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RL has had me crazy busy lately but tonight JL will be getting some love in preparation of book 32's release.   Tonight the first chapter of Book 33 will go up which will be the last people will get

Hey all, sorry real life has sucked lately for me being unemployed so I've not being with it to visit and keep things up to date. Started back work this week and finished the template I'm going t

RL has being interesting the last few weekends. Between the new season of Daredevil and Batman V Superman and me getting older (birthday) 2 weeks ago and it being Paddy's day 2 weeks ago too it's bein

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Hello all,

The warriorguvyer.com website will be getting a major change done which will break links.

This will be happening soon and the new url will be https://www.warriorguyver.com (we're going secure!). This will be the first of the 3 domains I run to get it and will trigger a massive project of having to update all links contained within the website to no longer use http:// . This though is the perfect time to do this as we're mid updating templates and would have had to update all html pages within that to match up...

Lots of work ahead but when this is all done it will be the start of a great new decade for these websites and what we do.


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Yup, the links from warriorguyver.com point to were the new links will be (and are not there yet). At the moment, TheGuyver.Net and Japan-Legend.com are not certified sites.

First I'm fixing up WarriorGuyver.com (which became a secure / certified site for the first time today) and then the other 2 sites, once done everything will work nicely, until then there will be some broken linkage like the above.

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This weekend Japan-Legend will be moving to a secure cert.

What this means is there might be downtime and more importantly afterwords re-enables the ability for people to sign up using Facebook accounts.

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There has being some issues with the message board  (part of the Database is 15 times what is should be so the ISP keeps turning off theboard).


As part of the fix to this I've upgraded the messageboard, which has turned off the chat box... it will be back later.

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The new version of the message seems to be running ok and I managed to clear the cache file that had grown to 1.3gb. The Chatbox is back! Lets see if the website reports anything strange over the next few days.

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