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hey i have no room to talk bk.. when i was 9 my mom told me to go wash an dry the cat... so i stuck her in the dishwasher and did a light wash...

then i was gonna put her in the microwave to dry her off, but mom came in and saw what was happening.. beat the crap outta me too...

saved the cat tho... but you wont believe what i did next after mom left.

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How come I'm never told of these things? When does our show air and how much are we getting for this? Well a funny thing my dog did once was it was: It was halloween a few years ago and she was scared of the trick-or0treaters. So she kept growling at them and barking at them. So my mom went to pull her away and Hershey my dog) got so scared she bit my mother in the leg and imediatly cowered in fear. It was so cute but hilarious to see my mother punt Hershey across the kitchin in anger. But we forgave her because you can't be mad at a dog for acting out of fear. Damn!!! I have class!!! And now my second semester classes are all on two days, one right after another! They're making me get up at 8 again! This sucks soooooo much, but if all goes well, I won't have friday classes anymore!

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i think this is more a charity show bk, but instead of raising money for people we raise their spirits instead. you, being the pasty fruit lord you are, should be use to charity work!

and that sucks bk, im glad im outta school.. when i was in school, i had classes then i went to the library to work their as a study aid till it closed... that was a pretty sweet gig too. i just watched people and stayed online pretty much the whole day.

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That was really lame, but whatever. What I found really amamzing today was while I was registering for the Spring 09 semester it said I'm not scheduled to graduate until 2014...correct me if I'm wrong but: A bachelor's degree is four years of school and 8 semesters equal out to 2 per year making it four. So what am I supposed to do for the final two years? Sit around and do nothing? I hope its a typo but whatever...

I'm putting the finishing touches on my pair of artificial wings. I think when they're done I'll borrow my friend's camera and try to post a pic to show you all. I wish I had a video camera, I want to start making films because I'm trying to take some film classes but I they're all closed until next year. I'm thinking next year I'll make art my minor and film my major, although I don't want to have wasted classes. We'll see as time goes on. You familiar with the band disturbed? They're one of my favorites and I have all of these cool (if somewhat demented and creepy) ideas for music videos featuring their music. I'd also love to make a movie about a short play I wrote last year. It features 3 boys renting a cabin for the week and one of them becomes extremly ill and runs out into a blizzard. The other kids try to hold it together and one of them ends up going insane and tries to kill the other kid as they search for a nearby town. The sad part is no one survives. Maybe when I go home I'll post some of my stories....

And now for your entertainment pleasure, here's larz

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wow.. burned by the banana..

heh. so when exactly are your vids schedule for release? im curious enough to see them!! i wonder if you are gonna be in the actual vids!! we get to see the king!!

so whats the deal with the wings... i think i missed something.

and disturbed.. do they play bodies.

and i am an evil man... i bought this show that moms been dyin to see... so i got it for her so i can use the computer.. im a tricky fool. lol. so im currently working on guyver 2. go me!!!

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Its for my stupid 3d sculpture class. We have to make an outside apendage so I made wings, they're actually kind of flat but they do move. They're being graded right now but when I get them back I'll post a pic for ya. As for the videos, since I don't have a camera, then I wouldn't expect them anytime soon. And I do believe disturbed plays bodies but its not their best work.

These are the real disturbed songs, they're some of my favorites:

I'm Alive


If you like metal then they're one of the big artists, but they're not gods of metal. As for my videos, when I do get my hands on a camera (I kinda want to buy resistance 2 first) I'll start making vids and I might take a film production course over the summer only if the credits are transferable. I can't wait for thanksgiviing. I'm not adimit about the holiday but its the first time I'll have thought about going home since september. I don;t miss home, just my dogs. What I don't get is, all these other freshmen, go home so much. I mean I've met a lot of kids who live in my area and they go home almost every weekend! Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't one of the things you're supposed to develop in college independance? I mean I understand if these kids miss their parents, but first of all, they're and hour and half from home, and they're away from home for only a week at a time. I mean my college may not be the best in the country but we're only 20 minutes from Phily and they do have a lot of fun things to do here.

My brother was homesick when he started school but his situation is different. He goes to school in Rochester and that's 330 miles from my house, so that's a 6hr drive! I can't wait for the next Resident Evil game, it's gonna be so cool! Are you gonna see the new Bond flick? I hope its good, I want to see it but I have to wait until I go home on the 26th. Wow, when I ramble I ramble...

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Well we are JP's loveable dou, maybe we should work on a Larz and BK Movie! We could try and do something simple and get wrapped in some huge mess while trying to accomplish our simple mission.

I see where you're coming from with the 1k post wins thing, but I feel more expressive, maybe its the fact this is labeled a blog, I don't know. I don't have a blog in real life, they seem kind of loserish to me. Ironic and hypocritical huh? As far as school goes, I'm thinking when I have to pick classes for the fall 09 semester to ask my advisor if I can switch my major to film and minor in art. I'm an artist at heart but I lack the ability for these courses I'm taking. Plus they're not my kind of art so its hard to stay interested. I want to have total creative control when making digital media. I want to make my own animated shows. I'm leaning towards internet shows rather than TV only because FCC regulations would prohibit a lot of my ideas. I have a lot of gorey battle scenes in some shows. I doubt I would be allowed to show a disembodied hand impail our hero and our hero pulling the hand out, blood pouring from his wound as the enemy's hand returns to its master; its master laughing insanley as it happens. With the interent, its a little easier to not be censored. But I'll cross that road when I get to it.

In high school, my creative blossumed and my best class was creative writing. Now I've always been an artist at heart so I thought that I should try to make a visual representation of my ideas, but they weren't coming out the way I wanted. College is only showing me that art may not be my right path. I noticed that in my four art classes, I'm in the bottom percentage, acedmically and ability-wise. But I want to be an artist, but you also have to remember these are basic and core courses.

These are the courses I'm taking:

Representational Drawing 1: Drawing from real life. I don't like real life, real life is boring, will I ever be a king of bananas in real life? Well I can be, but they might give me a straight jacket. Nothing I think of is good for real life.

Color & Design 2 3D: Basically, a sculpture class. I HATE sculptures and I think they're stupid for the most part. I mean its cool to see a 6ft tall sculpture of a terminator but what you see at museums and stuff is stupid.

Color & Design 3 Color Theory: Its a course about everything about colors and painting. I can't paint for my life and my work will show you how bad I am.

Digital Media Techniques: It sounded like a course I'd like, but its an intro to photoshop...I don't own nor do I wish to pay for photoshop. I don't have a camera nor do I even know how to operate on. What am I gonna use photoshop for? And before you answer that, no I'm not one to make those cool deviant art pictures.

Next semesters not looking much better, but I just gotta keep on keeping on. The day will soon come when I'll post my video work here. I'm thinking of asking for a video camera for Christmas rather than my novelty contacts and another PS3 controller. But the other problem is, kids don't make good actors when they don't have the same passion in your work as you do. So don't be surprised if you only see me, playing multiple characters in the videos to come.

Oh yeas, you'll all soon see just what the BananaKing looks like, real soon, in fact look at my profile right now and you'll see it...go check it out

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it would be real weird to see you, talking to you. but hey! maybe a famous director lurks on this site and when he sees your work, he'll hit ya up dude!

so when ya get to the top.. remember all your friends dude! remember thats L-A-R-Z. NOT L-A-R-S!!

sorry about your school situation an all. i too know what its like to not be interested in something. its like... you cant even muster a grain of creativity to even start the project.

im also an artist by heart. i been drawing since i was 2. moms got twenty pounds of scrapbooks to proof it, but i can be soooo into a picture that im all psyched out about. but once i get bored (which is quick, sadly) i cant work on it.. and when i force myself too.. it comes out all... mangled.. its weird. i look back at those same pictures, and its like, part of it just hits me, it clicks its got feeling, the other half... dont mesh well. its like my style, my technique just dwindles back to preschool level...

i didnt pay for my photoshop. i think either a friend or my sister loaned me a copy, i cant remember, which is sad cause it only happened a few months back. bk, i dont plan to ever have deviantart account, but photo shop is fun to play around with, i was just goofing around and i found out i can use it to make gifs. so that got my guyver gif collection rollin. its not the best, but so far im sticking right there with it.

your classes. i wish i had those options when i went to college.. i ended up majoring in electronics. i so wish i had some of yours instead.

drawing in real life: this is just me, i dont really know what thats referring too, but up to me, i'd use it as a oppurtunity to learn how to draw backgrounds. ya know, do it enough and ya can get a good eye for it. so when ya do backgrounds for pictures or for your videos, its that much easier. backgrounds on some pictures are the hardest for me.

color and design 2,3: thats actually like me. in real life i cant paint one simple color over a flat surface, it comes out way uneven and its just nasty.

but if you give me a model, like heroclix scale, i can seriously deck it out somethin ferious. i actually get commissions from a wargamers club for me to paint their figures. but i cant paint on paper. its so weird.

dude!! you look like your 16!!! lol! sorry couldnt resist. so the bananaking is actually a bananaprince... hmmm interesting.

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o gosh.. i dont wanna be rude but i had a rough time at church tonight..

heres the deal. theres this dude at church who got into a bad wreck. he had severe head trama and supposably some brain damage... so he doesnt think about what he says and its pretty much all negative. even tho, i can sympathize. hes been thru a rough time.

so bascially hes very opininated about all things, and cruel things are always coming from his mouth... ah, heres the catch... nothings changed. he's always been this way and i havent noticed any lapses in judgement or common sense that goes hand in hand with his "injury". i cant shake the feeling that he's usin it as an excuse to be mean to people. this guy is mean as a rattle snake.

before the accident he called a girl over to him, shes about 18 and him.. i dunno 50 or 60. so he calls her over and in two minutes flat shes runnin away from him in tears. since the accident its the same, cept he dont try to hide it or hold back. people say its cause of his injury cause now he dont know no better..

and tonight.. ugh.. how shall i put this... i think he was having.. spontaneous internal combustions off the richtor scale, that resulted in.. an epic biological hazard... (im tryin hard to be polite and not just come out an say it)..

i swear.. it was like he had a mobile 20 foot radius around him that was nothing but, sporatic toxic waste fumes that made tear gas look like perfume...

now if im wrong please forgive me, but can that really be a result of possible damage? cause it really looks to me like this guy is very.. insensitve toward everyone and doesnt give a flyin crap about people so he does what ever he likes and when someone complains he just says its cause he has a head injury...

im a little perturped cause i was breathing things that should never be breathed... ever.

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Aha. A lot of flatulence can be hazardous to your health. Good thing nobody was smoking then, or everyone will be blown to sky high. Which funny thing, last night the television is showing the best of mad TV and in it, this guy can control the smell of his fart. Be it from lavender, to steak to rocky road ice cream. Or course when they wanted him to do the nastiest "fart" the whole house exploded.

Anyway, coming from an accident is no excuse to do inconsiderate things. People may forgive you when you fail to do things, but people will not tolerate you when it is intentional.

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Yeah I used to know this lady who was so mean to people after she was injured that one day, she actually said to my old boss something really horrible. My old boss is such a nice person, she let's you take off whenever you wanted, she could never fire anyone, and she'd give you a raise if you asked for it, no matter what! But this old lady notices two people talking during work, which isn't bad, and she starts screaming at my old boss, "Hey Sheila! You stupid ***hole, you're the most horrible boss ever! You don't do anything and you're a fat old lady who should be dead just like your mother!" Sheila walked away in tears. Shelia's like a 70yr old lady! So my friend Mike, who's so nice to Sheila, hot up and basically threw her out! She was then fired...she was the only person Sheila has ever fired in 10yrs

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alas do my ears decieve me... um... eyes... deceive... whaddever..is the evil tyrant la banana pledging his forces to defend us all from raging apes of destruction?? well... i guess a monkey would be a banana's worse enemy....

dang dude... if i had a boss like yours and someone did what that bad lady did... i would so give her a need for dentures... seen me do it... thats just wrong...

speaking of wrong.. i feel like crap...

i dont hear well cause well... im mostly in my own lil world...

so i went to walmart.. and im singing to myself.. shuddup.... then this old guy like 20 feet away started talking to me, im in my own lil world and in a rush anyhow, but i still answered him.

heres what i thought he said.

"young man, someones throwin away money"

i thought he meant that he found a lot of cash on the pavement, so i kept on walking but i replyed..

"ohh nooo"

then i went in...

5 minutes later it hit me..i really think the guy said,

"young man, someone stole away my money"


i feel like such a heel now... not only for just walking on and not talking talkin to the guy, but also for my reply which was o no... can there be a worse answer???

so i went and got a 20 ou of the atm machine in wally world (aka walmart) an on my way out i was plannin on giving it to the dude and see what alli can do.

but when i went out, (which was only 15 minutes later) the guy was gone.. so i drove around the parking lot and still nothing.. dude i feel like such a retard for that...

even by accident that was just a mean thing too do.. IM SORRY OLD GUY!

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What can you do, drenn happens, not everyone can be in reality. If it makes you feel better, I'm always in another world.

Well you'll be happy to know that my digital media class has finally started to get good and my new assignment is to make a music video!!!!! Finally!!! So now I have to borrow my dad's camera and in about three weeks I'll finally start posting videos here! Sweet right?

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