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  1. Been a while since this old dogs posted on here. Within the last year I've been fortunate enough to accomplish a few life goals and thus have a bit more free time. Whipped up a couple pieces of Warrior Guyver fanart I wanted to share. Currently working on a redesign of Dark Falz from the original Phantasy Star on the old Sega Master System.
  2. Oh, by all means please go right ahead. I'm glad you like the piece. Honestly this site and the people I have met here help me strive to be a better artist. I'm thrilled to be contributing a bit back to this place.
  3. http://anarchyguyver2004.deviantart.com/art/Female-Warrior-Guyver-Gigantic-590196546 Finally got one of my pictures finished.
  4. I mentioned before that I had a little WG fanart I was working on. Figured I would give a WIP picture of the piece that is farthest along.
  5. This pertains to art so I thought it might be best placed in this forum. If I'm incorrect I apologize in advance and ask it be moved to the appropriate forum section. "Art" is a broad term that encompasses any media where someone creates something that has only the function of entertaining people in certain ways. A funny short story, an emotionally moving picture or even a sculpture that may speak to you on an intellectual level. Anything that you create is art. With all this in mind I've seen some fantastic artists around this forum since I joined so very long ago. So many people have surged forth and refined their skills over the years that you may hardly recognize their earlier work. This has made me quite curious about how each of us produces in our chosen field of expertise. My process is kind of chaotic. I'm actually working on two pieces of Warrior Guyver fanart right now. One is more traditional, utilizing pencil, pen and paper. The other is entirely digital. For traditional art I use Pentel GraphGear 1000 mechanical pencils and 4h through 2b leads before switching to Prismacolor black inks that range from .005 to .08 This is all used on Strathmore acid free sketch paper. For digital art I use an Ipad2 32GB tablet and the art program Procreate. It's a cheap program with many of the same tools as photoshop so I can really let loose with my imagination. I'm curious what other artists on here use when they create their impressive work. Anyone care to share their weapons of choice and process?
  6. Thank you sir, glad you like the new stuff. Also, just because I pondered it, what if Dark Samus from Metroid was a Guyver/Zoanoid ish thing?
  7. Been forever since I did something here. Thought I would drop on and drop some art off before I fall through a wormhole in space again.
  8. Personally, I'd like to see updated pictures of old characters. The artistic ability of the WG.com crew has obviously increased since inception and new photoshop techniques have been picked up I'm sure. If I had to choose, I'd like to see some updated DF pictures for Warrior Guyver and Warrior Guyver C
  9. Oh I'm drawing quite a bit actually. In fact I have two projects I'm working on I'm sure you and Sully will both enjoy respectively. I figure that this place has given me quite a bit in the way of learning to draw and I've not really done any fanart of the characters here. Sooooooo along with my Kamen Rider: Variance art I've been cooking up a pair of interesting WG.com fanart pictures.
  10. So a looooong time ago I posted a creature called the Mantis Unit. It was one of the first drawings I'd done when Matt convinced me to stop copying and tracing and start doing stuff free handed like himself. I think this ones a little better than the original drawing. http://anarchyguyver2004.deviantart.com ... -162737552
  11. Ultimate Kuuga as seen in Kamen Rider: DCD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpHs7RIMNTw
  12. No, this isn't an 'Ultimate' Guyver like you may think. It's just my Guyver like take on Ultimate Form Kuuga. This isn't meant to be 100% accurate to either series, it was just something I sketched at work and brought home to color. I added a few things like the frequency blades. This Guyver has the ability to ingest 'food' in armored form as the mouth on the armor can open and close and is tipped with High Frequency fangs that allow for easy ripping and tearing of meat from Guyvers, Zoanoids, humans or whatever else it happens upon when hungry. I had a whole Datafile written up but I don't think I'll ever use him in a story so I won't be posting it. http://anarchyguyver2004.deviantart.com ... -161705249 Enjoy.
  13. Not a problem, glad my old Guyver stuff is found useful. I'm more drawn to Kaiju and Kamen Rider material now so the Guyver stuffs gotten quite few and far between.
  14. http://anarchyguyver2004.deviantart.com/ Theres a few of my older Jehuty pictures there. My newer stuff is all Photoshop but not uploaded yet.
  15. http://anarchyguyver2004.deviantart.com ... r-89479395 At least I think it's movie style Guyver armor.
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