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  1. You have a big collection.💪 You should find a better position for The Guyver from the movie (he looks like he's hiding 😁). Could you show besides the Guyver what else you have. (I can see a card from Yu-Gi-Oh and some Mecha) 👍 I like it!
  2. My favorite is the one who can do this --> And he is not at his full power! Just imagine with a Guyver Armor...
  3. Purgstall zoaform reminds me of Dante's devil trigger from Devil May Cry 4.
  4. I don't how for the PC but on my phone it disconnect me. Sorry for the bad news. Edit. I refreshed the page and it started to work.
  5. Actually Barcas is to blame Archanfel wanted to go to war and usually men are the ones who do it, the women stay at home 🤰 with the kids and the old people.
  6. In the manga Aptom says to Dr. Balkus " By absorbing another organism into my body, like this... I can convert its flesh to heat energy" which charge his body energy. Zx-tole can absorb ambient heat energy but also solar energy (like the Ark), "which Alkamphel utilized to restore the body of Imakarum Mirabilis leaving the Ark without energy." I believe he can do it but never thought about it. Like when he created a energy shield (utilizing Elegen's powers) to protect himself from the Megasmasher the same way Neo Zx-tole did versus Guyver 3's Megasmasher. He has a lot of potential but doesn't have much imagination.
  7. Could he recharge his energies with the wings he gained from Zx-tole DNA?
  8. Now they can make a movie about Alex Mercer (Prototype).
  9. How easily are you Offended? It depends. - If I don't care about the person and the relationship between us, than: I don't care. Like Keanu Reeves - If I care about the person and our relationship, than I ask: Why is he angry? What have I done? Where? How?... Till I clarify the problem. Many times people create a fantasy, which is totally wrong.
  10. When I read from Vol.14 Ch.86 to Vol. 15 Ch.89, I see them very United among them selves. That's what I perceive. They always say "us". I know they treat humans like objects/tools: When they comand Archanfel to kill the human, which was bonded to the unity-G (Vol.15 Ch.88 page 50), they say "DESTROY IT"....That's all.
  11. You are saying, "if I kill flies, mosquitoes, ants and wasps because they are annoying me: I'm not pro-life...? Or I don't value life at all?
  12. Welcome back! Glad to see fans, which are still hoping. Archanfel is playing videogames with Tetsuro and Mizuki is making dinner. Happy family forever!
  13. Aptom doesn't need to consume Zoanoids in order to regenerate; he does it only to speed up his regeneration. Aptom (Vol.11 Ch.64), about his urge to devour. "I think, one day; he will win the fight versus his instincts".
  14. You are overthinking. If Aptom will devour the Ark, he will be able to become GIGANTIC like the GIGANTIC EXCEED -pretty cool-. I see Aptom like Alex Mercer from Prototype and Venom from Marvel Comics. He doesn't work like a virus, he works like a parasite "He can devour the host or live in symbiosis".
  15. It doesn't matter if it isn't a Zoanoid. It's organic: This means Aptom can absorb it. The only things Aptom can't absorb are: Guyvers (because of the control medallion) and Zoalords (because of the Zoacrystal). In the case of Guyvers, the armor protect's the host automatically but in the case of Zoalords they need to activate the protection (Kabral Khan/ Draglord form Vol.25 Ch.159) is a good example.
  16. I don't think Archanfel doesn't value life at all. Even the creators was valuing life: If you remember when some of their own members were killed by Guyver 0 they started to panic. He is a superior being (and he knows this), so he values only those who are similar to him (in power/abilities): Just like we humans do -We don't care when we kill an insect or worm but when there is someone equal to as it's different-. He hates the Uranus and doesn't accept their answer because he sees himself equal to them. Now he wants to destroy them or kill, because they tried to kill him.
  17. You asked when the speak about heaven. Vol.14 Ch.80 Vol.17. Ch.103 I hope this images could make you understand what I wanted to say. I believe he took inspiration from Cristian religion and Greek mythology: because how you already mentioned...Zeus, Uranus, Cronus. Also in the manga the aliens call Earh, Gaia.
  18. What I wanted to say is: The manga is centralized on the human creation. Doesn't matter the entity who created the humans. (In which case are the alien's Uranus.) When Alchanfel came back from the BLACK HOLE, it reminded me the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  19. The story of the Guyver is based on the God and the humans origin. Alchanfel and the 11 Zoalords reminds me about Jesus and the Apostles. The Uranus as our Gods and creators. Do you remember when Alchanfel was abandoned on earth and he was crying because his creators were going to heaven? This topic reminds me also about the anime Platinum End. Have you watched it? I voted: I believe in God. "A grenade, will never make a Computer."
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