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Sorry I can't make a cool video of things. I don't have a lot to work with. :evil:

it's not really any excuse bobby.

I'm looking after the whole forum here dude, every member not just one or two.

I don't think people appreciate stuff like this. if you can't make a cool video, don't post it in the cool video thread.

I don't post my personal videos here.

this thread is not for self promotion, because more often than not, the stuff that is personal to you will seem so much different in your perspective. other people will NOT see it the same way.

make your own thread if you want to self promote. "bobby's video thread".

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While you're at it, why not pin the "tribute to asian women" thread?  Nobody seems to post anything much there but it sure gets a lot of traffic.

Wait, we're only supposed to post videos we've made? Oops...

no, not at all.

cool videos.

any video that you see that is cool and you have to share.

it's best not to post your own videos because you'll be biased.

i.e. it might not be cool at all.

like... if somebody else had posted bobby's video, I wouldn't have a problem with it. they wouldn't be biased.

don't worry too much about it.

this was a special case.

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Yeah, that's why if I make a AMV or a TMV (Tokusatsu music video) I usually make a thread and post all my personal videos in there. This way I can get views and opinions form the forum members on what they think of them and how I can probably do them differently.

Anyway, here are a few video's I found today that I've seen tons of times and still LMAO when I watch them.

Darth Vader VS. Japanese Police Round 1 (00:36 time)

Darth Vader VS. Japanese Police Round 2 (00:30 time)

Japanese Prank #1 (01:44 time)

Japanese Prank #2 (01:42 time)

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And here are a few more Japanese funnies taking part in a Public library.

1 (10:53 time) - This one is an American version of the Library funnies which are posted below this video...and it's quite long but enjoyable.

2 (09:54 time) - Japanese Library 1. ok, yeah, it's long but it's funny as hell

3 (08:38 time) - Japanese Library 2. Almost as long as the first

4 (10:00 time) - Japanese Library 3. Longer than the first two of its kind.

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