt: :mura:
  10. It feels almost like a Premier for a big hollywood movie!!...i wont stop reading even if my eyes bleed!!
  11. i was watching the old guyver episode where sho killed his father (Enzyme II) and had a thought....even tho sho refused to fight back after going into self defence mode the guyver ignored the wishes of the host and kicked ass soooooo....if dreadnought was damaged enough to go into self defence mode is there a possibility the matrix could augment jasons dna to give it the power needed to defeat it opponent??
  12. i cant speak for everyone else but id be happyly recieve anything you posted...its part of my daily routine to jump on the site and see whats new...and i never get bored re-reading the fics!!!!!
  13. ahh sometimes no comment says it all (i hope!!)...
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