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o wow bk, your year makes my year look like a sunny vacation in the bahamas.

sorry to hear about your billing troubles, are they going to reimburse you?

awesome that your graduating tho.

guys my sis is about to head out again. (im using her satellite card for internet access) so i'll try to keep in touch but no promises. i hate not being here.

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Being in a car accident is always a pain the in backside. Especially with insurance, it's the job of the agents to make sure you have a hell of a hard time to discourage you from claiming the coverage. My last accident was no longer covered by my insurance. Good thing that the person who hit me agreed to make the repairs for me. I'm not sure if you call this biased or coincidence, but majority of the car accidents I was in involved women drivers. The last one that hit me was a woman.

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larz, I don't know if this helps, but it is a suggestion.

my phone contract includes unlimited free internet, and i can hook it up to my computer. it is what i use every single day for everything, watching youtube videos, uploading files to the server etc.

they give me a free iphone 4 with the contract and it only costs £35 a month. that's probably around $50

if there is any kind of contract available for you like that, and if you've got decent enough network coverage, then you can have continuous internet.

bananaking, glad to hear your illness is in remission. you keep on top of that bastard!

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Well my insurance and my doctor's staff have not been very helpful lately. I've been seeing a pediatric's gastroenterologist for since I turned 21 and she can no longer see me so I have to transission to a new doctor. Now this doesn't sound like a problem however, my current prescriptions can't be refilled until I find a new doctor and thats becoming a problem what with graduating college and all

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Well the good news is, in about 2 weeks i'll be a college graduate. I've been looking forward to this day for over a decade and now its finally gonna happen.

I'm currently working on getting myself a domain for my professional work. I've been thinking of using a domain through Squaresoft and having a Tumblr blog to post my work. I've developed a businesscard when I could post on here. My animation reel is almost ready and in a week I'll post a link to it on youtube.


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I like your business card design.

it's very striking.

I'd lose the rounded edges though. i heard chinese people view it as a homosexual statement.

when you say you're getting a domain through squaresoft, what do you mean?

do you mean, a cheap domain?

domains are only about $20 a year.

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Well a friend of mine said he would host a domain for me for dirt cheap if not free. I was thinking of www.zwainkeyframe.com as the web address. It has a nice ring to it and correlates with animation.

I can easily modify it to square edges. You should've seen my old card design, this new one is 1000% different

Thank you, I've been very pleased with how its turned out

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Awesome card bk! So how goes ur work?

I gotta do an update, so following ryuki's advice i got a smartphone.

Meaning i got internet on my phone so i can be connected again.

heh, now i just gotta get in the habit of coming back here.

MORE NEWS! Ok so its not big news but im excited by it.

Other then the smartphone ialso bought a xbox. not just any xbox, the starwars edition r2d2 xbox!

Also i finally said goodbye to my 22" tube tv and bought a 47" 3d tv. for now life is good. lol.

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I tried the ps3. i might get one eventually, i like the naruto games on it and the infamous games. but im mainly a xbox guy. the games i got recentlly is mass effect 3, starwars kinext or however its spelled, assassins creed brotherhood and halo remastered. im a big masseffect fan so getting 3 was a givin! and as soon as i see the new spiderman movie im getting the spiderman game.

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