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Guyver somthing

Guest SolBlaze

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guyver zoanoids?

I am liking the more recent ones.

you got good solidity in the designs.

I don't feel that it follows guyver design completely but it's pretty damn faithful.

I can't imagine anyone being much more faithful if they weren't takaya sensei himself.

I'd definitely like to lose the lined paper though.

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Very nicely done. I have a feeling that you have the manga images next to you as reference for some alterations. The Enhanced G3 and Guyver Zoanoid varient are my favorites. These are almost what I have in mind for the HG designs but I could never get them to come out right.

You're on a good track with these man. Keep it up.

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Man, I'm really loving these images. It's very creative and stylish. Though I have to admit the one with the nose horn actualy cracked me up because it looked like a Guyver "Tengu".

Please put these in the forums gallery as a backup in case something happens to Deviant.

Thanks, lol tengu was on my mind indeed but i tried to make more of a kabuto lookin.

Toku: Haha kinda, on the first 2 drawings i have the manga as ref, but now i have all in my head. and thanks

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Very good Sol. I like the short manga of Guyver VS. Rockman X. I guess if you draw certain Guyver faces long enough you can get their detail installed in your head. Though I can do slightly good designs I still need images for references when doing a highly detailed image. This is definitely great stuff though. I say take some of your drawings and, if ya got skills in photoshop, make them into a wallpaper.

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Nice work; very smooth. Are you planning to color it, too?

maybe, might redo the whole thing though. Im still learning XD
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oh it's a nice start. you'll gradualy get the hang of adjusting all the shapes. Then you can work on the textures. :)

Thanks :D

Haven't been doin much of art or 3d related stuff lately. Here's some stuff i did today just for practice with my tablet or wacom. XD



Just some random ideas agan hehe

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