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  1. Not surprised Never gonna get to read more of Guyver Y_______Y
  2. Not sure if its just me, but its coming up Blog Not Found
  3. I love the direction the manga is going but I swear the chapters for Guyver arent long enough, they're half the length of other mangas and takes twice as long to get them I want more Guyver damn it T_T
  4. Rivyn


    Yeah, I'm still convinced that the Japanese have hidden underground warehouses full of Gundams and Armslaves and Landmates and Tachikomas and all manner of mecha's they're gonna use to kill us all >> <<
  5. I completely agree, thats probably why I consider guyver to be one of the best Manga's I've ever read. Its so rich with so many possibilities that keep you guessing. Its a fanfiction writers dream. I also think you're right about Apollon. I dont think he could possibly be a Creator Soldier, there's no way he could know about Guyot, Kurumegnik and Jaervil, unless the a contingent of Creators never left Earth and have maintained a secret presence keeping aprise of everything. But that doesnt seem likely as they assumed all life on the earth would be destroyed when the chunk of asteroid smashed
  6. Wouldn't it just be simpler to create an artifical shield around the planet to protect it from solar winds and such? Way I understand it most of Mars harsh enviroment stems from the fact that it has no protection against the Sun, so even if we made the planet liveable we would still be faced with that fact so wouldn't it just be easier to build or create using the matrix a shield to protect the planet from these "Attacks" and have humans simply live in BioDomes or underground cities?
  7. It looks like one of those flying balls from the Phantasm Movies ::EDIT:: Actually no I take that back, it looks nothing like the balls from Phantasm ::::EDITEDIT:::: I was just watching the new V and there's a sphere device in that that looks like the one in the photo, or at the very least, very similar to it
  8. The name I was going by at the time was Riven And the main character was Rune Daniels ^_~ to answer the original question, I'm currently rewriting the Oni Guyver fanfic I went right back to the beginning and started with Dawn of the Dark Heroes Dawn of the Dark Heroes is the first saga that tells how the main characters became guyvers and the events that created the setting for Summit of the Dark Heroes. The first saga is complete and currently I am take a hiatus from the Dark Heroes Sagas to work on another project, Tabula Rasa, however I am looking to start working on the second saga
  9. Your not the only one I've been bugging the - practically - only primary anime manga distributor in Australia since Chaung Yi started translating the manga but they have no interest in it which is really unfortunate because a local book store has started stocking manga finally, and I cant afford to import it T_T Anyway, with a line like "I will bring about the end of everything" he had better be damn powerful to back up his threat
  10. well as far as human evolution goes, there are people that believe that throughout earths life, there's been the possible chance that human OR human like life forms have evolved and flourished and then disappeared in extinction level events, such as meteors slamming into the earth or naturally dieing out or even advancing to the point of becoming space flight capable. I dont know how much stock to put into these ideas. As far as I'm concerned they make for some interesting story ideas at least. As for Alkanphel's age....I thought he was suppose to have been around when the dinosaurs were aro
  11. Ya about that... WHEN IS IT COMING OUT!!?!?!?!?!? I can't even enjoy the orginals because the geo-rock site is gone. well currently the first chapter is about 75 - 80% complete, but I would like to have a couple of chapters finished before I start posting it anywhere. I'm also thinking about getting myself a website to host the fic on. Only thinking about it at the moment, but it would be good to be able to host it somewhere without having to worry about restrictions to content
  12. well seriously, unless a giga wearing guyver was ever in a position that required the need of this weapon, why use it at all? If you introduce a new weapon simply for the sake of introducing a new weapon then the story may as well be retitled Dragon Ball Z and feature a monster of the week type scenerio
  13. I say no I'm currently rewriting my fic the Dark Heroes sagas and from personal experience it is long and difficult, however if you're prepared to commit to that instead of furthering the current story then go for it, I certainly understand the desire to recapture that spark that first gets yah going and I'm hoping I've discovered it again personally My advice is that seeing that you're already so far into the story, I would wait until you've rewritten ALL of the chapter before you release them. That way if you get to the mid way point and you just dont have the will power or desire to keep
  14. Rivyn

    Drawing Guyvers

    Look an important part of drawing anything, especially guyvers for that matter, is practice. Practice, Practice, Practice Unless you're born to draw and just have that natural talent, you arent going to get it right the first time. The trick is not to get disheartened by it. I've only done a couple of guyver pics myself and only one of them in my opinion is any good and the head and hands on it still sucks in my opinion, I started at like 10pm and didn't finish it until like 5:30 or 6:00am!! I dont know much about drawing on a computer, all my stuff is pencil and paper and a cheap scanner, s
  15. Oh come on, even I admit Broccoli was fun Cant wait to see the finished product Allan
  16. Rivyn


    Do those that provide a picture stand a better chance of winning ? <
  17. Ok, I was just curious is all *goes back to working on contest datafile*
  18. is there any news on when the new datafiles might be up? <
  19. Rivyn


    Why the hell not, I havent entered a contest for a while I'll see what I can come up with, there's bond to be some ideas floating around in my strange and sick mind that'll be decent enough. How about a Guyver Mother Superior for the Order of Anubis's Sunday school program? <<
  20. Sounds like the next chapter'll be pretty good, cant wait
  21. I said an increase in "bad stuff" I never said it never existed, I said its increased since 2000 and there's no denying it.
  22. Because the world is in a state of change Largo, and when the world starts to change big things are required. A new generation of politicians will take their respective seats of power in the near future and that generation will be those that have suffered under the hands of their various governments and they will face two choices. 1... To right the wrongs set forth by the old politicians and create a new path, learning from the mistakes of their predesessors. or 2... They continue the cycle of choas, confusion and the mistakes of the old become the mistakes of the new, meaning that another
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