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The Eternals

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I don't see good portents for this.

'Eternals' was Jack Kirby's last great Marvel project and was not initially meant to be part of their superhero comics universe. Only later was it folded into the main continuity and it almost never works. The Eternals are supposed to be guardians of the planet but are rarely anywhere to be found when it is in danger.

"We never interfered"? Right after you are shown to do exactly that.

I have read the synopsis of the movie thanks to the wretched hive of scum and villainy that is 4chan, and frankly I am not impressed.

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In the comics the Eternals really never did interfere, even when the Deviants enslaved humanity. To them it was like a war between two species of animal. You may not like it, but what are you supposed to do? It's nature. Only when the Deviants attack them or threaten the machinations of the Celestials do they retaliate as a people.

Of course, individual Eternals may feel for the humans, but that is their affair.

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Well, I'm sure Marvel knows what they're doing.  I mean, they've been doing this for like, more than a decade.  Also note that Marvel has trolled fans a lot of times before, so who is to say they're not trolling us again with this.  Despite my misgivings of this movie, I still might probably watch it.  For the life me of, I just can't get the image of Jon Snow and Robb Stark out of my mind when I see Kit Harrington and Richard Madden.

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